Please remember as you read this I am not supposed to have these documents and you are not supposed to know this content. My thanks to the brave SNP members who supplied this information to me. The final moves to remove all power from the ordinary membership of the SNP are now about to beContinue reading "THE TAKEOVER “PLOT” EXPOSED"

Last chance saloon.

Please remember as you read this I am not supposed to have these documents and you are not supposed to know this content. My thanks to the brave SNP members who supplied this information to me.

The final moves to remove all power from the ordinary membership of the SNP are now about to be played. Just like the Conference in 2018 when a poorly attended internal session allowed ANGUS ROBERTSON to quietly execute his plan to eradicate National Council and reconstruct the NEC through the introduction of numerous minority appointed posts, while reducing the number of NEC members directly elected by the membership. An even quieter plan is now in process where the innocent sounding SNP GOVERNANCE REVIEW has a series of further changes that will hand complete control of the entire Party to the Woke cabal and their allies at the expense of the rest of the Party.

Bad enough the already revealed plan to reduce the size of the NEC from 42 to 32 by removing 50% of the elected Regional representatives, while creating more appointed places, rather than elected members, but that is just one small part of the entire process.

Now this article could easily have been the longest article ever published on this site as I could have reproduced the SEVEN PAGES in the 40 page report that outlined, in detail more phobias than you could shake a stick at.( probably a hanging offence in itself) This was supposed to be a report detailing the entire operation of the Party, covering its organisation, campaigning, structure, finances, candidate selection, Local Government organisation, seat targeting procedures, complaint reorganization. Who would have believed the outlining in detail of all the various phobias members could be disciplined for in future would form the most dominant part of the report?

While it is fair to say these phobias are unpleasant the problem is they are not in this report for that reason. They are a CONTROL mechanism that allows the various appointed minorities and their allies to control the entire Party. Determining the future structure of the Party, ensuring all candidates and office bearers adopt THEIR MESSAGE and owe any status they enjoy in the Party to the cult’s goodwill. Far fetched? Let’s look at the evidence, all quotes in bold are taken directly from the Report and published without alteration.


Members of the Governance Review Group are aware of the recent controversies concerning the party’s finances, and note the resignation of the National Treasurer, as well as several members of the Finance and Audit Committee earlier this year. These circumstances inevitably raise questions about the SNP’s financial governance, and highlight the need to restore confidence in our procedures.
As a democratic party, the annual election of office bearers is a key accountability mechanism for the wider membership. For our constitutional model to work smoothly there requires to be a degree of mutual trust and goodwill between elected office bearers and the staff charged with day-to-day executive functions. While office bearers can change relatively frequently, and those elected to positions of internal leadership often combine their positions with the demands of elected public office, the professional staff employed by the SNP are focused on the party’s day-to-day operations, and tend to be in post over a longer period; they therefore often acquire a stronger grasp of the party’s internal dynamics and ‘institutional memory’ than elected office bearers, developing considerable expertise, and providing stability and continuity.

One of the more general challenges highlighted in our consultation is respect for the confidentiality of the party’s internal processes. This has implications for financial governance in that some financial information is sensitive (including information that falls under data protection legislation). Not every detail about the party’s finances has to be in the public domain to meet thresholds of good governance and transparency; sensitive information must be held securely

So what is significant about the above? Well firstly there is a recognition that it wasn’t good that the National Treasurer and three members of the Audit Committee resigned. So far so good!

We now come to the changes to make sure it doesn’t happen again. The solution? Well read about the professional staff having a “stronger grasp” than elected members. So while the National Treasurer and Audit members objected to not being given access to the books to carry out their responsibilities, their way being blocked by the professional staff, the “solution” is to give Peter Murrell and his employees more powers and they are not finished there. He certainly had a “strong grasp” of the books and the audit team were not getting a hold of them under any circumstances!

