I have been around a while so it takes a lot to leave me shocked. Yesterday the man above managed to do so. I received the following communication. It was sent by Geoff Bush from the SNP supporters for Independence Group although it came to me from another member Fainthearts , That’s what I’m thinkingContinue reading "THIS IS THE MAN"


I have been around a while so it takes a lot to leave me shocked. Yesterday the man above managed to do so. I received the following communication. It was sent by Geoff Bush from the SNP supporters for Independence Group although it came to me from another member

Fainthearts , That’s what I’m thinking about today as I’m just back in from a short leafletting stint.
Earlier in the week Manifesto For Indy emailed all SNP Holyrood candidates including sitting MSPs who are standing again. The email was a last gasp attempt to get candidates to consider the Manifesto for Indy approach of making the May 6th election a de facto declaration of independence. We got quite a few replies but this one stood out for sheer faint-heartedness. Frankly if this is how SNP candidates feel about independence then they are just not fit for purpose. So here is an extract from the response, and just to inject a bit of fun into something very disturbing, can we try to guess which SNP candidate wrote this response

I note the points you make but I personally do still favour having a referendum. However, I would prefer to wait until support for independence as shown in the opinion polls was up to around 70%.
Once that happens, international opinion will swing behind us and Westminster would be under great pressure to accept it.
I take your point as to whether we are under Scottish or English or some other kind of international law. But Westminster controls the armed forces so I think we have to accept that what they say goes. UDI did not work out well for Rhodesia.

I can now reveal that the MSP concerned was John Mason. I often have had sympathy for John who is a staunch Christian and often is targeted, unfairly in my view, for his beliefs.

While I find it possible to support him in those circumstances I have ZERO sympathy for the views he espouses above. How did he pass vetting holding these opinions.? Does his constituency know and does this sound like the person who should be fronting Scotland’s battle for Independence as their representative?

Yet he may have done Scotland a great service, inadvertently, by making public these opinions. He provides the clearest evidence that the SNP have lost their way. That they have become “soft on Indy”.

He provides the clearest example why the Alba Party is needed. The desperate need to flush out those who have no interest in pursuing the Independence agenda. Those that are happy to pick up their salaries and build their pension pot rather than pursue the objectives they were elected to fulfill.

I am a fair man. If John Mason wants to write an article explaining why he thinks his views are justified I will happily give him the right of reply. I genuinely hope it is all some terrible misunderstanding but reading his comments I can’t see how they can be.

Anyway, my shock and disappointment was soon dispersed when news of this poll arrived


The first stage of the Alba campaign is now over. The initial target of creating a credible party with a sizeable and growing membership has been achieved. Regional organisations are being put in place, candidates have been selected, policies are being developed. A successful Women’s Conference and Candidates Conference have been held and campaigning materials are beginning to become available. Posters are beginning to appear in good sites and the Party will hopefully become much more visible in the coming weeks.

This is very important. Only as more and more people learn about Alba will we start to see big movement in the polls. Every barrier imaginable is being thrown in our way. The TV companies strive to censor our involvement in the debates, we are routinely ignored in the daily political round up reports on the news bulletins, the MSM are operating a virtual closedown on their reporting with exceptions to those policies only being permitted if a negative spin can be applied to any paragraph involved. We are getting the full Pravda treatment.

I see this in a most positive light. This is unheard of. This is exceptional. It has brought all other parties together in a United front, Unionist or nationalist alike, with the Greens thrown in for good measure. You can smell the fear, the terror.

Their only defence is ignorance. If folk understand how the electoral system works the game will be a bogey and unionist seats will be disappearing the length and breadth of the country. It must not happen says the Unionists. More surprisingly the SNP Leadership agree. The last thing they want is another pro Indy Party in the Parliament. Worse, one with a plan and a strategy to make it happen! One that isn’t waiting for 70% or the end of 2023 or like the Greens 2026!

Can you imagine? The SNP in the Parliament voting WITH the Unionist parties to block moves to advance Independence forward. It will have to do so if Alba is there in numbers, or of course follow a much more productive course with Alba to secure Independence urgently.

That is why Alba members are so crucial, the others can keep Alba off the TV screens, off the airwaves, off the newsprint but there are two things they cannot stop. They cannot stop ordinary ALBA members delivering leaflets, hitting the streets, and building knowledge on how using the list vote for Alba can transform the Parliament into a supermajority for Independence. Also they can do nothing with Alba’s New Media wing which is working flat out every day to educate and encourage Scots to make the most of the tremendous opportunity to drive Independence onto a new urgent timetable. A much needed acceleration that is needed as we witness Westminster moving aggressively forward in seizing more powers and putting Holyrood in a straight jacket.

So my friends, whatever you can do over the next few weeks is going to be vital. It can transform the battle for Independence. It can introduce new drive, ideas and strategies into Holyrood and ensure all pro Indy MSP’s will have to stay focussed on the main prize. You and I can do this for Scotland. I can tell you with certainty I will. I very much hope you will join me!


I am, as always

Yours for Scotland

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