I am angry. I am a lot of things today. Enraged, annoyed, angry. What I am not is surprised. Anyone with any interest in Independence cannot be surprised that the completely confused case put forward by the Scottish Government was rejected by the English Supreme Court. What was the point of it unless it wasContinue reading "I AM ANGRY."


I am angry.

I am a lot of things today. Enraged, annoyed, angry. What I am not is surprised. Anyone with any interest in Independence cannot be surprised that the completely confused case put forward by the Scottish Government was rejected by the English Supreme Court.

What was the point of it unless it was rejection you were looking for?

The Lord Advocate’s submission could easily have been confused as an argument against granting a referendum. The botched handling in sending a draft Bill that had never been voted on at Holyrood gave it no status. The Supreme Court was never going to approve a “draft” bill or one that could not evidence the support of the Scottish Parliament in a specific vote. Anyone who followed Martin Keatings case knew that. They should also have recognised that the SG KNEW that all too well. They opposed Martin at the time. No Nicola was taking no chances, it was rejection she was looking for and she was leaving nothing to chance.

Don’t get me wrong I am sure they would have rejected it even if it had had a spirited well argued case and the Parliament had voted overwhelmingly in support. This is precisely why Tony Blair set it up in the first place. The Supreme Court is Westminster’s bulwark to stop, or at worst delay Scottish Independence. By the way I am no Johnny come lately newcomer to that argument, I argued that it was precisely this role that made its creation essential to Westminster at the time. Sadly Scotland’s elected politicians went along with it.

So what does the Devo Supremo plan as the next step? Well firstly the date she “pencilled in” for next October can be rubbed out. There is no question of any unapproved by London referendum taking place. She has announced she will respect the result and any referendum must be “legal”. She didn’t use the words “Gold standard” but we all know that’s what she would call it if England’s Supreme Court had “granted” permission.

She has already screwed any plebiscite election route through her insistence that only SNP votes would count, ignoring and discounting all other votes from pro Indy parties including her allies the Greens. Leaving nothing to chance she is ensuring the Yes side will be hopelessly divided and her insistence on SNP votes only is just the most recent example of her intention to put Party above country. BOTH VOTES SNP rides again.

Just think about that strategy and what has resulted from it? In the Scottish elections it allowed dozens of Unionist MSP’s to be elected, completely removing the supermajority option that could of being hugely useful today as it would have empowered the Scottish Government to have called a immediate Scottish General Election in response to the Supreme Court ruling. Can you imagine the panic that would have caused in Westminster giving the voters the option to choose about who should determine Scotland’s constitutional future, Scotland or England’s Supreme Court?

Likewise it had the same impact in the Local Elections where it handed control of many Councils to Unionists across the country. Handily removing any threat of using Council facilities in any “unofficial illegal referendum”.

No Nicola’s actions have been well planned, sadly not for Scotland’s benefit but for her own.

As I write this I am still in the USA and I have not heard what she was going to say at her press conference. To be frank I have little interest. It will be blaming everyone else but herself, it will be urging Scots to give her support because she is planning to keep up the “fight”. One more push and all that.

There is no mention of me being depressed today. I am not, if I am honest I can’t  think of anything more dangerous to Scotland’s hopes of Independence than Nicola and her Devo gang leading a Yes campaign with a programme wedded to the SNP GROWTH COMMISSION economic plan. I think we all missed a bullet today.

Salvo and Liberation.Scot saw this day coming. We have been planning for it. We have a response and I am sure you are all going to like it. We have been doing our homework ensuring all our information is sound and that the evidence is on hand to prove our case.

It will not appear today because we need to allow time for Scots to finally realise we are in a colonial position with Westminster and for that to sink in. I am confident Scots will not accept that status and I am confident that when we finally launch our response Scots will be ready and receptive to it. We live in exciting times, don’t be depressed. A huge and growing division of Calvary are just over the brow of the hill getting ready to strike. You will not have long to wait. Be ready!

In the meantime if you have not already joined Liberation.Scot. This would be an excellent day to do so! Please share and encourage your friends to join up.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland


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