Another great article from the regular Yours for Scotland columnist Mia who is building quite a following on this site. Sturgeon’s legacy of carrots Dangling a carrot once and getting the electorate to fall for it is a political success.  Dangling the same carrot for 7 consecutive years and still getting the majority to fall for it must beContinue reading "STURGEON’S LEGACY OF CARROTS"


Another great article from the regular Yours for Scotland columnist Mia who is building quite a following on this site.

Sturgeon’s legacy of carrots

Dangling a carrot once and getting the electorate to fall for it is a political success.  Dangling the same carrot for 7 consecutive years and still getting the majority to fall for it must be some kind of record.

Sturgeon’s SNP has been exploiting the Scottish people’s desire for independence by dishonestly dangling an indyref carrot since 2015. You would think that after almost 7 years of being shown the same useless carrot, everybody in Scotland would have worked out that it is going nowhere because it is just a tease. Unfortunately, too many still refuse to look beyond the carrot.

I think this might be because the carrot is never out for long enough so everybody can see the stick. This has also been helped by deliberately forcing the attention of the Scottish people back to our basic needs. 

From this perspective, the political strategy against independence followed for the last seven years has had all the appearance of being a complex operation involving concerted action from all political parties, MSM, and of course a series of puppets whose strings are being moved by the state.

This strategy seems to have involved Sturgeon dangling briefly the indyref carrot every time there is an election on the horizon, a conference or a sudden surge in discontent among the voters due to her embarrassing inaction in progressing independence.  “Opposition parties’ and state apparatchiks have given the SNP and its carrot credibility by standing in front of the stick so we could not see it, by pretending the SNP under Sturgeon is still a pro-independence party and by pretending the indyref is ever going to happen.

Sturgeon never leaves the carrot out for long.  It is quickly removed with some excuse of another after the election, conference, or damage limitation emergency.  Known excuses are Brexit negotiations, a new COVID variant, another denial for an S30, an upcoming general election, a new tory PM emerging from the revolving door in the tory party depot or some newly found urgency to pass a draconian law that nobody other than Sturgeon and her masters see justification for.  The carrot and the stick are swiftly put back in the freezer to maintain them looking fresh for next time. Because with Sturgeon, if there is anything certain, is that there will always be another opportunity for her to dangle the carrot to avoid delivering the real thing.

In any context other than politics, a huge gap between what you were told you would get when you buy something and what you actually get is called either false advertising or fraud.  The onus is on the seller to demonstrate the product was up to specification. 

In the context of Scottish politics however, not only false advertising, lying or downright fraud has become acceptable in the eyes of the “law”, it has in fact become the norm. Somehow, without noticing, the onus to demonstrate that the product is up to specification has been moved from the politicians to the voters.

Consequently, the blame for deliberately defaulting on political promises or for refusing to fulfil a democratic mandate does no longer fall on the dodgy politician selling the con manifesto.  The blame lands on the voters for allowing themselves to be fooled by political frauds. So the Scottish voters are double victims, victims of a political scam and victims of being blamed by the scammers for being scammed. 

Moving this bizarre transposition of accountability to a different scenario would see an abuser telling their victim, after they had beaten them to a pulp, that the responsibility for all the abuse lies with the victim for allowing the abuser in her life.  Completely unacceptable, isn’t it? So why are we expected to accept responsibility for being abused in politics?

Unbelievably, for the last 7 years, the Sturgeon’s SNP have embraced every excuse to distract Scottish voters from independence. They have dangled the carrot all this time to disguise the fact that the SNP has held since 8th May 2015 the power not just to hold a referendum, but actually to end the union. 

After the Scottish people have been taken for a 7 year long ride full of carrots, these do no longer have the “calming” and soothing power they did before. So what is Sturgeon’s SNP solution to keep us distracted from independence?

Well,  more distraction and dishonesty, of course.

We have witnessed how the SNP passed against the will and the interests of the people they were supposed to represent, policies that would have made fascists like Franco and Mussolini convulse in their graves with envy.  There could be many interpretations about the reason behind those outrageous laws.  Mine is that they have been passed to forcefully quash dissent to maintain the external appearance that the people of Scotland is still content with Sturgeon’s carrot.

While Sturgeon dangled the carrot in front of us, we were expected to consider acceptable that people in Scotland endure financial hardship while our taxpayers’ money is wasted in what looks like political stitch ups and laughable charades passing as parliamentary committees, where evidence is hidden by the truckload to protect the party in power, perjurers and corrupt politicians.

We are also expected to accept dodgy rulings from judges presiding court cases where the presumption of innocence had been substituted for a presumption of guiltiness, where putting people in prison has become a bigger priority than ensuring no innocent person is wrongly accused, and where juries and the traditional “non proven” verdict are removed in order to make easier for corrupt judges and an unprincipled prosecution to send political inconveniences to prison without having to present any solid evidence to back their case.