Whereas before, because of the specialised nature of the task the Finance and Audit Committee were appointed by the National Treasurer. There was no requirement that the majority of members on it were also members of the NEC.
NO more, the new proposal is that the National Treasurer must seek approval from the NEC as to the committee’s membership and a MAJORITY of members of the committee must come from the NEC. This is the NEC TAKING CONTROL. Looking at the current NEC then perhaps that expertise may be available however remove the 50% of the elected regional representatives and it is likely it won’t be. The cult will now dominate the finances of the Party, imagine who the NEC will appoint to this committee?


Again it starts off well with a recognition that the current situation is unacceptable.

The Governance Review Group was presented with clear evidence that current complaints-handling procedures have themselves resulted in a real dissatisfaction, lack of trust, increased frustration, including, leading to an injustice or increased harm for some.

They quickly identify it is branches and ordinary members fault that there are so many complaints and plan steps to resolve this.

In order to minimise the number of complaints being generated in the first place, we need to invest in the skills of members at local level and within council groups to resolve potential issues before they become a problem. Training for dealing with disputes should be provided to people in key roles like Conveners, council group leaders and business managers.

Just wait to I tell you who is going to do that retraining? Here comes the invitation to introduce the Woke and cult in to your branch/your constituency

When handling complaints, the Governance Review Group notes that the expertise of other National Office Bearer’s could be better utilised. The National Secretary may wish to seek counsel from the Women’s Convener on allegations of misogyny or the BAME Convener on allegations of racism, for example. In every circumstance, however, the privacy and wishes of the complainant must be considered. ( so it’s allegations/ complaints made by sources that must remain anonymous) Where have I come across that before in recent times?

● Recommendation: Update Code of Conduct, including but not limited to adding the missing protected characteristics as set out in the Equality Act. Procedures must also consider the cumulative impact and context of complaints, and not just particular incidents in isolation. Complaints must also be fed into the candidate assessment process.

Recommendation: In addition to the definition of Transphobia1 that was adopted on 20 February, the Governance Review Group recommends the party agrees to adopt the initial group of working definitions of other forms of discrimination which were produced by the Equalities Forum and representatives from the SNP’s affiliate organisations as set out in Appendix C. The proposed Culture, Equalities, Organisation and Training Committee may seek to add to or revisit these definitions on a regular basis.

Yes folks that is the first reference to the new CULTURE, EQUALITIES, ORGANISATION AND TRAINING COMMITTEE or as I call it the Thought Police Committee. It is being given huge powers. Who will be on it? Well surprise surprise a majority of members must come from the Woke and Cult dominated NEC so guess who amongst their number are going to be appointed. You will note one of its first jobs is to expand on the rules governing Transphobia to encompass the SEVEN PAGES of other phobias outlined in Appendix C. Please also note the direct reference to the “candidate assessment process”. This will be the mechanism to promote favourites while eliminating rivals. In preparation for this several staff have to be reallocated to dealing with the complaints handling and big efforts are going into “retraining”. Nobody can say the SNP are not going to be ready for the introduction of the Hate Crime and GRA LEGISLATION. At least as it applies to disciplining their own membership!


Culture, Equalities, Organisation and Training Committee

In addition to the above, we also think it would be useful to establish a committee to keep under review areas of organisational culture, not from the standpoint of cutting across the functions of conduct and disciplinary committees, but much more generally in terms of systemic issues related to important cultural matters, such as internal communications, training of committee members, transparency, member consultations, relationships amongst the various bodies in the party, decision making, building trust and respect, and so forth.

Including Equalities as part of this committee helps to ensure issues affecting under-represented groups in the party remains at the heart of decision making and demonstrates the pursuit of equality is a shared endeavor by all rather than a task assigned only to representatives from underrepresented groups.

Consequently, there is the opportunity to develop the work of the National Equalities Forum, and open it out to all appropriate members in a similar way to how the Women’s Forum is structured. This committee should take responsibility for ensuring the development of the Women’s Forum and National Equalities Forum.

This committee would also take responsibility for ongoing reviews of governance, building on the work of the Governance Review Group.

