I publish below some excellent comments from readers in response to yesterday’s article. From Breeks WHAT DO YOU THINK WATSON? There is a malice at the heart of all this which in my opinion, simply outstrips the capacity of any single person. That includes the capacity of one person to influence others and lead aContinue reading "EXCELLENT RESPONSES WORTHY OF WIDER CIRCULATION."


I publish below some excellent comments from readers in response to yesterday’s article.

From Breeks


There is a malice at the heart of all this which in my opinion, simply outstrips the capacity of any single person. That includes the capacity of one person to influence others and lead a group into conspiracy. I don’t buy this cult malarkey.

Never say never of course, but how does an amateurish Sunday league stitch-up manage to implicate the Scottish Legal System and Lord Advocate himself? Not one of the characters involved has impressed me with their guile or genius. In fact, when you look at it, how much of the “conspiracy” and suspicion is actually Scotland’s Legal Establishment looking after “dummies” who cannot even prosecute an amateurish conspiracy by themselves?

There is too much orchestration and forward planning to be the work of such a loose and casual alliance. All the exits are covered, and I mean all of them, with the review of one corruption after another, invariably falling into the next “safe” pair of hands. It’s scarcely a metaphor to say the custodian in charge of the evidence room was the very person implicated by the evidence. It is Kafkaesque, but literally the truth. 

You need only look in detail at the gravity (or lack of it), of the “crimes” allegedly committed to realise there is something here which defies gravity. Marion Millar posting a picture of a suffragette’s ribbon? Really?? Mark Hirst using a common idiom which was entirely warranted by the circumstances? Not just malicious prosecution, but malicious and gratuitous surely…

Yet these utterly trivial “misdemeanours against humanity” are stalked by the grimly omnipotent Death Star of Scottish Justice. They tried to jail Salmond, Marion Millar faced 2 years in prison, I forget or maybe never knew the sentences others faced, but of course we have Craig Murray actually jailed. And don’t forget what Unionist shills were able to say and get away with without fear of prosecution…

(As a small aside… I have a wee voice in my head suggesting the delightful Ms Spears had a hand in Manny Singh’s prosecution too… but don’t take my word for it, that might be a solid memory of a doubtful rumour).

Something really stinks here, and I mean “really” stinks. This is Conspiracy Plus. It is government within government, but the substance of this has the potential to recalibrate Watergate scale of political scandal…. IF it ever sees the light of day.

I’m not altogether convinced about a new broom sweeping this clean either. We already have a new broom in the Lord Advocate’s office, but see no signs of much sweeping going on, (nor indeed any sleekit, cowrin, tim’rous beasties with apparent panic in their breasties)….

Until we have evidence, this is all circumstantial, but there has to be a greater interference at work here. “Somebody” wants regime change in Scotland before we’ve even got a regime…. But a regime change which apparently wants Sturgeon to stay exactly where she is.

FROM Maceasy

This whole seedy fiasco should be a wakeup call for anybody who still thinks the SNP under Sturgeon is interested in accountability, justice and the rights of victims in sexual assault cases – all things they love to trumpet as some kind of evidence of their virtue. Their first instinct is, surprise surprise, to seek to punish the leaker, not to demonstrate their ‘zero tolerance’ of sexual harassment – a cause Sturgeon has made one of her most high profile issues.
No sympathy for the victim, but lashings of it, and a token ‘punishment’ for the perpetrator. Where are those ‘principles’ now? Instead of immediate suspension and expulsion of the perp, the instinct has been to shut down the leak and exposure of their miserable hypocrisy. Finally Sturgeon has been forced to mumble some vague, indeterminate phrases about ‘examining the procedures’ in an effort to quash it and pretend ‘something’ will be done.
Nobody remembers her being so indifferent when it comes to those who have political concerns about her and who she is happy to smear, prosecute, misrepresent and ban. Tim Rideout, an inconvenient enemy, has been banished for at most, an off colour joke about the appalling hypocrite Patel (which he apologised for), where nobody was harmed, and there was no victim, while Grady gets a two day holiday.
Sturgeons’ SNP are rank rotten hypocrites who practice highly selective and manipulative party politics and who appear to view their own dissident members as enemies of the state, while sleazy reprobates who are on board are granted immunity from the thought police.

From Willie

I know what I think and that is that the police and the prosecution service are utterly corrupt.

There can be no doubt of that and malicious unfounded prosecutions are now the order of the day. And, as this article informs, the use of the police and prosecution to pursue political opponents shows absolutely no signs of abating.

There is now a policing vacuum developing with a breakdown of the rule of law. This is absolutely fatal to the good order of a society for without a rule of law, an honest police force, and an honest prosecution service, there can only be anarchy. We saw that in that horrible British statelet created as Northern Ireland with its rotten and partisan RUC, and where ultimately there was a huge kick back.

An utterly horrible situation and something that could and should never have been allowed. But a police force, prosecution and gerrymandered Government ultimately sowed the seeds of chaos. How long will people in Scotland accept a corrupt political police force?It is a reasonable question to ask. It is a question every democrat should be asking. For once the genie of retaliation is out of the bottle it is very difficult to get it back into that bottle.

Northern Ireland proved, or should have proved to anyone with any sense that injustice and state violence ultimately creates the circumstances where no one is safe. The British system of subjugating political opponents through institutional bias and partisan state force does not ultimately deliver anything other than misery.

So the challenge going forward for Scotland is to ensure what happened in Northern Ireland, not even one percent of it happens here. Yes Sturgeon, her clique and her establishment backers can abuse and intimidate, but for how long?

Not a road we ever ever want to go down.


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