THE GREAT POLICY CHANGE After rejecting many applications for people to get their money back after they donated to a fund to support Yes in Indyref 2 suddenly the policy has changed and they can’t give you your money back quickly enough. One of my readers who contacted the SNP by email seeking a refundContinue reading "SO YOU WANT YOUR CASH BACK?"



After rejecting many applications for people to get their money back after they donated to a fund to support Yes in Indyref 2 suddenly the policy has changed and they can’t give you your money back quickly enough. One of my readers who contacted the SNP by email seeking a refund got a reply within two hours confirming he would be refunded and promising next day delivery of the funds.

This is major shift for two reasons. Firstly there was a period when the SNP were denying any ring fenced fund existed and the money raised was just general fundraising for the SNP. AS THE EVIDENCE MOUNTED AGAINST THIS VERSION THE SNP WERE FORCED TO ADMIT SUCH A RING FENCED MESSAGE DID APPEAR IN THE FUNDRAISING APPEAL. They still refused however to countenance any refunds as explained in an email from Ian McCann at SNP HQ to a lady donor in March 2020 and I quote “However, your other donations are in a ring-fenced fund to fight the next referendum, whenever we are in a position to call that. As you will be aware, the Scottish Parliament has passed enacting legislation to allow that to go ahead as soon as Westminster passes the Section 30 order.We are not in a position to refund those monies.”

SO WHAT CHANGED? Well the mystery of the whereabouts of the raised funds has grown and grown. Nobody including three members of the audit committee, the National Treasurer himself have been able to get a satisfactory answer. Some complaints have been made to the police.

The police complaints move the whole matter to a new level. It becomes of paramount importance to head off any potential investigation so limiting the number of people complaining to the police is now the prime objective. Therefore after denying donors the right to claim refunds Mr Murrell and Co are now falling over themselves to make repayments. A highly efficient next day service appears to be in place with confirmation of funds being in transit within a few hours of any email being sent requesting a refund.

I was told this only this evening by one gentleman who is anticipating a refund of many hundreds of pounds and I would urge everyone seeking a refund to act now. If the police investigation goes away people may find a quick return to obstacles and barriers between you and a refund being built again.

We will all await with interest to discover where the repayments will be “woven into the accounts” in due course and under what headings.

There must be the possibility of the next few sets of SNP accounts being published by the Electoral Commission reaching the best sellers list, so many are anticipating them hoping for the “answers”.

Not the sort of attention any Party in Government welcomes but if this whole exercise highlights to them the folly of anything other than clear and transparent financial management then politics will be the better for it.

To those who blindly accept the attempts to play down this gross mismanagement with allegations of “ conspiracy theories” etc it may interest you to register the fact that nobody in the hierarchy even attempted to dispute the content of my article earlier this week that revealed the horrific, nasty behaviour against the member of the audit committee who outlined their concerns to the NEC and were vilified for doing so.

Not even their little army of naive underlings, trained in smear and insult to try to shut down and intimidate anyone who does not obey the leader. They were confined to barracks. They are very easy to spot, they call you names, they never point to any error in what has been written, no it is much easier to call you a name or two, hit the post button and sit back believing they have struck a blow for freedom. It is really quite pathetic.

Last week after I posted a video on the battle to defend Scottish Steel two of these little infants called me names including calling me a Tory, not realising that the campaign I led resulted in the TORIES losing EVERY seat they held in Scotland at the first election following the closures. How little they knew. They were probably not born at the time. I can only say that if they want to progress in politics they need to read and find out the political history of our country. At the same time they might learn some manners and develop an ability to argue their case with some intelligence, decency and respect. In 2014 the SNP did so well and attracted tens of thousands of new members, they also appear to have attracted several other political parties, not necessarily committed to Independence as their first priority. Before anyone piles in I recognise many good, highly committed people joined as well but that does not negate the fact that huge organised infiltration, particularly from Labour took place.

Of course I realise most will become bored or find some other campaign to follow. Very few people that start off by promoting rancour and smear, rather than Independence, get by the first lap. Many will disappear at the first sign of the SNP fortunes dipping from the heady levels they are at right now. Careerists are not attracted to anything that cannot bring them personal reward or power.

I think they might not have long to wait for that to happen. They are totally tied to a message of a referendum in the first half of this Parliament, as each day passes after that date with no progress these current sharks will start shrinking to minnows and a host of patient predators, who have been storing their ammo for future use will sweep in to swallow the shoal.

Their future is dependent on Nicola keeping her word. Feel safe do you?

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland


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