TAC TENT By Sally Hughes Like a great many folk in Scotland just now, the recent drama’s surrounding Nicola Sturgeon, her husband Peter, and the Leadership Contest for First Minister, have caught my attention, like the worst soap opera ever. If I may however, I’d like to wind the clock back a week or so,Continue reading "TAC TENT"




Sally Hughes

Like a great many folk in Scotland just now, the recent drama’s surrounding Nicola Sturgeon, her husband Peter, and the Leadership Contest for First Minister, have caught my attention, like the worst soap opera ever.

If I may however, I’d like to wind the clock back a week or so, perhaps even the last 6 months, and share some thoughts I have about a possible pattern of thought/policy emerging from a significant section of the Yes Movement.

It goes like this, ‘We mustn’t put Independence fair and square on the ballot paper, because if/when we win, Westminster will cheat the result, which could lead to Northern Ireland type violence.’

I’ve now heard this from different quarters, and different areas of Scotland, from those well dug in, within the Yes Establishment.

Several years ago, these same people, held the line, that it would not be until Scotland was really suffering from the effects of Brexit, that there would be sufficient support for Indy to win… and now it has evolved to the above.

And the above amounts to a complete Capitulation.  Not one that us poor plebs have to worry our little heads about, oh no, our ‘betters’ will just do it for us.  We don’t even get consulted.

This week it’s evolved a step further, with elected politician stating, ‘I’ve given it a lot of thought, and what I think we need to do, is try and obtain greater devolution.’

I will not be revealing the name of this elected rep.  That would not be appropriate.  But my god, what a betrayal.

Scotland needs a democratic win for Indy at the ballot box. There are tactical reasons why Referendums, Holyrood or Westminster Elections all have their good and bad points, but without a win at one of them, International, Legal recognition (to say nothing of winning on the home front) are stymied from the get go.  And it is on the International stage where Independence comes into its own.  Was it Winnie or Margo who said, ‘Stop the World, Scotland wants to get on’.

So I have a favour to ask of the Yes Movement.

If, when all is measured, in your heart of hearts, what you really want is Devolution (and good luck with that, in view of the Internal Markets Bill, and Green Free Ports), then please, please start being honest with that and start up a party with that policy at its core.  I will respect that position.

In view of where Scotland stands now – and it really is a matter of survival now – devolution is not ‘gradualist’, but a distinct and different policy from the pursuit of Independence.  Stop hiding behind the kilts of those of us who want Indy, while telling yourselves that your being canny and wise.  Sleekit and Feart are another way of viewing it.

There is a phrase, ‘better to be in the tent piddling out, than out the tent piddling in’.  Right just now there is a great deal of incontinence within the tent, damaging the structural integrity of it.

Tac Tent!  It will not be forgotten.


I thank Sally for this article because when this whole debacle is over we are going to have to address the question of unity, this however is not the time. There will have to be a full and frank examination into how this mess came about. More importantly how do we stop it reoccurring in the future?. My answer is returning true democracy to all political parties. Get rid of the controls that stifle open debate. Watch and learn as talent rises to the top because of their abilities, not who they follow blindly. This is not an easy time, things are very uncertain. I have started three times to write an article about all that has happened. I have tossed them away as they are overtaken by events. I suspect it will not be easier this week, or indeed the next where .I fully expect the police investigation to take centre stage. It can only be postponed so long surely. I will have no sympathy I still read comments from folk who have not a clue about how long this has been going on, how it was all cleverly planned and plotted, moving all power to the centre by stealth, secured alongside strict discipline that ensured even the slightest of protest brought on fierce intimidation and bullying. Unimaginable evil deeds were carried out by an elite who thought themselves all powerful, untouchable. I am sickened by it all. I knew it was coming. I repeatedly warned through my blog hoping it would be stopped. It wasn’t and it is not stopped yet. There is much more to come.

I am, as always



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