A follow up article to the widely read article ABUSE BY GASLIGHT. this time from guest writer Sally Hughes. SURGICAL CHILD ABUSE This essay follows on from my previous one – Abuse by Gaslight.   I didn’t think it was my place to put forward the following legal speculation, but on reading the most recentContinue reading "SURGICAL CHILD ABUSE"


A follow up article to the widely read article ABUSE BY GASLIGHT. this time from guest writer Sally Hughes.


This essay follows on from my previous one – Abuse by Gaslight.  

I didn’t think it was my place to put forward the following legal speculation, but on reading the most recent pile on against Joanna Cherry QC MP…. And reading such logic inversing statements from her opponents, such as, ‘Putting trans people in therapy to try to get them to “feel comfortable in their birth sex” is conversion therapy. Anyone advocating this position is attempting to justify conversion therapy and undermine a conversion therapy ban’, then I thought, well why not.

So, I was wondering if life altering amputation surgery on children, or sterilising drugs such as puberty blockers, and opposite sex hormones, might go beyond questions of medical ethics, and trespass firmly into the arena of criminal child abuse.

And this is where my wonderings took me.  I’m paraphrasing legislation by the way, if you’re in need of proper legal advice, this is not it.  And you should seek properly qualifiedadvice.  It is, as I say, speculation on my part.

The Female Genital Mutilation Act 2005 (Scotland) makes it a Criminal Offence, for any person to mutilate the genitals of a female under the age of 18.

It specifies 2 surgical methods by which this can be done, and also, states, ‘by any other means’.

Legal Surgery can only be done by qualified medics, and for legitimate ‘necessary’ health reasons.  Religious or ideological reasons are explicitly excluded, even if held by the child concerned.

Currently the legal medical definition of ‘necessary’ would appear to be in doubt, with some supporting and providing ‘watchful waiting’, accompanied by counselling, and others going full steam ahead with breast amputations, sterilisation drugs otherwise known as puberty blockers and opposite sex hormones.

Further to this, the British Medical Association (which it is worth remembering is an investigative and prosecuting agency) – instruct, that ANY medical staff (and this is important, because it widens the field to include nurses, and not just doctors/surgeons), have a MANDATORY duty to report any such suspected incidents, to Police, as soon as possible, and in any event unlikely to be justified in more than a day.  It is deemed to be, under their definition, a form of ‘child abuse’.

And this is key.   I think possibly highly important, because it is not within the remit of the British Medical Association to investigate, or make rulings upon Child Abuse.  That responsibility lies with the Police, the Procurator Fiscal and the Courts, and Child Abuse is not constrained by statutory legal definition.

Legally (both in civil law, and criminal) there are many examples of child abuse, but there is no prescriptive definition. Sadly because, those who abuse children, will always invent new ways.

And it’s important because puberty blockers, have a detrimental effect on the normal development of genitals, in both males and females…. A mutilation if you like.  

A male child of 11 who is prescribed puberty blockers, will not have normal development of their genitals.  So much so, that if, in later years they decide on full male to female gender surgery, their penis will still be the size it was at age 11 and there will be insufficient for the surgeon to work with for that procedure.

Since the legal precedent and statutory law exists that it is deemed to be ‘child abuse’ in the case of a female… then I don’t see it being anything other than ‘child abuse’ in the case of a boy, even though specific legislation has not yet been written for male children.

And if cutting off, or mutilating the genitals of a child is deemed to be ‘child abuse’… then amputating the healthy breasts off a female under the age of 18, is almost certainly child abuse too.

I know that there are many in the health service, Doctors and Nurses, deeply concerned about these treatments.  Professionals who have very little confidence that if they voice their concerns to rainbow/pronoun management, that their unions will provide them with the legal employment protection they contribute towards.

It might be possible that the above line of thought, provides a legal pathway, by which they can report the matter, and have it investigated, thoroughly, at a criminal level, by an organisation other than their employers.

Much of the above hinges on the medical definition of ‘necessary’.  If I were in this type of surgical business, I’d be making extremely sure, that all counselling and talk therapies, including assessment on the Autistic scale to ascertain understanding, were undertaken, prior to wielding the scalpelor the ‘script.  

It should be noted that it would not be a requirement for the medical staff reporting, to investigate the ins and outs of ‘medically necessary’, that would be the responsibility of the Police – the person reporting would have a duty to report from the moment they have ‘reasonable cause to suspect’.

As things stand at present, the above line of thinking is hypothetical.

But sometimes, it is easy to recognise a wrong, and really difficult to find the appropriate language and route by which to report it effectively.

Perhaps the above type of speculation might just start one pathway to making that easier.  

What would become clear, documented and officially recorded, is the name of the Consultant who states to Police, that the medical procedures were indeed ‘medically necessary.’   And equally clear, if that same Consultant was the one prescribing the treatment, then Police would have a statutory duty, to investigate further, and not just take the word of their number one suspect at face value.

That is not a situation Consultants like to be put in, and it’snot a position they take lightly, as they become the first point of contact with regards possible legal remedial action.  

Documented and published diagnostic protocol with regards the medical definition of ‘necessary’ in this treatment context would likely be achieved as a matter of professional urgency.  

And that folks, would be no bad thing for everyone.

So that’s my tuppence worth for now folks… it’s not quite up there with gender woke type statements – ‘no-one knows why men are men and women are women, and anyone who says they do is a liar’, but hopefully it’s a lot more logical.


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