NOW READ THAT AGAIN. What you are witnessing here is those “ under represented groups”, you know the ones you don’t elect, grabbing total control of the Party going forward. They are going to be the body responsible for the “ongoing reviews of Governance”. They are being given Carte Blanche to interfere in any area of Party activity at will. This is simply outrageous but given the apathy and disinterest in these matters that have allowed this outrage to develop this far who is to say they won’t get away with it? I have yet to see a member’s whimper never mind a revolt.

This Thought Police Committee is completely new to the SNP PARTY STRUCTURE. THIS IS ADMITTED.

This is a non-standard type of committee and therefore experimental in nature. It is intended as a positive and constructive avenue for the development of good practice. It should comprise a minimum of 5 members, one of whom shall be a senior office bearer who will also act as chair. Members of the committee should be selected by the NEC. The NEC must ensure the committee has the necessary skills to discharge its responsibilities. A majority of members should come from within the membership of the NEC. All members of the committee must be members of the SNP and of good standing.

The terms of reference for the committee should be:

● To review training and capacity building requirements for all NEC committees, and other committees elected at conference. ( this gives them a status above those committees elected by Conference. For certain the NEC will select the “appointed”.)

● To review party practices in light of the need to build respect, transparency and engagement. ( this is the Carte Blanche clause)

● To conduct reviews of the working of committees and support their development.( another Carte Blanche clause)

● To review all standing orders and ensure they are kept up to date, relevant and baised on the encouragement of good practice. ( control of the Party rule book)

● To ensure the party captures the skills and talents of party members and May recommendations to the NEC on how to build opportunities for their effective deployment. ( sop to keep you on board).

So it’s an experiment but it is being handed huge powers, including reviewing the future governance of the Party. One question? Have you ever heard of such a committee, with such widespread powers, voting itself out of existence ? It’s experimental alright, they are experimenting to discover whether there are still sufficient suckers to fall for it!


The Governance Review Group is firmly of the view that it is vital that the equalities groups are able to elect their own representatives to NEC, to ensure those individuals area genuine representative voice for these under-represented groups in politics. This is key to the empowerment and representation of our equalities groups, and should be the foundation for any future proposals to develop and refine the role of the equalities representatives.

There wasn’t a significant demand to reintroduce National Council, but we would recommend that our proposed Culture, Equalities, Organisation and Training Committee explore options to facilitate an event that allowed that access, while bringing together different component parts of the party. ( I am aware of a widespread desire to see the return of National Council, the only body that would allow proper accountability in the Party. Wonder how they missed that?)

We would envisage most of this ongoing work to improve our structures and processes being undertaken by our proposed new Culture, Equalities, Organisation and Training Committee. ( there you are, that is indeed the plan, clearly stated)

I write that because nobody knows how many members each of those minority groups have as members. There is no requirement to supply membership lists. The new proposals, if you believe current SNP claims of live membership, means each of the eight surviving regional representatives must represent 15,000 members each. How many BAME members are they? They get two places on the NEC, 100, 200, 500? I have mentioned BAME but it could be any of them. They should never be there, the Equalities Committee should be a sub committee with only the Chairperson of that group being on the NEC. I know, because NEC members have told me, every meeting is dominated by these minority groups agendas. That is why there is no time for Independence. Why Hate Crime and GRA, HUGE VOTE LOSING BILLS THAT WILL SERIOUSLY DAMAGE THE INDEPENDENCE CAUSE, DOMINATE SNP POLITICS.

If members want to stop this madness they must organise and fight back. Too busy, can’t be bothered, leave it to others then frankly you deserve all the agony and disappointment that lies before you.

Why do I bother? I am not even a member these days. I will tell you. I loved the SNP for a great many years. I have devoted the majority of my life to securing Independence and alongside thousands of others thought we were closing in on that goal, even after the disappointment in 2014.

I am distraught and angry that nothing positive has has happened since that date, instead we are being led up a path to nowhere. Independence is being put to sleep by the Sturgeon Murrell cult. What eventually follows will be a nightmare. I recognise I have been betrayed, more importantly, do you?

Please share widely, the more SNP members who know about this the better.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland.


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