This was left as a comment in response to the excellent article from Cath Ferguson which I published yesterday. I believe it is worthy of a full article in its own right. The evidence mounts and that should worry even the most stubborn SNP LOYALIST. Things have gone seriously wrong within the SNP. MIA isContinue reading "MIA RESPONDS TO THE NEW CONSTITUTION ARTICLE"


This was left as a comment in response to the excellent article from Cath Ferguson which I published yesterday. I believe it is worthy of a full article in its own right. The evidence mounts and that should worry even the most stubborn SNP LOYALIST. Things have gone seriously wrong within the SNP. MIA is a regular Yours for Scotland columnist.

“So looking again at the Salmond case, it began in the Civil Service, who reported complaints directly to the Crown Office”

My suspicion is the “Salmond case” might have began much sooner than that, at least its plotting phase. In my personal opinion, it might have started already at the time the polls in Scotland in 2014 gave yes as the winner, even before the referendum took place. 

It seems to me that, at that point, removing Mr Salmond from the SNP had become a necessary step in the overall plan of stopping Scotland’s independence. This become more urgent when the polls started to announce a landslide for the SNP in the GE2015.

If you believe the official result in 2014 (which I do not), if the vow had not been peddled during purdah, Mr Salmond would have won that referendum. From that point onwards, it was paramount for the british state and I wonder if some USA elements too, to retain control of the oil fields, the Nato seat, Scotland’s assets and Scotland’s parking space for the nukes. At that time it was obvious unionism was dead, so what was the best way of ensuring success? By taking control of the SNP. How do you do that? by putting wind on the sails of the devolutionists in the party while removing the wind from the sails of the fundamentalists.

Interestingly, Sturgeon was the only one entering the SNP leadership context in 2014. Some gradualist figures are taking prominent positions during Sturgeon’s reign. One has to wonder how many of those who entered the SNP after the referendum in 2014 and since then took positions of power were labour recruits whose intention was never to push for independence but rather to take control of the SNP from within to keep the yes movement on a leash and stop independence.

The first step to take control of the SNP was to remove from the party the main promoter of independence, Mr Salmond. Otherwise pushing the party towards devolution and away from independence would not have been possible.

Given how they protected her during the fiasco of the complaints procedure and criminal case on trumped up charges that should have seen this political fraud, her crew and the entire senior tier of the civil service in Scotland packing, it is clear these forces knew she posed no harm to the union and her ego would be more than pleased with her rebranded version of Gordon Brown’s devo max. 

Since those polls putting yes ahead emerged and since the polls in 2015 predicted a landslide for the SNP , we have seen an awful lot of shite, ridiculous policies, truckloads of time wasting and materials to distracting us with the wrong things emanating from Sturgeon’s SNP non-stop.

Outrageously, we have seen Sturgeon claiming a vote for the SNp is not a vote for independence, despite the achievement of Scotland’s independence being the first article of the SNP constitution.

We have seen a deliberate and fabricated division among the yes movement, deliberate destruction of the democratic structures of the party, deliberately attacking and deselecting some of its own members.

We have seen how, ridiculously, always the same SNP elements take time and time again the faux moral ground of attacking those in the yes movement who actively criticise unionists but those same SNP elements never actually find the time nor the decency to actively condemn those SNP elements who savaged Ms Cherry in twitter.

We have seen Sturgeon and her crew having never ending amounts of time to attend to each and every futile timewasting nonsense effort but never time to progress Scotland’s independence. A nice example of this are the GRA and of course Sturgeon having all the time in the world to share a platform with labour types to frustrate England’s democratic will for brexit by promoting another EU referendum.

It seems Sturgeon can always find time and a reason to campaign for England’s referendums but never time for Scotland’s ones.

During the GE2015 there was already an operation under way to unseat Mr Salmond and removing him from Westminster, as you can see in this article of the Independent in April 2015:
“General Election 2015: How a tactical voting campaign could thwart Alex Salmond”

This of the guardian also in April 2015:
“Lib Dems will have to rely on tactical voting to hold off SNP, says Ashdown”

This from the Financial Times in May 2015:
“Unionists struggle to organise tactical voting against SNP
Signs are that pro-union move in Gordon to stem nationalist surge will have limited impact”

The group United Against Separation (UAS) argued in 2015 that ” “tactical voting is a must in Gordon”. One of its leaflets had a cartoon where Jardine sent Mr Salmond flying after drop-kicking him on the bottom.

It looks like they did not succeed in 2015, but they succeeded in 2017. What is most fascinating here is that this group appeared to have far more interest and urgency in unseating Mr Salmond than unseating the actual SNP leader, Sturgeon. Why would that be? Clearly because they never saw Sturgeon as a threat to the union.

I am guessing that pushing Mr Salmond out of parliament was the first step in the plot of evicting him from the party.

Let’s not forget that in 2017 Mr Salmond was already announcing his intention to throw his hat for any future MSP opportunity. Comments of Woman H during the criminal trial as to why she decided in November 2017 to present the complaints to the SNP (AFTER, Mr Salmond lost the seat) were most interesting:

“I wanted it to be known in the party so it could become a vetting issue and they could deal with it at whatever stage they saw fit. For vetting, for future staff, for party conduct.”

In my opinion, woman H’s objective on this move (or that of those who were pulling her strings) seemed to be stopping Mr Salmond ever becoming an SNP MP or MSP candidate again. They were effectively trying to remove him from the SNP, the first step to destroy the SNP as a vehicle for independence.

