In an explosive speech to the House of Commons, David Davis MP uses Parliamentary Privilege to expose damning evidence of a political conspiracy against Former First Minister Alex Salmond by, amongst others, Peter Murrell SNP CEO, Sue Ruddick SNP COO and Liz Lloyd Chief of Staff to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

"We need to reinforce the ability of the Scottish parliament to hold its own government to account. I'm here to strengthen the Scottish parliament, not to bury it.

"A few weeks ago I was passed some papers from an anonymous whistleblower, the information of those papers consisted of a download of text messages of Sue Ruddick, the Chief Operating Officer of the SNP."

He continued:

"The download I'm talking about is held by the Scottish police so the accuracy of this account can be checked if they need to.

"Alex Salmond has asserted that there has been a 'malicious and concerted attempt to remove me from public life in Scotland by a range of individuals in the Scottish government and the SNP who set out to damage his reputation even to the extent of having him imprisoned'."

"These are incredibly grave charges. The whistleblower clearly agrees with those charges.

"He or she starts their communication with the assertion that the evidence provided 'point to collusion, perjury, up to criminal conspiracy'."