Could the Tories be facing disaster? I do hope so. Things are looking pretty dire for the Tories in Scotland. The spotlight on the Tory corruption down South is firmly switched on, with Dominic Cummings revelations just starting up and with a long way to run yet. We have the rather unique situation of theContinue reading "ARE THE TORIES FACING A DISASTER?"


Could the Tories be facing disaster?

I do hope so. Things are looking pretty dire for the Tories in Scotland. The spotlight on the Tory corruption down South is firmly switched on, with Dominic Cummings revelations just starting up and with a long way to run yet. We have the rather unique situation of the current Prime Minister, the Chancellor, Health Minister and the former Prime Minister all under investigation at the same time.

The prospect of adding much more fuel to the fire is enormous, how is it possible to have spent such huge amounts on a track and trace system which NEVER worked, just how corrupt was the VIP route where knowing a minister could make you millions on the PPE supply route, irrespective if you had been involved in the industry before, whether your company was registered in the UK or not, in some cases even if the company awarded the multi million pound contract had existed a month before?

In Scotland their new leader still gets an easy ride from the Unionist media but he is no Ruth Davidson and I say that as someone who always thought her “popularity” was a figment of media invention. Mr Ross, famous from tripping over his own feet and sprawling to the ground while running the line at a football match, is repeating the political equivalent daily as Election Day draws near.

Where is the Tory campaign? It has never been visible in Paisley where I live but you seen the odd one about handing out a leaflet or two or looking unhappy and alone in the Town Centre. You would get a warmer welcome at a Paisley door if you were a debt collector than a Tory which probably explains why I have never heard of anybody being canvassed face to face by a Tory in my town. You could sometimes see a Tory sticker on a car which was a sure sign tourists were in town.

The new Labour leader is a problem for the Tories as well. He is clearly intelligent and comes over as being a committed moderate as opposed to being the rampant, trade unionist socialist that Richard Leonard was, at least in his own mind. No Mr Sarwar would be a perfectly mannered guest to have round for afternoon tea with the Tory ladies. Their main enquiry would not be whether he was planning to nationalize the railways but whether he was married or not? . I do think his middle of the road, charming, smiling demeanor is winning him new friends and I think they are perhaps the middle class Labour voters who found Leonard and Corbyn unacceptable and who swopped to the Tories. I think it is perfectly possible that Labour will leapfrog the Tories in this contest as Sarwar wins them back. Yes really, that is how poorly I think the Tories are doing. I haven’t even mentioned Brexit yet!

Brexit, what can I say, I saw that earlier in the campaign one of the most experienced and respected skippers came out in support of Alba saying that if Gove or Johnston were planning to visit Peterhead Harbour they had better take swimming lessons first as fishermen feel betrayed as they look at the economic devastation Brexit has wrought on their industry, despite all the promises and assurances at the time. Many farmers feel the same sense of betrayal, people tell me there are nothing like the numbers of Tory posters up across fields in Scotland although there are some up in some areas. I wonder if those are gentlemen farmers from down South?

Of course we must also remember that the Tories do have a core vote. Even now with the Party riddled from top to bottom in quite obvious incompetence and corruption polls down South show the Tory lead anywhere between 2% to 11%.

Johnson, and the polls confirm this, is much more unpopular in Scotland than anywhere else in the UK so Mr Ross can discount any hopes of him appearing over the hill arriving with his team to save the day. Indeed it has been confirmed that the Prime Minister will not be visiting Scotland before polling day. This must disappoint every other .party who would have welcomed a visit to motivate the anti Tory vote.

We really are the most tolerant of nations. The Tories have not won an election here since 1955. Yes, 66 years ago but they introduced the poll tax, destroyed our traditional industries including steel and shipbuilding, built nuclear power stations and planted weapons of mass destruction less than forty miles from our largest population centre. All against our wishes. More recently they have dragged our exporting dependent nation out of the European Single Market doing enormous damage of which only the slightest fragment is already obvious. It is going to be a jobs disaster. Yet this was known to be the certain outcome, the vast majority of Scots voted against but once again Westminster carried on regardless and forced it on Scotland. Bad enough but wait to you see what I am going to highlight in the next paragraph.

Yes we know Brexit is a disaster. We know COVID has also been a disaster for all but those who knew a Tory Minister and were given the number to the VIP hotline BUT AND THIS IS THE ASTONISHING PART, we go to the polls on the 6th May and three major parties are urging voters in Scotland to support more of the same, to stick with Boris, to leave Westminster and England to determine the priorities for recovery in Scotland and to determine what resources to allocate for the job. Why not ! That’s always worked out well in the past has it not? Are we mad? The Tory, Labour and Liberals that are selling this Better Together message fail to realise it’s the political equivalent of continuing to share the house with an axe murderer after he has already killed several of your relatives. It is madness!

So when you hear Ross or Sarwar urging Independence to be dropped so “we can get on with developing our recovery from Brexit and COVID” remember who gave us the Brexit we need to recover from in the first place..Westminster, which they both continue to support. Let’s end the madness.

We need to make sure we vote for Scotland on the 6th May. Both votes YES. SNP on the constituency ballot. ALBA on the list. MAX THE YES!

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland


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