SOME MYTHS DESTROYED It also amazes me how some people are all too ready to dismiss potential solutions to very serious problems by giving too much credibility to the “knockers” in politics. They exist in all countries, indeed they are a serious and deliberate component of political life across the World. It’s just here inContinue reading "SOME MYTHS DESTROYED"



It also amazes me how some people are all too ready to dismiss potential solutions to very serious problems by giving too much credibility to the “knockers” in politics. They exist in all countries, indeed they are a serious and deliberate component of political life across the World. It’s just here in Scotland we seem to have attracted more than most.

Let me give you some examples. Here are just a few examples of some of the “put downs” Salvo and Liberation face regularly. Let’s examine what’s said, why it’s said, prove it wrong and move on.

Let’s start with the 1689 Claim of Right. This is “knocked down” because it is “ancient” comes from “centuries before” so therefore must be somewhat “irrelevant”.

The problem for the “knockers” on that one is they seek to defend the Union of the Crowns (1603) which in effect is being used illegally to plunder Scotland of our resources including our oil, gas and renewables and, in due course, our fresh water. Nobody seems concerned with that coming from eighty six years BEFORE the Claim of Right 1689 which outlaws the asset stripping of Scotland and was a strict pre condition of the later Treaty of Union 1707. Indeed it was agreed as such by both the Parliaments of Scotland and England as that pre condition. Ignoring the Claim of Right invalidates the Treaty of Union and gives a solid legal basis for ending the Union.

Salvo argue for popular sovereignty arguing that no Parliament or Monarch are sovereign in Scotland but that this power is held by the people of Scotland previously exercised on their behalf through a Convention of the Estates.

The “knockers” dispute this is possible, how could the “ people” exercise that power in the modern age? It is completely impractical. Can’t be done is their message.

Sadly some are influenced by this type of attack. This is a pity because it is very easy to disprove! I can give you a clear example of a country where that “popular sovereignty” exists to this day. It is one of the most successful countries in Europe, one of the richest with a very high standard of living. That country is Switzerland. Where the people don’t need to wait years for an election to change things but where the people through securing 50,000 signatures, followed by a majority popular vote in favour, can veto any law adopted by Parliament (a so-called Optional Referendum).  Even better, 100,000 signatures in favour of any issue related to the constitution can secure a popular vote in a referendum list to do whatever they want changed (a Popular Initiative).

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By the way, taking account of Switzerland’s higher population (8.7 million compared to Scotland’s 5.5), comparable signature thresholds for Scotland would probably be something like 40,000 and 80,000 respectively.

Referendums are a mechanism to block adopted legislation coming into effect whereas initiatives involve partially or completely changing the constitution so nobody can deny the Swiss the right to self determine their future. Political parties need to operate being aware that it is relatively easy for the Swiss people to overturn any Government going down a road that a majority of the people oppose.

The Swiss would never accept the sort of dictatorial Government Scotland has suffered from in recent years from either Westminster or Holyrood. Through regular referenda or initiatives the people could exercise their sovereignty to stop any abuse. I think we can safely assume neither self ID or GRR would have been successful and trials without juries would be a non starter as well. The people will have spoken and ensured, by virtue of the immediate effect requirements, that the Government must act in accordance with the people’s wishes – proposed legislation is immediately blocked by a popularly accepted referendum and successful initiatives come into effect immediately.

There have been regular referenda there, they often taken place roughly quarterly at national, regional and local levels and with voter turnout ranging from the mid low forties to over sixty five percent, dependent on the issues, participative democracy is very healthy indeed.

So to return to why these knockers exist? There are a host of reasons but political parties must be high up the list. They need to “knock down” anything that comes from another Party or Group. They exist to promote their ideas at the expense of everyone else. That is how they win votes, and votes means power. So by the very nature of it all political party rivalry creates division and negativity.

The above reason is why both Salvo and Liberation are both strictly non Party political. We seek to unite all Scots behind our case. We do not seek votes or seats in Parliament. We seek progress on the Independence road by internationalising the issue in a way that is not open to any political party but only possible through a true National Liberation Movement. So we need everyone to support us by signing up to Liberation.Scot and if you want to help campaign also taking the option to sign up at Salvo.Scot as well.

Our role is to educate Scots on our rights and to motivate direct action to make those rights a reality. We don’t want your vote, we want your support and where possible your efforts to bring more people into the National Liberation Movement. Let’s unite and get things done…that way we can leave the knockers behind.

I hope this article demonstrates that popular sovereignty can and does exist in the modern World. Is it not amazing that our ancestors were so ahead of their times that they wrote our laws, even then, to protect our people which makes it all the more tragic that we have “ knockers” today who seek to block us reclaiming those rights and privileges?. If we are serious about Independence we need to confront the “knockers” with clear evidence they are wrong. Switzerland displays that popular sovereignty can work well in the 21st century. It is much superior to living as second class citizens in our own land, witnessing a greedy neighbour illegally removing our assets every day!

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland.


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