A guest comment from regular contributor Breeks. I feel like myself and Peter Bell approach the issue of Holyrood from completely different directions. Peter Bell says there is no reason why Holyrood couldn’t be the vehicle whereby Scottish Sovereignty breaks away from Westminster’s authority. I understand what he’s saying. For a time I would haveContinue reading "TIME TO IMPEACH?"


A guest comment from regular contributor Breeks.

I feel like myself and Peter Bell approach the issue of Holyrood from completely different directions.

Peter Bell says there is no reason why Holyrood couldn’t be the vehicle whereby Scottish Sovereignty breaks away from Westminster’s authority. I understand what he’s saying.

For a time I would have agreed with that. As I described in my original Article about Red and White Sovereignty, both paradoxes, a Sovereign Scotland, and a Sovereign Westminster were allowed to coexist. despite one being a literal contradiction of the other. Not only does the contradiction exist, but Holyrood was designed to exploit the inherent contradiction from it’s inception.

To recap what I wrote, Westminster claims white Sovereignty rules Holyrood, because Westminster legislation codifies the Parliament, Westminster’s Scotland Act is it’s small “c” Constitution, Westminster delegates power to Holyrood, and Westminster pays all the Bills. So the Holyrood institution is Westminster’s to command, ….with White Sovereignty.

However, irrespective of the Institution, irrespective of the Scotland Act, and who pays the bills, the people elected to office, the actual MSP’s who sit in the chamber, are delegates appointed by the Sovereign people of the Realm. They are chosen and empowered by the Red Sovereignty of the Scottish people. 

So I asked the simple question, which ultimately “ruled” Holyrood? Did Holyrood have Scotland’s Red sovereignty running through it’s veins? Westminster’s White sovereignty? Or was it pink sovereignty, or raspberry ripple?

Without repeating that whole article, I believed that for two decades the “soul” of Holyrood was up for grabs, and the paradox would be resolved one way or the other. I was firm in my conviction that Holyrood was ours to be won, a Red Institution, because the Scottish people, and no other, are Sovereign in the Realm of Scotland. We could dispense with the elements of White sovereignty, because these were invasive and had no legitimate claim on sovereignty. 

Despite having a fight we should have won by default, thus permanently securing Holyrood for Scotland, we have had to suffer the cowardice and capitulation of Nicola Sturgeon, who pays lip service to the Claim of Right, and gives her craven acquiescence to Westminster’s colonial encroachment.

For example, Brexit represented the will of Scotland’s Sovereign People diametrically opposed to the Will of Westminster. What happens? Sturgeon rides roughshod over the Claim of Right and will of the sovereign people, and concedes to Scotland’s Brexit without a struggle, (not even a backstop to match Northern Ireland). 

What an abject failure she was, and a complete disgrace. Had she done her job, had she defended the Claim of Right and the will of the sovereign people, the Union was in it’s death throes because the UK was plunged into an existential constitutional crisis. But of course, to hell with the Constitution, “Queen Sturgeon” knows best, and Scotland was duly subjugated out of Europe.

Sturgeon “concedes” for Scotland and it’s sovereign people to be ruled by the Scotland Act, Westminster’s colonial beachhead in the Sovereign Realm of Scotland.

Sturgeon “concedes” to be ruled by the Supreme Court, fuelling the misconception that the Scotland Act now overrules the ancient Constitution of Scotland. 

Joanna Cherry was landing huge and decisive constitutional blows on Westminster’s “claim” to be sovereign, but what happened? Cherry gets sacked, silenced, bullied and threatened because she wouldn’t be party to Sturgeon’s Perverts Charter. 

Peter is now wrong I believe. Holyrood could have been ours, but it’s too late. Holyrood could have been a massive constitutional thorn in the side of Westminster as they wrestled to contain the will of the Sovereign people. Holyrood could have been a Red Institution, but that window has closed.

After eight years of Sturgeon’s ignominious rule and serial capitulations, Westminster has secured benchmark precedents where the First Minister of Holyrood has knuckled down to set aside the Claim of Right and accede to the will of Westminster. I fervently believe Westminster will NEVER now relinquish these precedents.

Sturgeon’s cowardice and constitutional illiteracy has cost Scotland it’s Holyrood “parliament”, and largely confirmed the Holyrood assembly is an institution which caters to the invasive doctrine of Westminster’s white sovereignty. 

Of all Sturgeon’s sins and failures, this is the greatest. We would now have a massive uphill struggle to reverse and overturn these precedents, and even assuming we could, we would be handing back constitutional power to the same imbecile who had spent 8 years throwing it away and squandering what were truly heaven sent opportunities. 

I believe it is wiser, and a more prudent strategy to abandon Holyrood, and denounce the Assembly as a colonial outpost espousing Westminster rule, and the “government” inside is a Vichy Administration which fundamentally obeys Westminster, not the Scottish people. That is wholly unconstitutional.

Accordingly, the job of taking Scotland’s predicament to the UN and International Community, and standing up for the rightful “Red” sovereignty of the Scottish people, the Claim of Right, can only be done by a Convention of the Estates, which swears an oath of exclusive fealty to the Constitutional Sovereignty of Scotland. 

Holyrood, and it’s stooge First Minister, is crippled by Sturgeon’s concessions and capitulations. Let the Captain go down with the ship which she herself steered onto the reef, and let us rejoice that Scotland may be rid of her. 

I would go further. Much further. 

In 2016, Brexit created the perfect storm for Westminster, and an constitutional crisis with one sovereign component of the Union declared for Brexit, and the other sovereign component declared against. Until Sturgeon threw it away, we had the means to plunge the UK into a Constitutional Crisis which the Treaty of Union could not have survived. 

It is my firm belief that if Scotland, through a Convention of Estates moved to impeach Holyrood and it’s feckless First Minister, citing the gross impropriety of Scotland’s Brexit subjugation, we would create yet another existential Constitutional Crisis which again, I do not believe the Treaty of Union would survive. 

I know, I know, moderates won’t like this. I’m not sure I like it myself. But good luck persuading me it’s not what we should do.


As always Breeks argues his case well. There is no doubt Scotland has been badly served by our politicians. Some would argue that has been a long term problem but I certainly cannot remember ever feeling as sure of the betrayal as I have done in recent years. I feel we are being led by people who share few of my priorities for Scotland and who have managed to drift from the path to Independence much further than any believed possible. They are a colonial administration and seem intent on defending that status.

I am, as always


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