IT SHOULD BE A TIME OF OPPORTUNITY. The Independence cause should be soaring. Opportunities abound. Brexit is turning out to be the disaster we all forecast it would be. Shortages are evident everywhere, delays and mountains of paperwork have replaced trouble free exporting and importing goods. Supply and distribution networks are strained and Scotland isContinue reading "IT SHOULD BE A TIME OF OPPORTUNITY"

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The Independence cause should be soaring. Opportunities abound. Brexit is turning out to be the disaster we all forecast it would be. Shortages are evident everywhere, delays and mountains of paperwork have replaced trouble free exporting and importing goods. Supply and distribution networks are strained and Scotland is at the end of those supply and distribution routes, so we are increasingly seeing shortages.

Politically the situation is even more opportune. The Tories have rigged the supply and purchasing strategy to help their pals and donors. PPE that should have cost £2 billion pounds cost the taxpayer in excess of £12 billion pounds thanks to these rip offs.. The process of privatising the NHS continues apace. This has big implications for the future funding of the NHS in Scotland even if we manage to resist being forced to privatise large parts of it as it happens across England.

Politically Scotland and our Government are being treated with contempt, the Prime Minister breezes up to Scotland,, swatting pleas for a meeting with the First Minister aside with distain, while visiting and inspecting Scottish Police, a service that is completely devolved to Scotland and outwith the remit of Westminster. He toys on TV with the role he will allow the First Minister at the International Climate Conference that will be held in Glasgow later in the year. Short of slapping her with a custard pie to the face it served up the humiliation intended for the visit. It was the actions of a colonial master and the colonial administration at Holyrood in the form of the New SNP had no answer. Worse they never even tried.

You see the New SNP response to all this opportunity is to wave the much derided and dangerous Hate Crime Bill and the hugely stupid GRA in his face. It’s a miracle Unionists are not dying laughing at the self imposed damage the Scottish Government are doing to the Independence Movement, splitting the Yes Movement asunder and spreading anger and distrust as they abandon the principles of trust and honesty that were the hallmarks of the Independence cause of the past.

Instead we witness ordinary members of the SNP lose all say and power within their Party, money raised in the strict promise that it was “ring fenced” for Indyref2 morph into being “earmarked” for such a use after the money disappears from the accounts and it is slowly dragged out of the Party Leadership that every penny was spent elsewhere

. “ Woven through the accounts” means it appeared in the expenditure column, spent long ago. “Earmarked” means they think they can borrow it quickly if it’s needed. This will allow members (mugs) the opportunity to pay it back again to the bank afterwards. It is the political equivalent of a bank robbery, those responsible being caught after a long chase, promising to replace the loot and expecting the police and courts to drop all charges at that point. It is a huge betrayal of trust, especially as the initial fundraising campaign was targeted on a much wider basis than the SNP membership themselves, hence the reassurance in writing to donors the money would be “Ring fenced” for a specific non Party purpose, i.e. for Indyref2. 

Then we have the Chief Executive of the Party, under oath, state that he was unaware of any other complaints, only a short period later seeking the appointment of a full time Complaints Officer to deal with the now admitted mountain of complaints within the Party. We knew about this because of public complaints from members of the Complaints Committee as the National Secretary was refusing to refer any complaints to them to investigate since the “wrong people” were elected to it. A Conference election where ordinary delegates reacted to the takeover of their powers by a leadership that preferred appointment of positions for their friends, rather than elected posts which they couldn’t control. Those elected could not be relied to find in the clique’s favour so by blocking any referrals that risk was eliminated. Much better to give one of their number a full time job then present that to the Party as a better route to solving complaints. His Twitter feed gives a solid indication of his reliability with his constant attacks on Joanna Cherry and his support for all things Woke!

So instead of opportunity the Independence movement is stymied with a SNP Leadership committed to a deal with the Greens to get their GRA agenda through. It will hopefully not be lost on SNP members that Nicola wants Patrick and his MSP’s to have their input while denying the ordinary SNP membership any say.

It must be difficult for ordinary members to adjust to the reality that they are now a troublesome irrelevance rather than stakeholders in the fight for Independence. The clique has neutered them these days. Oliver Brown’s remarks which were originally directed at Labour  about the shiver running along the Labour front bench looking for a spine to run up could now sadly be directed at the SNP, in either Holyrood or Westminster.

Our country is being treated very poorly, our limited powers are being stripped at the same time as our assets are ruthlessly plundered, while our elected representatives stall well short of fighting back. Instead they concentrate their fire on Alba and the many thousands of Independence supporters that have lost all patience with the NEW SNP and their fascination with social engineering that flies in the face of common sense, impinging and endangering our rights to freedom of speech. Seeking to persecute those of us who refuse to blindly become biology deniers for the sake of a political correctness but which is anything but. Madness yes, Dangerous yes, Correct never!

In the future people are going to look back at this SNP Government and will question their loyalty to Scotland and commitment to Independence. It is already happening and will only increase as more and more people realise the Independence fight is in the hands of the wrong people. They will be bemused that when faced with the huge opportunities of Brexit, NHS privatisation, Boris Johnston and a Westminster Government mired in corruption, guilty of enriching their pals and donors the Scottish Government is also guilty of running a  “pals Government” where second string “friends” get promoted well above their capabilities, simply for blindly following a despot leader totally devoted to Stonewall rather than Scotland.

We are missing a huge opportunity yet again.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland


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