THE POLITICS OF FEAR AND INTIMIDATION. Craig Murray wrote last week about this topic  and his concern that he was being confronted with a fear of becoming cowardly, scared to continue writing and challenging authority here in Scotland.He of course overcame that fear but others are intimidated. Take a minute to think about that. A formerContinue reading "THE FASCIST STATE"



Craig Murray wrote last week about this topic  and his concern that he was being confronted with a fear of becoming cowardly, scared to continue writing and challenging authority here in Scotland.He of course overcame that fear but others are intimidated.

Take a minute to think about that. A former British Ambassador, internationally known and widely respected for his defence of human rights held a real fear about the consequences of freely writing about what he considered the truth here in his own country, not on the Salmond trial but on another. What has happened to freedom of speech in our country? Have we joined the list of despot nations where such freedoms are denied?

A man who is one of the key friends and an ally of Julian Assange who the Scottish courts seem intent in stopping from appearing as a defence witness in his trial. What is going on and who, exactly who, and how many people and bodies are behind it ?

He is but one of a string of blatantly political moves involving the police and courts in Scotland where Nicola’s Supporters are increasingly using the legal system as a tool to intimidate and silence her political opponents. You can call it a lot of things but in my view fascist tactics gets closest. The worst may yet be to come with the Hate Crime Bill and GRA looming ahead. The fascist state is being built in front of our eyes with fear, intimidation and prosecution as the key tools.

Trumped up, often ludicrous or trivial allegations are created. The process is always the same, police raids, the seizing of all electronic equipment, long and expensive delays until the “offences” come to court where the defendants are found not guilty or sometimes the judgement confirms there is no case to answer, only confirming the malicious nature of the allegations in the first place. Those “accused” have of course been financially punished long before the matter comes to court.

If the public were to find out the ludicrous nature of most of the charges that were contrived against Alex Salmond they would be astonished at them being classified as sex crimes. I found them just plain ridiculous, a view subsequently shared by the jury when they came to court. It is the fact they ever came to court that is the main case against the Crown Office as being complicit in political prosecution.

Mark Hirst’s case was even more obvious as being clearly political. The comments he made in his video commentary could never be considered threatening, critical yes but never threatening. Nevertheless, his home was raided, his computer equipment seized, months of delay, jobs and income lost, legal expenses mounting, only to eventually come to court and the charges to be dismissed out of hand, no case to answer. Taxpayers money, police time, the court system fully engaged at public expense to pursue intimidation against a political opponent. He then had to struggle with an unexplained delay to retrieve his electronic equipment back from the police. What “fishing exercise” was going on there I wonder?

Most recently Dave Llewellyn from Alba who during the election made a remark on his personal Facebook page about a prominent SNP candidate and his wife only to find that the pair ridiculously interpreted it as a threat to their personal safety and wanted him charged. He has been through the process of the police raid at 5am,, the seizure of his computer equipment and is facing trial in December, his legal costs continues to climb. It is gross overreaction and has me looking at many of the comments made on Facebook about myself and my colleague Barrhead Boy by Nicola’s supporters, many of which are considerably more “threatening” than those made by Dave.

Craig Murray himself of course faces an eight month sentence for telling the truth. His reports on the Salmond trial revealed less evidence about the identity of his accusers than many in the Unionist media. What is more his reports accurately reflected the eventual decisions of the jury based on the full evidence, including the defence witnesses. The defence evidence was of course studiously avoided and ignored by the MSM as it did not fit the disgustingly dishonest narrative the Unionist media were intent in delivering against Alex Salmond. A narrative continued after the trial by none other than the First Minister herself who has cast doubt on the jury verdicts and continues the smear campaign. There are many in the SNP who knew this whole trial was a fit up from the start but to their shame stayed silent, scared on attracting Nicola’s wrath. They should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

Now to the crux of this, virtually all the complainants in all the above cases come from a known or related grouping within the SNP. A MOST REMARKABLE COINCIDENCE IS THAT NOT?

Now as we all know I or anybody else cannot name those involved without facing a long list of charges but I do want to raise a valid point.

The gift of anonymity is not a right, it is a privilege and if it is being subsequently used aggressively as a political weapon, as it is with the ongoing smearing of Alex Salmond and allegations against others, then surely it must be subject to review at some stage.

Now many will be happy to ignore these warnings, others will be scared, intimidated, to say nothing. If they do, not only will these tactics continue, they will escalate. Nobody will be safe, our freedoms will continue to be eroded. Evil, malicious evil, will grow as the poison spreads wider and wider unchallenged.

Let me leave you with this thought. As part of the process of a huge fishing exercise against Alex Salmond, motivated by a desire to find more solid charges than the pathetic ones delivered by his accusers, the police investigated over 400 people involving 700 face to face interviews, encompassing all who he had contact with over his entire life. This enormous effort, completely unheard off for anyone else facing similar charges, and at huge public expense, turned up NOT ONE SINGLE CHARGE OR EVIDENCE OF INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOUR. 

Given those facts is it not very strange Mr Salmond’s “offences” only happened to involve so many known friends, colleagues and supporters of the FIRST MINISTER? Wonder what odds you would get from Labrokes for that one?

Our legal and political system has been corrupted. They need fixed. Who is going to do it is the problem?

Folk who care about freedom must speak out because it needs all the people of Scotland to fix this. Our nation has very serious problems. Huge lies syndrome!

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland.


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