I don’t think we can see as independent actions the civil service in Scotland in 2017, nor the timing of the accusers, nor the words of Woman H, nor the actions of UAS and the unionists with their tactical voting already in 2015, nor Sturgeon suddenly claiming in 2015 that a vote for the SNP was no longer a vote for independence when the polls were pointing towards an SNP landslide, nor even the rush to release the vow in September 2014.

I don’t think we can see as a coincidence either that in 2016, at a point when the SNP should have been most busy preparing Scotland’s independence, the chief of staff, and and SNP MP went to USa in 2016 to learn about USA’s culture and diplomatic interests (all the jolly boys and girls, WOS, November 2020).

I don’t think it can be much of a coincidence that the leader of Scottish labour, who was later involved in an attempt to destroy the most successful pro indy blog at the time, was also learning about USA’s culture and diplomatic interests at the same time. I don’t think it can be seen as a coincidence either that David Clegg, of the daily record was also present there, when it was his newspaper who would later release the leak from the SGov related Mr Salmond and also it was this newspaper who published the column written by Dugdale where she falsely accused Mr Campbell of homophobia and that it was also this newspaper who published the vow. I don’t think it was a coincidence either that Foote, linked to the vow and this newspaper, was recruited by Sturgeon’s SNP.

I don’t think we can see as a coincidence that since Sturgeon took over, the SNP has become fond of labour’s dirty tactics like using faux antisemitism to deselect perfectly good SNP candidates or calling pro indy supporters racists. I don’t think it can be seen as a coincidence that since Sturgeon took over, there has been a deliberate destruction of the democratic structures of the SNP removing control from its members.

I don’t think we can see as a coincidence that Nicola Sturgeon put in her cabinet the head of the COPFS totally compromising its impartiality and credibility, nor the sudden proliferation of malicious prosecution, nor the gagging of Mr Salmond during the Fabiani’s Farce of an inquiry, that incidentally protected her own reputation and indulged in consenting the annonymity of the alphabets to be used as the excuse to suppress vital information for the inquiry, nor the sudden change in foreign policy tendencies of the SNP, nor Sturgeon’s interest to attack those who criticise unionist women like Sarah Smith, but no interest whatsoever to criticise those who attack the women in her own party like Joanna Cherry and others. 

From where I am standing, all appears to hinge around the very same goal: to stop independence. In fact, everything were necessary parts in the process. For this plan to work, the first step was to remove the wheels of the SNP as a vehicle for independence and to achieve this it was necessary to remove power from the members and remove Mr Salmond from the SNP. This could not have been achieved without destroying the democratic structures of the party and falsely accusing Mr Salmond. This could only succeed if the accusers were kept anonymous. Smearing Mr Salmond could only happen if timely leaks happened and newspapers and some government quangos were onboard to smear Mr Salmond while yes supporters were gagged by malicious prosecutions or by being left without a voice by trying to take down the main pro indy blog at the time. 

To keep indy supporters on a leash while this political fraud handed control of all our assets and powers to foreign entities and dismantled the structures that would take us to independence, it was necessary to present the deconstructed SNP as the only option for yes supporters. This would not be possible if Mr Salmond, acquitted from all charges, took upon himself fronting a real pro indy party that would expose Sturgeon’s SNP for the unionist tool it had become. Hence the desperate smears against Mr Salmond and the pathetic whines from the alphabetes from the dark of anonymity and wrapped in Scottish government quangos and the blanket of unionist press.

I don’t know who they are, and I this point I don’t want to know who they are, but my guess is that the alphabetes’ identity had to be kept secret because should it be known, none of those smears, the Fabiani’s farce, the position of the COPFS and its suppressing information by force or the position of Sturgeon would be credible and quite possibly would make many yes supporters question who was really behind Sturgeon and the SNP. 

The smears against Mr Salmond after the criminal case seemed like firefighting rather part of the initial plan. My suspicion is that the idiots thought the man would give up politics when they presented him with a botched and rushed complaints procedure that was incompetently designed as a deterrent and never as a sound legitimate and fair tool that could ever withstand scrutiny in a court of law.

Or they were very incredibly naive, blinded by their own arrogance and incompetence, or they never actually bothered in taking the right measure of the man because they knew powerful forces behind them would finish the job they started. 

This episode has however revealed the civil service, the SNP, the Scottish cabinet, the police, Sturgeon, Holyrood and its farcical inquiries and trips to USA to train “leaders”, the propaganda outlets, the COPFS and even the courts as an embarrassment to Scotland that is doing a great disservice to the Scottish people for the sake of protecting the geopolitical and economic interests of a foreign establishment who does not give a shit about Scotland, about democracy, about justice, about honour, ethics or principles, or about the actual people.


When you read this article alongside the original Cath Ferguson one published yesterday it becomes much easier to see exactly what is happening, As one reader wrote ” it contains a lot of information previously known but when it set out together, tied to the timelines and significant opportunities, it becomes very clear that those who have been entrusted to take Independence forward are doing anything but”

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland


Sadly some sites had given up on being pro Indy sites and have decided to become merely pro SNP sites where any criticism of the Party Leader or opposition to the latest policy extremes, results in censorship being applied. This, in the rather over optimistic belief that this will suppress public discussion on such topics. My regular readers have expertly worked out that by regularly sharing articles on this site defeats that censorship and makes it all rather pointless. I really do appreciate such support and free speech in Scotland is remaining unaffected by their juvenile censorship. Indeed it is has become a symptom of weakness and guilt. Quite encouraging really.


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