Power still resides in Westminster insofar as you propose a referendum through the devolved Scottish Parliament. And whose fault is that Graeme? To even suggest England MPs, holding mandate on behalf of not a single Scottish constituent and who are not the custodians of Scotland’s old Parliament, somewhat “hold” Scotland’s powers, is completely absurd.  SuchContinue reading "MIA STATES IT’S COMPLETELY ABSURD"


Power still resides in Westminster insofar as you propose a referendum through the devolved Scottish Parliament.

And whose fault is that Graeme? To even suggest England MPs, holding mandate on behalf of not a single Scottish constituent and who are not the custodians of Scotland’s old Parliament, somewhat “hold” Scotland’s powers, is completely absurd. 

Such a thing only fits with the fabricated “one nation Britain” trademark of the British Nationalism tories, libdems and labour have been frantically peddling since at least the oil was discovered and that is anathema to any serious Scottish Nationalist. 

The only reason why England MPs have been “allowed” to exercise those powers is because the majority of the MPs Scotland has been sending to represent it in Westminster for the last 300+ years, have been choosing to forget about Scotland’s interests and have decided to represent instead the interests of the crown, the interests of England and their own interests.

The only thing needed in your scenario for Holyrood to have enough power to call whichever referendum it pleases is for those so called “nationalist” MPs, elected while campaigning for a party with the independence of Scotland as the first article of its constitution, to lift their backsides from the comforts of the green seats, to dust those nice backbones they obediently put away in 2015, and to start acting as real Scotland’s nationalist MPs who seek the end of the union, instead of acting like toothless crown puppets making up obstacles to preserve the union instead.

Scotland’s MPs are the real custodians of Scotland’s old parliament, and therefore who hold Scotland’s powers in Westminster. This means the only thing they need to do to give Holyrood all the power it needs to hold that referendum is to vote to withdraw themselves from England’s parliament temporarily transferring with them all those powers to Holyrood and voila! job done. 

Who is going to credibly claim Scotland’s MPs cannot transfer Scotland’s powers on behalf of Scotland to Scotland’s own parliament? an unelected monarch who should know better and keep their nose well away from politics? The market crasher Liz Truss, an England MP parachuted to the position of PM by a political party holding the mandate of just England? The hundreds of unelected lords undemocratically parachuted to the HoL by the executive arm of the crown for the sole purpose of serving the interests of the crown? Gordon Brown, the Defoe of the 21st century? English judges ruling in the name of the crown within an English court whose legitimacy under the Treaty Union is dubious to say the least, and using an English convention of “parliamentary sovereignty” which does not apply to Scotland’s constitutional tradition?

None other than Scotland’s MPs can claim they hold the mandate to exercise Scotland’s powers in Westminster, therefore nobody else can claim ownership over those effing powers. It is embarrassing watching Sturgeon attempting to fool the voters with her Supreme Court time wasting exercise which appears to be nothing more than another of her opportunistic and undemocratic moves to transfer her own responsibility and democratic mandate as head of the elected executive in Scotland to decide what bills are brought to Scotland’s parliament, directly to unelected England judges.

If any of those people were ever to decide that Scotland’s MPs do not have the power to transfer Scotland’s powers to Holyrood then they would also be saying at the same time that Scotland’s MPs in 1706 did never have the power to transfer Scotland’s powers to Westminster in the first place You cannot have it both ways, either Scotland’s MPs can transfer Scotland’s powers from one parliament to another, or they never could therefore the union falls through.

But to do such thing you need Mps who REALLY seek Scotland’s independence and not just self-serving opportunists chasing a generous payslip, contacts and a long lasting career while fooling pro independence voters. For that you need guts, commitment to your country and the willpower to stand up to a political fraud who has wasted already 8 years of Scotland’s time, Scotland’s opportunities, Scotland’s powers, assets and revenues. For that you have to find the voice to demand from this loser to stand down before she inflicts even more damage and demand a REAL pro independence leader (and I don’t mean another establishment puppet like Robertson) to take over. 

For the allergic to independence within the SNP, the only strategy followed for the last 8 years has been to move the blame for their own inactions on to England MPs, and the blame for the consequences of those inactions on England’s government incompetence. The problem with this strategy is that when you realise they have had in their hands, since 2015, the power to change it all and to stop the damage on Scotland caused by the incompetence of successive England governments, then you start to see that opportunistic strategy for what it really is: their excuse to shift their accountability for doing nothing.

The only two reasons why those powers are not in HOlyrood already, despite 8 years of SNP MP majorities, and why Scotland has not been independent since 2015 is because

1. the SNP appears to have being led by what looks like a puppet of the crown whose mission appears to have been to destroy the reputation of Mr Salmond and dismantle the SNP as a vehicle for independence, and
2. because those who call themselves “SNP” MPs/MSPs have indulged her on such level of destruction by acting like perfect labourites in all but the rosette, and showing even less appetite for independence than Gordon Brown himself.


I live in the hope that one of the “high heid yins” in the SNP will challenge Mia’s narrative but despite numerous opportunities and invitations they remain in hiding. You would think given the level and consistency of Mia’s attacks one of them would respond but I guess their view is it’s better to leave it unchallenged before a smaller audience than respond and perhaps risk that audience widening. Oh it’s possibly clever politics but after all those years it betrays a stunning weakness and a realisation that the inactivity of the last eight years is a very hard thing to justify when it is effectively challenged. This seems to be philosophy of the SNP, BETTER never to take risks or challenge anything that might upset their continued comfortable and rewarding long term programme that has been so effective in keeping those careers going, albeit it proving less than beneficial towards Scotland’s journey to Independence. It may be quite clever politics but it looks exceedingly cowardly to me. They may not have noticed but their own audience seems to be reducing quite rapidly these days. The numbers at Conference this week will tell that story for all to see. The very early appeals for members to turn up for free to fill the seats for the leader’s speech suggest they are aware of this as well. Wonder how the delegates who coughed up plenty to be there feel about all the freebies?

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland


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