THIS IS SHAMEFUL. Members wishes don’t matter anymore. Branches views don’t matter anymore. Even CA’s views can be easily outmaneuvered if that is what it takes to make sure only candidates approved by the dear leader can be selected, as severe extreme measures are taken to exercise full control of thoughts and position. The SNPContinue reading "THIS IS SHAMEFUL"

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Members wishes don’t matter anymore. Branches views don’t matter anymore. Even CA’s views can be easily outmaneuvered if that is what it takes to make sure only candidates approved by the dear leader can be selected, as severe extreme measures are taken to exercise full control of thoughts and position. The SNP are fast becoming more like the Borg from Star Trek than a free, democratic Political party.

That seems a bit extreme, cries the Nicola Loyal Brigade what proof do you have? The answer is I have plenty. I witnessed it regularly throughout the vetting and selection procedures for May’s elections, I saw many instances of excellent potential candidates being rejected because they were not “sound” on the gender agenda in favour of candidates who were “less than sound” on the independence agenda

It was the same with any local candidates that were interested in becoming candidates. They might have known a lot about the constituency, might have been well liked by the local members, but then that was excellent reasons for the vetting committee to ensure they failed vetting. How do you force a biology denier or followers of California/ Scottish style politics (Woke without the sunshine) on a constituency if you leave them popular choices as alternatives?  

Now why are you making such a fuss about all that? That’s in the past, lessons have been learned. Yes there was a bit of a furore but those elections are passed, we have a new NEC, you should be concentrating on it now, not the mistakes of the past.

I completely agree. Let’s talk about now. Let us be even more specific let’s talk Alex Neil’s seat in Airdrie where he is retiring. The Party has held a selection contest and Neil Gray, the sitting MP for the area was selected democratically to be the SNP CANDIDATE FOR HOLYROOD in May. No problem with that I am sure Neil will be an excellent MSP.

That however created a vacancy for Neil’s Westminster seat. Regular readers will already know where this is going. This is NOW, not the past. The selection procedures are being RIGGED. Not in the past …Now!

So how do I know? I know because I have been contacted by members of the constituency who are outraged at what is happening and who want you, everybody, to know what is going on. They are not prepared to Wheesht while a fix is once again forced on the ordinary members. They ask me to publish it to let SNP members all over the country know what is being forced on them in their own constituency.

So let’s have some specifics, four local candidates were interested in the seat. Only one was interviewed, the other three were not even given the courtesy of an interview. The “lucky” local candidate who was granted an interview was advised of this at 10.30 pm on Saturday 6th March and given a time of 2.15 pm on the Sunday 7th March. Needless to say they did not pass, nobody conveyed this to the Constituency Convener and he had to find out from others. HQ did announce at 15.30 pm  on the 9th March the two favoured names, the only names,  that would be on the ballot paper. The ballot papers were issued at 17.30 the same day.

The two favoured candidates are a Tracy Carragher who was involved in the branch in Coatbridge that was suspended. She is thought to have been involved in that bust up. She works in the office of another SNP MSP. The other approved candidate is Anun Qaiser- Javeed. She is reported to be a close friend of the Justice Minister. The constituency were not offered the possibility of a Zoom hustings. The members know nothing about either candidate other than one side of an A4 sheet that was circulated with the ballot information.

They come from within the one circle, working in politics before they were selected. The last thing either Parliament needs  is more MP’s or MSP’s with little knowledge of work outside politics. We need representatives with real life experiences not more political operatives. That is my opinion anyway,  but what matters is the opinion of the ordinary members of Airdrie and Shotts Constituency. 

On the 10th March the branch met and recorded that the branch were disgusted at the whole way the selection had been handled. Disgusted at the lack of respect to their  branch. Disgusted at the lack of respect shown to local members. Disgusted at the total absence of respect for local input or wishes into the entire process.

As one member said “We have no idea whether the candidates that are being forced on us are good or otherwise. We have no way of knowing but I have no doubt our view would have been to select a local choice. Someone with a stake and experience in our local communities. Knowing the four local people we would have had a good choice and I know most members would have supported a local choice. It is outrageous the system has been fixed to deny us that choice. I read about it happening elsewhere during the selections for May. Foolishly I didn’t believe it could happen here. Now it has I would advise other areas to resist letting HQ run down the clock on selections like this. We tried to get them to organise this months ago, they sat on their hands, they, not us, control the vetting timetable, now everything is urgent, desperate and we cannot look at other candidates. It was deliberate in my view so we would be presented with a fait accompli. We never stood a chance, what a terrible thing to say about my own Party?”

I am grateful to those who brought me this story. It is important members all over the country become familiar with the tactics employed at the centre to force their will on all events. It abuses the constitution and is exceptionally bad practice that treats members shamefully and completely demotivates the local organisation.

Once again we witness the politics of the Student Union, the NEW SNP is a disgrace it has betrayed the trust of its current members, and the generations of previous members who fought to build a fair, honest, decent Party that members could be proud of. How can members in Airdrie and Shotts, or anywhere else, be proud of this?

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland.


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