TARNISHED FOR ALL TIME I think I got it mostly right in my article yesterday. If anything I was too generous in terms of Nicola’s presentation skills. It was not as smooth as I expected and there were times when she was seriously rattled. First of all the contrast. Last Friday an innocent man, whoContinue reading "TARNISHED FOR ALL TIME"

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I think I got it mostly right in my article yesterday. If anything I was too generous in terms of Nicola’s presentation skills. It was not as smooth as I expected and there were times when she was seriously rattled.

First of all the contrast. Last Friday an innocent man, who was the subject of attempted framing that might have resulted in him being jailed, potentially for the rest of his life, turned up, presented his evidence factually, calmly, armed with documentary evidence readily available. No avoidance, no hedging, straight answers to every question.

In contrast yesterday we had Nicola turning up to explain how terrible this has been for her, how she has suffered, the sleepless nights, the tossing and turning, the constant questioning. The look at me, the poor soap star act, full of emotion, totally lacking in detail.

How many times did we hear, I assume, as far as I am aware, I was not aware, I was not involved, I believe, to the best of my knowledge, I am not sure, I don’t know, each phrase an escape route to deniability in the event more evidence emerges. The language of cover up by a politician. Not a document in sight. Indeed last night after Nicola had finished John Swinney then released more of the legal advice. I think we all know why that happened.

Every time she was in trouble out came the old standby “unfortunately due to legal restrictions” which was used repeatedly. Nicola herself was in machine gun mode throughout,  while Alex Salmond went to great lengths not to personalize his evidence Nicola Smeargun took every opportunity to further smear him. Personally I found that quite disgusting. In the first section it looked like there was a competition to put the words Alex Salmond and sexual into every sentence. Subtle it was not!

The SNP has a huge problem here, they have a leader with no interest in Party unity. Quite happy to further widen the division, indeed to provoke it to new heights, or should that be depths? All semblance of honesty and decency gone, if existing members want that then they are going to need a new Party, or certainly a new leadership. The SNP are going full blown Woke and to hell with the consequences. GRA and the Hate Crime Bill is on the road if people return them in May. Independence supporters are going to have to agonise over that. 

They are really doing some stupid things, throughout Nicola’s testimony Humza Useless was giving a running commentary on Twitter. So here we had the Justice Secretary of the country tweeting evidence that was  being testified under oath. Wholly inappropriate. As I said on Twitter at the time I don’t know how he got the job either!

Of course we had the regimented Nicola Loyal all out in force pledging undying support. She could have confessed to being an axe murderer and the support would have continued while they queued at B&Q for their own Nikkla axes! The imaginary virtual Party was doing well as a rather shallow orchestrated recruitment campaign bore fruit with a “flood” of new members. They better have something more solid in the way of debit cards to replace the tens of thousands of members heading in the opposite direction. This was the student Union politics yet again. Designed for the inexperienced and naive. Not at all convincing. Check the mailbag there is very few cheques in the post and the online server has not been in any danger of crashing either. That’s in the real world of course.

I think this is going to end badly. The fixing of the list seats is beginning to look like a clever move by the Woke element. I can’t see how the SNP can win a majority of seats with the Party in the wrong hands pursuing a divisive and destructive policy agenda that will greatly encourage votes to go elsewhere, mainly on the list but first votes on the constituency will also be affected. The temptation to stay home has also been given a big boost.

In my opinion it’s political madness, self inflicted and being pursued by a Party complacent that Covid will see them through. It might, but it is a huge gamble.

This leadership already threw away the opportunity to act at the time of Brexit, now they may be throwing away the big advantage Covid offered by only going to the polls as the issue fades due to extensive inoculations changing the whole picture. It is a huge gamble that GRA and the Hate Crime Bill don’t become serious issues in the campaign. If they do, the damage, particularly amongst women, could be very extensive.

Nicola let herself down badly today, we saw a nasty, cheap, smearing side to her which until now has been well disguised. It is not the look of a winner. She has been tarnished forever. The days of sainthood have passed.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland

For information purposes I detail below a statement from Alex Salmond.

Press Statement by Alex Salmond

  1. Mr Salmond has lodged a formal complaint with the Permanent Secretary to the Scottish Government under the civil service code, on the conduct of the official who is alleged to have breached civil service rules, by disclosing the name of a complainant in the Scottish Government process.
  2. A letter has been sent to the Parliamentary Committee Convener supplying further requested evidence but also noting that we could complete our evidence if the Parliament would serve a Section 23 Order on Levy & McRae as suggested last Friday. 
  3. Mr Salmond will be interviewed by Mr James Hamilton, Independent Investigator on the Ministerial Code, this week.
  4. The requested information that was supplied today is a) the minutes of the Commission and Diligence of late December 2018, b) the minute of proceedings of the Court decision of 8th January 2019 at which the Government decisions were found to be “unlawful”, “procedurally unfair” and “tainted by apparent bias” and c) a specific witness statement requested by the Committee. 
  5. That witness statement provides further corroboration for Mr Salmond’s evidence before the Committee. On all key points with varying accounts Mr Salmond was asked by the Committee to provide corroboration and has now done so with multiple independent witnesses. The First Minister has not provided the Committee with any such corroboration. 


Through a Scottish Prism podcast.

I will be posting on this site later today a podcast Through a Scottish Prism with myself, Barrhead Boy and Jeggit discussing recent events. Should be lively.