MIA HIGHLIGHTS THE LATEST DECEIT AT WESTMINSTER. “Scotland, England, Wales & Northern Ireland are in the early days of a brand new constitution” May I ask which constitution are you talking about?  England MPs or England/UK peers cannot modify the terms of the treaty of union unilaterally without breaking it. The only ones who canContinue reading "SO YOU THINK SO, DO YOU?"

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“Scotland, England, Wales & Northern Ireland are in the early days of a brand new constitution”

May I ask which constitution are you talking about? 

England MPs or England/UK peers cannot modify the terms of the treaty of union unilaterally without breaking it. The only ones who can modify the terms of the treaty are the Parliaments of Scotland and England by agreement. Currently none of those parliaments are present. Holyrood is a concoction from Westminster which is missing most of the old Scotland’s parliament original powers, so hardly in any position to be seen as an independent parliament agreeing to a new treaty. 

England MPs and England or “UK” peers have nothing to do with Scotland’s old parliament and the treaty of union did not give them a blank card to undo our constitution as they please, so I do not see how they can ever assume such a role without violating our Claim of Right and invalidating the Treaty.

I wonder if this “new constitution” you are talking about is that aberration the lords have been working on for quite some time as the ultimately hand brake to stop Scotland’s independence and more importantly, to dissolve the union of crowns. For what I have read, is clearly designed as a substitute for the Treaty of Union, to preserve the monarchy, but with a sly twist.

In the original treaty of union Scotland entered as an equal signatory and a sovereign state. The treaty of union cannot overrule Scotland’s old parliament. This also means Scotland can unilaterally terminate that treaty at any time of its choosing.

This new concoction is an instrument for England lords and MPs to remove that freedom of Scotland to unilaterally terminate the union (political and crown union) and force us into becoming a part of the Kingdom of England. In other words a more active subjugation instrument to absorb Scotland into the Kingdom of England than the current treaty of union.

Currently, we do not need a referendum to exit this union. The only thing we need is a pro independence FM with an effing backbone (which we haven’t had since Mr Salmond left Holyrood) and our majority of nationalist Mps to be nationalists instead of just pretending to be. That is all what we need. This is all what have always needed to terminate this union since 1707. 

Scotland repealing the treaty means the kingdom of Great Britain reverts to what it was in 1707: two separate kingdoms. In other words, if the treaty ends, there is no longer a kingdom of Great Britain. Scotland no longer has to follow England’s line to the throne.

However, with this new concoction, that door appears to be locked. Whether we like it or not, a referendum, on England’s own terms, will be imposed on us as the only possible exit route from the political union. It is, in my view, an usurpation of Scotland’s right to unilaterally terminate the political union under its own terms. 

But there is another thing. This concoction talks about the possibility of Scotland seceding from the UK of Great Britain. Under the terms of the original Treaty of Union, Scotland cannot “secede” from the Kingdom of Great Britain. It can only terminate it making it revert to the duality of kingdoms it was before. In other words, Scotland terminates the treaty and walks away with its statehood, its assets, a share of the common assets and its kingdom intact. 

This concoction however seems not only to usurp Scotland’s legitimate right to terminate the political union, but also Scotland’s legitimate right to dissolve the union of crowns and walk away with its own kingdom. This looks to me like an attempt to preserve the “Kingdom of Great Britain”, an attempt by the crown of England to retain in perpetuity the crown of Scotland too, even when Scotland has walked away and even when in Scotland the crown belongs to the people, not the monarch. This looks to me like theft disguised as a treaty, and a very bad deal for Scotland.

This looks to me like an attempt to subjugate Scotland even further by permanently usurping its kingdom transforming Scotland into another of the English crown domains which might claim to be politically independent from England, but they are still under the control of its crown. 

I don’t like any of it.

This is of course my own interpretation, but it does not look to me like the monarch is “forfeiting” anything from Scotland at all, but rather trying to take what does not belong to them.

What might be the objective of such concoction? Here are some possibilities:

a) to delay Scotland’s independence for as long as possible – if they impose on us a referendum, the threshold or exit and the franchise, we will never win.

b) to ensure the Kingdom of England remains as the successor state of the uk inheriting all the goodies and forcing Scotland to leave with nothing. Currently, as equal partners, the common goodies should be divided up. Common goodies include the army, embassies, structures of government and seats in international committees. If this aberration is forced on us, then Scotland leaves, but with nothing.

c) to ensure the permanence of the union of crowns and that England’s crown retains control of Scotland’s crown in perpetuity. It seems to me that this concoction might be somewhat fudging the crown of the Kingdom of England into remaining as the UK of Great Britain crown even after Scotland leaves the union. This concoction is offering an exit alternative that does not require to “repeal” the treaty of union, which if it was the case, would immediately disengage Scotland from the agreement of keeping the exact same line to the Scottish Crown that England has to its own. It is, in my view, yet another self-serving attempt of self-preservation of the crown and all those who depend on it.

The problem is “the crown” owns a lot of things in Scotland, like for example mineral rights and the seabed. In other words, if Scotland walks away as an independent state and kingdom, England’s crown will retain an awful lot of Scotland’s main assets. For as long as Scotland remains under the control of the crown of England, being it called Kingdom of England or disguised as “Kingdom of Great Britain”, it will be independent only in name and will not regain control over its own assets.

If Sturgeon or her useless MPs and MSPs agree to this aberration it will be their unforgivable ultimate act of betrayal, and that would be after betraying for 8 long years our trust, rights, sovereignty, democracy and right to self determination.

Now, is this what has been brewing behind this forced “mourning” which has resulted in a complete blackout of news and has effectively brought Scotland to a standstill? Has this royal funeral been a giant squirrel to hide this aberration?

This circus has been so, so over the top that I have been wondering for a while now if one of the intentions might have been to predispose the people of Scotland against the crown and to demand a republic. I mean, clinics are being cancelled, GPs closed and even funerals in some places are being cancelled “for respect to the queen”, people have been arrested for expressing their opinion against the monarchy. This is so exaggerate that it sounds fake, fabricated. Perhaps the hope is that we will let go of Scotland’s crown in exchange for independence. We should not. We should walk away with both, not just one of them. 

Since the day she embarrassed us all by delivering her capitulation speech in January 2020, I have been wondering what would be the fake exit door built by Westminster she would use to walk away from the post without having ever bothered, and never intended to deliver independence despite having wasted us an ocean full of opportunities for the last 8 years.

I wonder if this have always been the “yellow colour standard”, Sturgeon’s has had in mind for the entirety of her appallingly wasteful and regrettable tenure.


These are real risks that Mia is highlighting. Why else would they be making these moves?. Just look at the completely over the top actions over the Queens death. Firstly why was she here when it has been clear for sometime she was in her final stages of life.? Secondly why not drive to Aberdeen airport and fly the coffin to London.? No we had to have the long planned procession through Scotland. Likewise the ridiculous suppression of any alternative view that had more to do with North Korea suppression than any democracy in the 21st century. Then even in London the media had kilts and bagpipes everywhere alongside the narrative that the Queens abiding wish was that the Union must continue. I console myself with two things, any pro union boost will be extremely short lived and secondly the BBC might well go bust when they pay out Nicholas Witchell’s wages to include his overtime payments. No I console myself truly because these were the surest signs that they are panicked by the increasing likelihood of Scottish Independence. This last fortnight, instead of being portrayed as the “baddie” in every BBC drama and crime programme, all of a sudden we are being displayed as the most fawning supporters of the Royal Family and Britishness. There is going to be a lot of bother when they discover we are neither. So get used to seeing us as the baddies in the crime dramas it is going to get a lot worse.

I am, as always



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