The latest contribution from regular columnist Mia. `I am in agreement with Marion. It is not a matter of us having to prove anything to Westminster. At the end of the day if we are trying to assert popular sovereignty and we are demanding to move away from the artificial and English only convention ofContinue reading "THE NEXT STEPS"

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The latest contribution from regular columnist Mia.

`I am in agreement with Marion. It is not a matter of us having to prove anything to Westminster. At the end of the day if we are trying to assert popular sovereignty and we are demanding to move away from the artificial and English only convention of parliamentary sovereignty, we cannot then step back and twist ourselves in knots trying to find a way to “satisfy” a colonial power. In doing so we would be giving them the power to take the ultimate decision, which is how Sturgeon has been wasting our time for the last 8 years. Reality is they will find another obstacle somewhere, if not they will fabricate a bespoke one to measure, to stop the cash cow leaving. I think we need to lock that door once and for all and direct our focus to those who have been abusing our trust and patience: Scotland’s MPs, MSps and government.

What I think we need to do is to convince those who claim to be our representatives in Westminster, HOlyrood and Bute House that we are demanding independence and unless they are delivering it and soon, they will be removed from the seats and worse, their actions and words will be scrutinised to the last millimetre every day and exposed for every and each time they failed/fail to uphold the Claim of Right, the fundamental conditions of the treaty of union and the constitutional tradition of Scotland and they legitimise with their presence in Westminster the abuse by England MPs.

The key is not in convincing England MPs. The key is to influence their enablers. And their enablers are our MPs, MSPs and Sgov. The key is therefore to get the message to Scotland’s MPs that it is time for them to get lift their backsides from the green seats, and effect independence, which is something they should have done already in 2015, or move aside and stop interfering with Scotland’s right to self determination. We elect both set of MPs, those who sit in Westminster and those who sit in Holyrood. This means that the actions of Scotland’s MPs cannot be conditioned by the actions of those sitting in Holyrood or those sitting in Scotland’s executive.

England MPs cannot impose their ruling on Scotland if the Scottish MPs do not let them to. These are the words of Margaret Thatcher:

‘As a nation, [the Scots] have an undoubted right to national self-determination; thus far they have exercised that right by joining and remaining in the Union. Should they determine on independence, no English party or politician would stand in their way, however much we might regret their departure.’

Well then. Scotland sent 56 anti-union MPs to Westminster in 2015, 35 in 2017 and 47 in 2019. We did not send them to legitimise every abuse England MPs have imposed on Scotland ever since. We sent them to stop that abuse and to end the union. If Scotland is still being abused by toxic policies passed by England MPs is because our Scotland MPs are not doing their job.

So far, what we have representing us is new labourites operating under an SNP flag and with more aversion to Scottish independence than the tories. For 7 years they have been doing the bidding for the British state instead of representing Scotland and upholding Scotland’s rights and constitution. This is completely unacceptable and must stop.

Sturgeon’s move to take that draft to the England as the UK Supreme Court was in my view stupid and deliberately counter-producing. Another of her signature moves designed to send us into a cul de sack and leave us on a constitutional limbo for a bit longer while wasting even more of our time and undermining our constitution and sovereignty a little more.

If that draft should go anywhere is to a Scottish court, not to an English one that is subordinate to the UK parliament and will never rule beyond English parliamentary sovereignty. If what we are trying to assert is our own sovereignty and constitutional rights, it should never be an English judge operating under English law convention who tells us about it. It should be a Scottish judge expert in Scotland’s constitutional law tradition and applying Scots law for the benefit of Scotland, not the union.

This advisory referendum this hopeless FM is angling towards is, in my view, just another of her stitch ups to add to the miles long list. Another excuse to force us through the devolution route to keep us under Westminster’s shoe, Another excuse to use the flawed franchise again, another excuse to leave the postal vote open to manipulation, another excuse to denying us real self determination, possibly with the sight of foisting on us her “full fiscal responsibility” or some other Devo-max like crap.

I think at this point we should put our foot down and demand a plebiscite election at the next GE and thereafter where Scotland’s MPs will get a clear and unequivocal mandate to not taking their seats, not swear allegiance and to immediately communicate the end of the treaty of union. That the new-labourites under Sturgeon refuse to cooperate? Then deny them the vote.

Like Breeks says independence day could be postponed to after a transition period, but I think the communication of the intention to terminate the treaty on a defined date must be immediate to avoid a circumstance like in 2017 where England MPs called an early election to thin down the number of anti-union seats we have and destroy our mandate.

We should reject point blank any more nonsensical attempts by Sturgeon to force us against the current through her silly devolution route in order to remove all power from us and hand it over to Westminster and n10, as she has been doing since 14 November 2014


Mia highlights the need to change tactics. We have wasted years going round in circles where that time has been used to build further obstacles to Independence, funds have disappeared, divisive policies have been promoted that have divided the Yes Movement and SNP members and branches have been ruthlessly removed from any say on the future path of their Party. Changing this will require confrontation. We should not shirk from that because in reality until we do so the Independence cause is going nowhere.

I am, as always



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