When I was a kid at school, it was Hydro Electric power that was going to give everybody limitless cheap electricity. I believe Scotland does indeed produce enough Hydro Electric power to power around half the homes in Scotland, but the “cheap” and “limitless” supply was just a myth. The same myth with a differentContinue reading "BREEKS DOES NOT ACCEPT “SUBSIDY” FOR RENEWABLES."

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When I was a kid at school, it was Hydro Electric power that was going to give everybody limitless cheap electricity. I believe Scotland does indeed produce enough Hydro Electric power to power around half the homes in Scotland, but the “cheap” and “limitless” supply was just a myth. The same myth with a different theme we’re still buying today.

I don’t buy the argument we are “subsidising” Renewable Energy. An evolution is taking place. Where I am right now doesn’t have electricity and this device I’m writing on is drawing charge from a car battery topped up daily by a photo electric solar panel. I can only do it because somebody somewhere put up money for investment. See it in longer perspective and it is Nuclear Power with it’s commitment for tens of thousands of years to monitor and look after nuclear waste which is the cost being written out of the equation and hidden.

The whole point of Scotland being blessed with winds, currents and tides which are the envy of other Nations is that it “should” be Scotland in the driving seat of research and development to optimise these systems and innovate to make them better, but that needs a much broader coordinated approach which a UK Government doesn’t want to see developing. They fear the consequences of Scotland enjoying economic prosperity. A wealthy, prosperous Scotland is a threat to their ease.

The UK model for Scotland is always the same; maximum out for the minimum in. We all know this. It happens again and again and again. Just look at how much Scottish power producers have to pay to access the “National” grid. Or more correctly, look at the gradient between what a Scottish producer must pay and a Southern producer.

Personally, I hate to say it, but we Scots just continually allow ourselves to be duped. Apart from the geography, what is actually Scottish about Scottish Renewables or Scotland’s oil? What benefit do they deliver for Scotland? It’s the UK Government which collects the revenue, and Scotland actually benefits very little. We only need to look as far as Norway for graphic illustration of that. Look at how full the larder gets when there’s nobody stealing the lion’s share.

Supposing the Batman’s nemesis Joker turned up tomorrow declaring his intention to steal Scotland’s mountains, we’d cheer that Scotland had a mountain export business, but Scotland gains nothing from it. Stop kidding ourselves and taking so many placebos. (Spoiler alert, NONE of them contain medicine for Scotland’s better health).

It’s never going to be Scotland’s oil, or Scotland’s electricity until it’s Scotland who get’s it’s act together and puts itself in charge of our own commodities, and we Scots start investing in a Scottish economic model for the whole Nation. A model where out Southern neighbours are our customers not our custodians. If “we” need subsidy, then “they” have to pay more. That’s how it works.

The model we have for Scotland, across all of Scotland full spectrum, is the Westminster model, designed from it’s inception to benefit Westminster’s interests and flatter the prosperity of the South. We might see a tweak here and a token gesture there, but nothing significant is going to change until Scotland is Independent. But with Independence, there’s a completely new situation to be addressed. “Everything” changes.

We all of us taste Scottish Independence gingerly, in sips, with our pinky in the air. It’s as if we’re afraid to dream. How will this work after Indy? Should we do things the same way? Stop sipping tea. We really need to think in terms of a springboard and diving pool where we can literally dive right in and change the world we live in. 

We will be a Sovereign Nation in charge our Nation’s resources, and running the show according to Scotland’s needs and agenda. It’s only then, once we no longer look over our shoulder, that we will see something that’s unfamiliar to us all; our Scottish Nation beginning to thrive. 

I dare say somebody does need to be pedantic like WEBF, somebody will need to provide the pens to tick the boxes. I don’t mean that in a derogatory way. Scotland will need it’s own Michel Barnier types, and plenty of them. But that isn’t a hurdle, it’s an opportunity. Mikhail Gorbachev didn’t have all the answers when he resolved to change the way the World worked through perestroika and glasnost. Changes in the way of doing things, and openness. It was a frame of mind, not a blueprint, and he had big enough balls to go for it and meet the challenges as they arose


Breeks has the rights of it. Blessed with all that renewable resource on our doorstep any Independent Scottish Government would be backing it to the hilt. He is also right about Nuclear Power, the long term costs are horrific and if Hinckley ever comes on stream the French company will have extracted the most obscene guaranteed payments for its output. I wonder how the “but the wind doesn’t blow all the time or the sun doesn’t always shine will detract from tidal power when that technology is improved and introduced. The tides are entirely predictable and reliable and. , nearly forgot , Scotland has the most suitable sites for such power generation in Europe.

Renewable development is being held back because Westminster can’t possibly allow Scotland to forge ahead on our own. Colonial control means every decision must be taken to benefit the colonial power. Why else is the Scottish Government controlled so strictly in terms of borrowing powers? Can’t have the Jocks having the ability to invest. The City wouldn’t like it, would they?

I am, as always



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