I would not dare to be presumptuous about having any part in it, but way back in 2012-14, on Wings and Newsnet, I remember banging on and on about sovereignty, and how much it mattered. I was often ridiculed by many, frequently schooled by Robert Peffers, and learned a lot from him, but somehow, theContinue reading "BREEKS SPEAKS FOR MANY OF US."


I would not dare to be presumptuous about having any part in it, but way back in 2012-14, on Wings and Newsnet, I remember banging on and on about sovereignty, and how much it mattered. I was often ridiculed by many, frequently schooled by Robert Peffers, and learned a lot from him, but somehow, the argument which to me was the focal point of everything, literally the nucleus of what Independence meant, just didn’t gain any traction.

I remember ranting on that currency didn’t matter, it was having the power to choose your currency, and a hundred other dead end arguments that cropped up with whack-a-mole regularity.

I’ll be honest with you, if I was to trawl back and re-read some of my comments, I might cringe a bit, because while the central pillar of sovereignty was true throughout, the detail was more than a little sketchy and my appreciation was often naive, (some would say it still is), and of course my own views have changed a lot too. 

But reading these last three posts, Neil King, Sara Salyers and Mia, for the first time in more than a decade, longer than that in fact, I have never felt more empowered, more enriched, or felt stronger camaraderie with people in the struggle for Scottish Independence. I’m actually quite emotional about it. 

We still have a way to go. There must be no room for complacency or reprieve for the Union until it is dead. We weren’t “there” in 2014. Nearly, but not quite. Our foundations were weak. But now, here in 2022, we are building on the solid bedrock of Auld Scotland, the Constitution of our homeland, the way of our people, and there is no finer foundation to have beneath our feet. 

Thank you both, Sara and Mia, for the hours of research, study and switched on analysis. A little bird tells me that Scotland herself is smiling down upon both of you, “finally”, somebody has got to the heart of the matter.

I recently compared Scotland’s “lost” sovereignty to the demise of limework and lime based mortars which was once such commonplace knowledge and unremarkable science that literally nobody wrote anything down about so mundane an everyday thing. Knowledge was simply passed down from generation to generation, master to apprentice, as common and unremarkable craft. But after two world wars in record succession, and a “modernised” theory of Construction, suddenly, the old ways came within a whisker of extinction forever. 

I believe the same is true for Scotland, and the society of Auld Scotland which featured a common-Weal philosophy and attitude prevalent throughout our society which was fundamentally different to the Feudal methods which were much more common at the time, and which were forced upon Scotland as a consequence of the Union. Our Scottish society was so ubiquitous to us, so commonplace and unremarkable that it simply “was”. You didn’t think about it. You just woke up and lived it. 

I don’t want to use the wrong words here to paint false impressions, but I believe Scottish Society was as different to English Society as Communism is to Capitalism. Understand, I’m not comparing the two. Compare Islam to Christianity if you prefer, I’m simply arguing that the difference was “that” profound. 

I grew up confused that the Union must have been “inevitable” because Scotland and England were so alike, but these days I believe that’s a massive fallacy. The “likeness” has been forced upon us. It isn’t authentic, but contrived. We are not alike and trying to different. For 300 years we’ve been different people pretending we’re alike. 

Our Auld Society lives on, but bits of it are only in fragmented form, a line here, a precedent set there, where we are trying to piece together a jumbled up jigsaw which hasn’t been seen complete by anyone in over 315 years. 

My education pours scorn on the notion that our society is nature rather than nurture. It MUST be nurtured, because kids from other origins who grow up amongst us grow up thinking like we think, but I have never felt in my bones that UK style Tory capitalism, nor indeed the equilibrium of “left and right” wing politics was ever a good fit for my shoulders. It has always felt alien to me; not nurtured, but in my nature somehow. Undoubtedly the “Union” has tried very hard to make us think along those lines, but it has always felt like battering a round peg into a square hole. Are you left or right wing? Err, well, neither really. I don’t really fit in either.

It doesn’t matter whether we are whales swimming beside dolphins, or dolphins swimming beside whales, Scottish Society and English Society are not the same the thing, and forcing them to share the same categorisation is missing something extremely profound, and does a disservice to both. We are not the same. We are not of common origin. Our ways are not your ways and your ways are not ours. The sum of the whole is NOT greater than the sum of it’s parts. (Certainly not for Scotland’s wealth anyway…)

In 2013-14, I thought Scottish Sovereignty was everything. In 2022, ten years older, hopefully ten years wiser, I think Scottish Sovereignty is only the beginning for us, the tip of the iceberg, and we have a wonderful journey of rediscovery ahead of us “not” being “British”. 

The sad truth is while Scotland will thrive on its Independence and rediscovery, I’m not sure our friends in England face the same “buzz”. There’s not the same reward and uplift for throwing off an oppressive culture when your culture has been the one doing the oppressing. But the experience will be whatever you make it. But I think England has a harder journey ahead of itself than we Scots do… but they’ll get there. 

To Mia and Sara, and any “can do” people in the know, how can we get a TV program made about this?


I have published this comment from Breeks because the impact of the series of articles about Scotland Claim of Right and Scottish sovereignty has had the same effects he described on himself on many others as well. The YES movement has been looking for a source of encouragement and new direction after it became becalmed under the current leadership of the SNP. In the work of Sara Salyers and Mia we are witnessing the first buds. We must nurture and support it until it fully blooms enriching all our lives for the better.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland.


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