Regular columnist Mia returns after a short absence as she comments on the Robin McAlpine article I published yesterday. This raises the question about whether the Scottish Government has known this for a while”  In my personal opinion it stands to the obvious they have known this since the first day they started drafting theContinue reading "MIA RETURNS TO THE FRAY"


Regular columnist Mia returns after a short absence as she comments on the Robin McAlpine article I published yesterday.

This raises the question about whether the Scottish Government has known this for a while” 

In my personal opinion it stands to the obvious they have known this since the first day they started drafting the Referendum Bill. You just have to read the wording of the Overview for the Referendum Bill in the Scottish Parliament website to realise of this (accessible at https://www.parliament.scot/bills-and-laws/bills/referendums-scotland-bill).:

“This Bill would give the Scottish Government power to decide that a referendum can be held in Scotland and to set the rules for the referendum. The rules include who gets to vote and how campaigns are regulated.


On the section “Why the bill was created” this bit is included:

“The Scottish Government wants to create a framework for how any future referendums ON DEVOLVED MATTERS will be held” (My capitals)

The Union is categorically classified according to the Scotland Act as a “reserved matter”. That should be reserved or not and that this is an encroachment by England MPs on what is at all effects Scotland’s right to decide under the claim of Right and our status as a co-signatory of the Treaty of Union, is a completely different matter.

The matter here is that for Holyrood to act “lawfully” within the constrains of the Scotland Act, which is what will be immediately called in any legal challenge, unless we get that stupid S30, independence will continue to be stalled.

This Referendum Bill also brings forward another question: are the noises from certain SNP quarters regarding a “consultative” referendum without S30 another red herring?

In my personal opinion they are, because that Referendum Bill cannot be used for anything that is not devolved. Consultative or not, the Union is not devolved, so this bill advances us absolutely nothing – ergo, another bill will be needed, so back to square one and back to more delays.

Let’s bear in mind that it was not England’s gov who wrote and brought to Holyrood this Referendum Bill. It was Sturgeon’s government. Because they redacted the draft themselves, it stands to the obvious they knew exactly what the limitations of that bill were from day one and therefore how much this approach would restrict Scotland’s lawful right to call a referendum on independence to exercise its legitimate right to unilaterally terminate the Treaty of Union. They cannot blame Westminster for this, this falls squarely at Sturgeon’s lap.

In my opinion, this Bill is and has always been designed to be a cosmic size red herring with three important functions:

1. To pretend things were moving forward for independence because yes supporters were getting restless. In reality this bill advances nothing at all.
2. To push away from the table every other avenue that should remain open to us to pursue independence, like for example a plebiscitary election. For as long as we continue to believe a referendum is possible, we will not search for alternatives
3. it is the ultimate gatekeeper of the Union. If Westminster cannot withhold the S30 any longer, by ensuring with this Referendum Bill that the same flawed franchise as that used in 2014 remains permanently in place, by ensuring the Electoral Commission (an UK outfit that should not be allowed anywhere near our referendum) has permanently a finger on the pie and by ensuring the campaign regulations will not exclude outfits with HQ located somewhere other than Scotland (for example England political parties, Uk gov and Secretary of State) and can therefore continue to pump money into the No campaign, they will ensure Yes will not win.

The “Referendum in 2023” is in my opinion another red herring, this time specifically designed to distract us from demanding the next GE to become a plebiscitary election. How many here think Johnson is going to survive as PM until 2024 and a GE is not going to be called in 2023? 

“But there is another possible explanation – that the Scottish Government deliberately didn’t ask the question.”

There is, in my personal opinion, a third possible explanation:

Asking the question might have never crossed Nicola Sturgeon or her government’s mind because their intention was always to use Holyrood, the S30 and the Referendum bill as either the gatekeepers of the union or tools to forcefully stall independence at the point England as the UK gov is at its weakest politically, internationally and economically. This period started the moment the disparity on the results of the EU referendum between Scotland and England were shown in 2016 and will continue until:

a. Enough laws have been written behind our backs and enough of our assets have been handed over by this political fraud so England will have sufficient control over Scotland’s assets, borders and markets to survive out of the EU and to ensure Scotland cannot return to it and risk a hard border between the two.
b. England has rode the tsunami of its own brexit stupidity (the threat of astronomical inflation is just a sign the brexit tsunami is still in swelling phase) .

Sturgeon’s behaviour of deliberatly cutting our potential exits for the sake of some virtue signalling are either the pinnacle of stupidity and incompetence or a disgusting act of betrayal where, for the sake of our neighbour, she is deliberately forcing Scotland to suffer untold damage by forcing Scotland to follow the slowliest and most damaging exit route so the other country can reap the biggest cut of the shared benefits at our expense.

Every single loophole used in Indyref2014 by England as the UK establishment to frustrate independence remains today, EIGHT YEARS after, as open as it was on 18 September 2014 and ready to be used again. Actually, that Referendum Bill ensures they remain open in law. That Referendum bill appears to be just an invitation for our right to self-determination to be frustrated and abused all over again. This time with the backing of the law.

I challenge any of the SNP leadership to prove Sturgeon actually has had during the last 8 years any intention for Scotland to terminate this political union. I challenge any of them to prove the Scotland Referendum Bill is anything else other than a sly attempt to force Scotland into a cul de sac, and I challenge them to prove the combination of the S30, the Referendum bill and this new claim of a “consultative referendum” are anything other than tools designed to deprive Scotland’ from its legitimate right as an equal partner in this union of unilaterally terminate the treaty of union forcing England to the negotiating table.

I challenge them to prove the S30, the Referendum Bill and this “consultative referendum” are anything other than tools aiming to demote Scotland from its status of equal partner to that of a region of Greater England to ensure England will remain as the UK continuator state after Scotland’s independence and therefore in control of all the goodies that Scotland has been contributing to for the last 300 years and in control of the government structures Scotland will exit this union with.

For as long as a political fraud remains in control of the SNP and our executive in Scotland, a referendum is the secure way to ensure Scotland continues to prop England and remain welded to it in this toxic union. If we want Scotland to become independent, the route to that starts not by asking permission to hold a referendum but by repealing the treaty of union. For this we need REAL pro-independence MPs who are willing to stand on a manifesto of refusing to swear allegiance and take the seats , in a manifesto to relocate to Scotland and re-open Scotland’s ancient parliament and on a manifesto that will initiate straight away the repealing of the Treaty of Union. The successors of the old Scottish parliament are not the amoebas sitting in Holyrood, busy voting to cancel freedom of speech freedom of demonstration and thought and voting to suppress women’s rights. The successor of our old parliament are our 56 MPs plus the self-serving 16 Scottish peer lords who have, of course, a vested interest in the union to continue to preserve their juicy sinecures and privileges.

There is only one way to terminate this union and that way is by repealing the treaty of Union. Only by terminating the union Scotland will regain its statehood. Anything else is just either a distraction or creating a status of permanent subservience to England’s interests.


How far would the Independence cause advance if Mia was in Parliament? She has the brains, the determination, the drive to push effective argument. tactically sound that clearly identifies England’s game and the strategic ability to put in place the team and tactics to bring this all to a head. The SNP NEC have centralised the candidate selection process and that is why both Parliaments are stuffed full of nodding dogs who have surrendered all individual ability and fight in favour of the continued salary they now enjoy. Where we need lions we have tame pussy cats. It is very sad.

I am, as always



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