An uplifting programme I watched Call the Midwife last weekend. I usually do, it is one of my favourite programmes. It was celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. No mean achievement for any TV programme.  Why is it successful? Well surely one reason is that it is a feel good programme. Yes there can beContinue reading "CHANGE CAME SLOWLY."


An uplifting programme

I watched Call the Midwife last weekend. I usually do, it is one of my favourite programmes. It was celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. No mean achievement for any TV programme. 

Why is it successful? Well surely one reason is that it is a feel good programme. Yes there can be sad moments but more often than not there are happy endings. It is a brave programme, it deals with many difficult topics and illnesses. It is set in an area of extreme poverty and demonstrates the huge challenges ordinary families experienced and had to overcome in the course of their lives, the unemployment, squalid housing, gross overcrowding. One part of the programme that is important is telling that story and explaining how slow progress was achieved. It highlights another very important role, that community matters. People breaking out of their own tiny bubble to show concern and to ACT to help others. I wonder sometimes if that community still exists or have we all become so busy with our own lives to bother about others. We are about to find out.

Since I started my blog I feel I have never been so informed. A blog is a two way process with communication from the author to the readers but equally readers come to see the blog as their ally, somewhere they can share their concerns. 

This is happening at the moment I have been contacted by so many people, mainly but not exclusively women,  asking me to take up the case of Marion Millar, the latest victim of malicious prosecution in a Scottish “justice” system that seems to be badly out of kilter with common sense.

Where did those paragraphs come from and what has that got to do with Call the Midwife? Well the programme highlighted the huge disadvantages women at those times faced. Over the decades since women have seen their lives transformed, gradually winning more rights and freedom, more equality, more respect. Many now see these advances under threat. They, and I, the most see no sense or worth in gifting to a tiny minority “rights” taken from the great majority of women who seek security and safety in their own “safe places” like toilets and female changing rooms. These are genuine concerns. The position is farcical, allowing.transexual equality in sport makes a nonsense of equality of opportunity between the sexes. Mens bodies are in general stronger and self ID does not instantly weaken that strength.The solution is for there to be a separate category and competition for those who are transgender, not grossly penalize the majority and disadvantage and discourage women and girls from participating in competitive sport. Any examination of what is happening in sport in the USA provides plenty of evidence of these problems.

Our legislators, particularly in Scotland have lost the plot, while other countries have finally wised up to the divisive Stonewall agenda and are travelling in the opposite direction to try and reverse the damage,Scotland is signed up to be front runners including introducing a sex education programme through the curriculum that many find quite disgusting, explaining anal sex using a banana and a jar of Nutella alongside an explanation that this method avoids the risk of pregnancy, but fails to warn of the many other health risks associated with such practices. This is beginning to attract severe criticism from parents as the programme is now facing wider exposure and scrutiny.

The SNP has been captured by these biology deniers. Not all of course, but unfortunately those who do not share these views lack the courage, principle and abilities to set up a counter argument, bought off in many cases by the generous salaries they enjoy or intimidated by the poisoned adherents of these arguments whose debating abilities are restricted to extremely nasty smearing, name calling, bullying and abuse. It works. Opponents are scared. Plain and simple. In private many will admit this. The public are being intimidated through the State pursuing malicious and often ridiculous prosecutions. This is downright evil. It is no way to run a Parliament, or indeed a country.

We have a First Minister who is intent in inflicting her own personal agenda on our country. COVID has given her the opportunity of exceptional popularity. People are swayed by her communication skills, skills that rarely discuss these issues but which she is not slow to promote as part of her “mandate” from the election. That it never became an issue is directly related to her success in keeping the Alba Party out the election debates and campaign. The Greens also support GRA and the Stonewall agenda which is the real reason for the proposed alliance between the parties. This will be a neat guarantee in case some “rebels” do materialise on the SNP side. Everything has been done to reduce any opposition. Scotland  now has a Government of pals! Ability no longer features as a consideration, blind loyalty to the leader is all.

We need as a country to get behind Marion Millar to show on the date of her trial at Glasgow Sheriff Court on the 20th July at 10am a massive demonstration of our disgust at this malicious prosecution and signal to those behind these abuses of our personal freedom that they are heading for huge trouble if they persist. The majority must speak.

It’s a question of using that freedom, while you still have it, to stop this drift towards authorities exercising unfair persecution against ordinary people. Our freedoms are under growing attack, what personal responsibility do you take to fight back?

It can only be defeated by a massive effort from the common people. Will you fight?

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland.


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