I may need to upgrade Mia week to Mia fortnight so many great articles she is writing at the moment. Yesterday evening, after I read in the blog what Mr Hanvey said, I was in total despair. I could not believe that after watching how Sturgeon wasted us already 7 years with the nonsense ofContinue reading "TIME TO GET MOVING"

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I may need to upgrade Mia week to Mia fortnight so many great articles she is writing at the moment.

Yesterday evening, after I read in the blog what Mr Hanvey said, I was in total despair. I could not believe that after watching how Sturgeon wasted us already 7 years with the nonsense of the Section 30 and watching how little by little the England as the Uk government was collapsing before our eyes and dragging us close to the status of a failed state, the only comfort ALBA could offer is to ask us to gather together for another push to get an S30.

The S30 aka devolution route for Scotland to terminate the UK has been dead since 31 March 2017. That is the day Sturgeon submitted her first request for England Mps to transfer OUR powers to hold a referendum BACK to us.

The refusal in 2017 by an England MP parachuted to the position of PM by a party without the mandate from Scotland to act on our behalf, to give BACK OUR powers, should have immediately triggered a constitutional stand off with the threat of immediately repealing the treaty of union. Scotland is not just “a devolved nation” like Wales is. Scotland is a sovereign state that entered voluntarily into a treaty of union to form a union of equals with another partner. 

One of the fundamental conditions of that treaty was that Scotland’s constitution and the Claim of Right, which is part of it, was to be respected in perpetuity. Denying us OUR powers when we are asking for them to be returned can only be interpreted as retaining OUR powers against our will and this is akin to exercising absolute power. This refusal, actually REFUSALS because we have had 3 of them already, are not only undemocratic. They are a direct violation of our Claim of Right 1689 which is the most fundamental condition over which the treaty of union retains its legitimacy.

Instead of a FM who understands Scotland’s sovereignty and constitution and reasserts it, what we appear to have had for the last 8 years is a loser who has been, at every opportunity, handing OUR sovereignty back to England MPs and English courts, seemingly, to remove from herself the responsibility of repealing a treaty of union, drilled with so many holes in the last 8 years that would be put to much better use as a sieve than as the excuse which continues to legitimise a union between the kingdoms of Scotland and England. 5 years later after the first unlawful retention of OUR powers by England MPs and two more failed attempts by this loser at begging for a Section 30, have not changed the situation one bit.

It was therefore beyond depressing to read how ALBA appears to support this FM continuous undermining of Scotland and its sovereignty. An action which has been, for the last 7 years, since May 2015, continuously forcing us through the blind alley of the devolution route the exit key for which is, and will always be, held by England MPs. In the meantime, the real route outwith devolution Scotland as an equal partner should be taking, and which we should have taken on May 2015 and which is for Scotland to exercise its legitimate right as an equal partner in this union to terminate the treaty, has been left abandoned, forgotten, and growing spider webs for the last 7 years.

I am fed up of watching our so called pro-independence politicians and parliamentary representatives undermining the treaty of union, undermining Scotland’s status in it, undermining Scotland’s sovereignty and rights and undermining our Claim of Right by insisting in following the devolution dogma of demoting Scotland’s power to Westminster’s when under the treaty, it is from continous Scotland’s consent that Westminster gets its power over Scotland in the first place. Scotland is not England’s property. So why do our representatives continue to treat it as such? England MPs and the unelected lords have no democratic mandate to rule over us, even less to steal our powers and then deny them to us when we ask for them back.

If we do not see any action from our so called pro-independence representatives in both parliaments in the next few days to reassert Scotland’s sovereignty and rights, then it will be clear as day that the political vehicle for Scotland to end this union is totally useless. At that point we will need to find ourselves a different one.

It seems Ms Salyers and Team have found that alternative ride. I think it is time to find a seat on it, strap the seat belt on and let the driver move us forward. The present political ride has done far too many fake run ups in the last 7 years but always without engaging the forward gear and without lowering the handbreak.

Time to get moving.


Mia reflects the growing realisation in Scotland that Holyrood is not likely to provide the answers Scotland needs anytime soon. It is bad enough having to reestablish our sovereign rights rather than tolerating Westminster, that fight is badly hampered by the reluctance of our own Government in Scotland to stand up for our rights with anything like the vigour and determination that is needed. It is not so much the mouse that roared, more just the timid mouse totally distracted by some cheese being offered by Stonewall. A huge letdown. Salvo is now our last hope. Truth be told if we had elected the right people it would have been our first hope. The people of Scotland need to take control of this battle, join Salvo and be at the front of our army.

I am, as always



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