We appear to be at a point in Scottish history where dirty politics is used as the front cover behind which a rotten establishment hides while it serves itself by transforming judges into expensive unelected politicians hiding under an outdated wig to justify their deconstruction of justice, by exposing the prosecution as another of its toys to get rid of political dissidents, and by transforming Scotland’s courts into reality shows where the outrageous crushing of democracy and justice is whitewashed with the hope the electorate will not notice.

Dirty politics is what a rotten establishment uses in Scotland to pretend democracy is being destroyed on our behalf. Meanwhile, Sturgeon keeps dangling the carrot.

Judging by the reaction of some SNP MP to finding some carrots on their doorstep, it seems that the word “carrot” might soon be classified as another hate word Sturgeon’s New SNP could add to their 7 years’ long list of forbidden words.  Because as it seems to be standard operating procedure in Sturgeon’s SNP, it is never a matter of addressing a problem.  It is always a matter of crushing the highlighting of the problem so the fabricated “non-dissent” can be used as a credible excuse to do nothing about it.

When after more than 6 years of holding the power to end the union all what the SNP has to offer to remain in power is to fool the electorate with indyref carrots, you know the party is finished.  But when those who called themselves pro-independence warriors throw a tantrum when they see the carrot they happily dangle in front of the yes voters being dangled back at them, then you realise they were never a serious pro-indy party in the first place, but rather a deceiving contraption designed to stop Scotland’s independence while pretending to pursue it.

Looking at the whole picture in a bit more detail, it is obvious the carrot on its own has not been successful at containing the desire for independence. It has been contained because the carrot has been dangled in a scene where every democratic and justice structure has been deconstructed.  The carrot dangles while we see the destruction of our justice system, our parliament’s credibility, a failed dirty attempt to effect the political annihilation of the only man at present with the balls to take Scotland out of this union.  The carrot dangles while we are being deliberately exposed to a fabricated hostile environment where we are being forced to forget about independence because we are being deliberately and forcefully pushed down our hierarchy of needs.

For example, under the guise of “transactivism”, women in Scotland are being forced to move their attention from independence to focus on basic things like their fundamental rights and the safety of their children.  The continuous lockdowns, the empty shelves and covid fearmongering are another convenient tool to push us down our hierarchy of needs.  We are being forced to think about survival and satisfying our fundamental need for social interaction, instead of self-determination and independence.

The fear of independence of those driving this must be enormous when they feel they need to go to these lengths in an attempt to stop it.

When you look at the graphs of COVID infections, you see something repetitive: covid appears to be artificially maintained in the population by the regular arrival of new variants.  The variants do not last for long, judging for how quickly the peaks pass, but covid remains stubbornly in Scotland quite possibly because the borders are fully open and covid is being brought in constantly. Looking at how countries like New Zealand have been able to contain the virus, it is obvious that what does the trick is not continuous lockdowns, removing our liberties and causing untold economic damage.  What does the trick is to deprive the virus from hosts and you do that by actively closing the borders.

But if you close the borders and stop new covid variants being fed into Scotland, Covid quickly fades away and with it one of the main smokescreens that has been covering the impact of Brexit and one of the main excuses used for the last 2 years to take the carrot of indyref away after every election/conference has passed by and to keep the Scottish people’s attention focussed on their basic needs instead of self-determination.

I am an unashamed cynic who never believed in coincidences.  The excuse of having to wait because of Brexit, the sudden hype of transactivism, the hate bill, the unscientific gender nonsense, the pretend incompetence at controlling covid despite having experienced the same pattern of I don’t know how many variants and despite watching how countries like New Zealand have successfully contained the virus by closing the borders, the threat of destroying women and children’s rights, the deliberate destruction of the basics of Scots law and the meaning of justice, cannot be simply coincidences.  There is nothing random about them when all of them point towards the exact same direction: to distract the Scottish people from independence by forcing them to be concerned about their basic needs. It is my personal view that they are all a battery of supporting pieces in the same anti-independence strategy, one that involves keeping Sturgeon’s carrot dangling still effective for as long as possible and our attention away from independence.  Without those supporting pieces, the carrot (and Sturgeon as a leader) would have become a fossil a few weeks after 8th May 2021.

There are many who still claim that we need the SNP to get independence.  I couldn’t disagree more.  We do not need the SNP, particularly one that only claims to support independence when there is an election nearby or a hole in the party’s finances.

What we need is to get our parliament seats back so we can hand them to those who will use them to deliver independence and not to grow their bank accounts and to promote their careers at the expense of Scotland’s democracy and right to self-determination.

I don’t know how Sturgeon will be remembered in the annals of the SNP, but the SNP under her leadership will be remembered among the voters as the party of cowards who helped a political fraud to dangle carrots instead of delivering independence


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