ITS INFORMATION OVERLOAD TIME. Firstly an apology. My hand is up, it was I who was responsible for the information download for SNP members earlier this week. No sooner had I published my article exposing how delegates were being played by the Party Leadership through withholding the names of those standing for office and thenContinue reading "ITS INFORMATION OVERLOAD TIME"



Firstly an apology. My hand is up, it was I who was responsible for the information download for SNP members earlier this week. No sooner had I published my article exposing how delegates were being played by the Party Leadership through withholding the names of those standing for office and then with a  swish of a wand it all became available on the My SNP website.

How do I know it was my article that brought this about? Well the SNP NEC met on the Saturday. The issue of when this information would be available was raised.. Then puzzled looks but answer there was none. My article is then published on the Sunday exposing the game and the button is pushed and what could not be answered the day before at the NEC suddenly becomes freely available.

Wait there is more, so concerned about further revelations a host of other information is released including office bearer reports, of which more later, but the very very controversial Governance Report was also published. some weeks before, albeit you need to know how to navigate the site to find it. Now it contains some horrendous proposals as previously published in my article

Those SNP members who flooded social media saying I was lying and that no such report existed now have the chance to read it themselves. No apologies required you were just out the loop, like the rest of the ordinary membership.

They obviously met and asked themselves “what else has he got?”. They were desperate to avoid any more big reveals in Conference Week. They adjudged “ he has probably got the lot” so they decided a rush download was the best strategy to limit any damage. I not sure that is correct.

Now there are some stunning new revelations in this release of this report. This is from Mike Russell the Party President’s report “ am pleased to have chaired that sub group and I hope it will continue to meet after the conference to do full justice to the many strong and constructive recommendations which are focused on resolving internal differences, improving the experience of members particularly on issues of communications, transparency and dealing with complaints. i.e in the process of being brought forward . Conference will also I hope discuss the issues involved. The sub group decided however to make no recommendation to Annual Conference on the issue of the size or composition of the NEC meanwhile and is keen that the regional structures be given an opportunity to bed in and help the role of directly elected regional members develop. ( my emphasis)

Two revelations immediately strike me and again I quote from the reports “some of those necessary changes – inspired by the interim report of the Review – have already been made while others are in the process of being brought forward “ This line bemused a few NEC members because they cannot recall ANY of the Report being endorsed or permission being granted for ANY of it being implemented”

Likewise I thought this line was particularly interesting and worrying “Conference will also I hope discuss the issues involved” NOT AT THIS CONFERENCE THEY WON’T. THIS IS THE PRESIDENT OF THE PARTY. IF HE CAN ONLY “HOPE” members will get some say then that suggests he is not fully in control of the process, despite chairing the sub committee involved.

He also reveals that his sub committee have axed the proposal to half the number of elected regional representatives so at least eight of those elected this week can thank my sources and my previous article for delaying their execution, at least this year. I say that because at last Saturday’s NEC it was announced the entire report would be on the agenda at the next NEC meeting after Conference. Much easier to discuss and implement these issues AFTER conference than before. It avoids ordinary members getting in the way, until it is all over. It won’t matter by then as the few last vestiges of power and accountability will have been removed from ordinary members. 

So even if it comes to a later Conference, the NEC will use the time between now and then to implement the vast bulk of the recommendations making it a fait accompli. That is why it is not being discussed this week. They need more time. I have had the Governance Report for many weeks and the Leadership had it long before that. It could have featured as part of this Conference, that it does not is because they don’t want it discussed until they have had the chance to implement so much of it , that it would be difficult to change.

Another direct quote from the President’s report “so I wasn’t entirely unprepared for the difficult early meetings of the NEC I attended which included some malign leaking of the worst sort. This internal campaign of destabilisation almost entirely ceased however when some people resigned from the NEC and office bearer posts in order to join the newly formed Alba Party”.

I particularly liked his ludicrous attempts to blame the leaking of events on the NEC all year on those who left to join Alba. Sorry Mike but that looks rather silly when I am telling you what happened at last Saturday’s NEC! Those Alba people left long ago, much earlier in the year. I can assure you that of all the leaks that I have enjoyed over the year only ONE came from a person who is now an Alba member. Back to the sleeping pills my friend!

Now please SNP members don’t be fooled with the imprecise assurances doing the rounds of “don’t worry not everything in the Governance Report will be implemented”. This is an age old tactic of the manipulators that allow them to fog any challenge, fending off opposition until it is all implemented. On past experience they may plan to remove a comma!

Time is not on your side if you oppose these changes, it is on the agenda of the NEXT NEC meeting so you need to be very sure of who you elect to the NEC later this week. If you fail the SNP are finished and I confidently forecast the steady trickle to Alba will become a flood as the SNP become the official Party of biology denial and political fascist persecution of political opponents, having completed the utter betrayal of generations of hardworking nationalists who built the Party, a Party wholly devoted to Independence as the dominant political policy of the Party. Those principles have disappeared under the control freaks of today’s leadership who have centralised everything including candidate selection, not just at Parliamentary level but at Local Government level as well.

If it helps branches I can reveal that the control freaks plan to announce who your local government candidates are round about the 15th December 2021. Whoops Mike, another leak! Quick blame Alba!

To be honest I think I am going to stop discussing the internal politics of the SNP after this weekend. Members are in the last chance saloon and unless I see a sufficient push back against the leadership this weekend I will leave them to experience the consequences on their own. The SNP WILL BE DEAD TO ME. THEY WILL NEVER EVER SEE A VOTE FROM ME AGAIN UNTIL THE MURRELLS AND ANGUS ROBERTSON ARE GONE!

They have destroyed something in my life that was precious, that I had pride in for decades. Thousands of others felt the same and I know of many who while still in the Party will be deciding next week whether it is time to leave. So when delegates vote be aware your vote will have consequences. I feel for you because they have already succeeded to inbuild a huge advantage to themselves by handing out unelected seats to their favourites by giving various affiliate groups seats for as little as 100 members, while ordinary members require 7500 members in an area to get a single seat. They have stacked the odds against you but I still wish you well, you deserve better, a lot better.


I am, as always

Yours for Scotland


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Special Announcement

Craig Murray is due to be released next Tuesday on the 30th November 2021 from Saughton Jail at around 10am where he has been wrongly imprisoned for several months as a political prisoner in the corrupt state that Scotland has become.

The very least we can all do is be there to meet and cheer him to demonstrate our determination to defend freedom of speech in Scotland.

Craig will address the rally and it will be videoed so that it can be shared with media across the World.

If you can be there please make the effort. I am in the USA so will not be there in person but I will be raising a toast to him and perhaps sharing any video at the St Andrews Night Dinner I am hosting in Clearwater, Florida.