THE MADNESS CONTINUES I know my articles infuriate Ultra Party Loyalists. Those of the My Party, Wrong or Right (MPROW) brigade who will tolerate, worse even support, policies that are destructive and divisive, do great damage to society,  are only achieved by denying the rest of the Party any say or vote on them. To theContinue reading "THE MADNESS CONTINUES"



I know my articles infuriate Ultra Party Loyalists. Those of the My Party, Wrong or Right (MPROW) brigade who will tolerate, worse even support, policies that are destructive and divisive, do great damage to society,  are only achieved by denying the rest of the Party any say or vote on them. To the MPROW that is the price you pay, willingly, to become intellectual giants and be able to respond to any criticism with the refrain “what about the polls?” Which appears to be a cure to all ills. A pretty shaky remedy to those of us who have experienced politics for longer than just a few years. We can recall just how unexpected and quickly new Labour disappeared as a collective realism hit that they were no longer representing the folk who had previously elected them. I regularly get the impression the current leadership of the New SNP are stumbling badly down the same route. The Cliff will still be there before they get much further as it was for New Labour. “A what about the polls” response is hopeless as you fall from dizzy heights onto the rocky ground below.

The question I ask is why? It is so unnecessary, this should be a time when everything should be in the SNP’s favour but they have been busy destroying all the advantages they hold. Let’s have a look at what has been happening.

Membership and Organisation.

Despite losing tens of thousands of members in recent years the SNP remain the biggest political party in Scotland. My concern is that while they have got a lot of members many of the most effective activists are among those who have left. Why? Unlike new members they remember how democratic the Party used to be. How members held power and could influence events and policies. They look at the changes to the NEC, away from elected to appointed members, the complete removal of the National Council which represented the forum where members and branches could question every senior figure and get answers. 

What difference could that have made? Well there would not be any missing money for a start. The Treasurer and other senior members would be grilled relentlessly until answers were forthcoming. The leadership would be pursued on trying to introduce policies like GRA and the Hate Crime Bill without the membership been given the opportunity to debate and vote on it. They would demand their rights to have their resolutions debated and for the democratic decisions of the Conference to be respected and implemented. They would have been strongly opposed to the centralization and control, the ridiculous interference and control of the WOKE dominated NEC and Vetting committees which were so disruptive in the selection process and saw excellent potential candidates rejected because they failed the “gender test” while a pile of second rate, correction make that third rate biology deniers sailed through selection. Only the good sense of the ordinary members at branch level stopped these swamp tactics being successful and giving us a Ill balanced science denying Parliament.

Divisive Policies

Who can believe as divisive a bill as the Hate Crime Bill being presented to Parliament a few weeks before an election? An attack on freedom of speech and free expression where even within your own home OUR PARLIAMENT are giving the Thought Police free access to enforce this ill thought out legislation.

Let me be clear I am strongly opposed to any type of hate in our society, be that for religious, racial, sex or any other reason. We have already in Scotland time tested laws which are adequate and are effective. Laws that do not need to be oppressive  on as important A RIGHT in life as freedom of speech and expression. Scotland’s new legislation shall make our country the most oppressive in the UK and one of the most oppressive in the rest of Europe.

It is being forced through by the SNP Government in the face of massive opposition across the country uniting many hundreds of the most important organisations in Scotland against the SNP. It stands accused, justifiably in my view, of stirring up the politics of fear. Where people, woman in particular, are intimidated into not speaking out when their rights are being ruthlessly removed in favour of obscure minority rights. Rights that have a effective full time public relations lobbying group behind them, all financed by the taxpayer due to their “minority status” This legislation is fascist in its design. That is what I would describe it as if it was being implemented by the Tories. It remains fascist if its being implemented by the SNP. A Scotland dominated by the Thought Police is not a Scotland I want to see.

It is there for a reason, it is there to protect the introduction of GRA, to intimidate opposition to this crazy legislation, it will not work. The only reason it has got this far is because of Covid. The minute it is safe to do so, marches will be heading for Bute House and the Scottish Parliament in absolutely huge numbers, demanding action on Independence and an end to mad, divisive legislation. ACTION OR THE RESIGNATION OF THOSE RESPONSIBLE.

You would think that a Party that is still reeling from the revelations about the plot against Alex Salmond, a plot that goes right to the very top of the SNP, that has led to huge embarrassment and difficulty for the Government, the damage to reputation caused by the concealment and obstruction in providing information and documents to the Inquiries, the staggering incompetence of the Civil Service and the collective and embarrassing amnesia that is at epidemic levels within the Government and Civil Service would make them very wary of creating a “plotters recipe book” but that is indeed what the Hate Crime and GRA issues do.

No need to prove anyone guilty, no the HCB allows those who make the allegations to do so with the taxpayer picking up their entire costs, while the “innocent” accused is responsible for their entire costs. So even when the  case is dismissed when it reaches court the poor innocent accused has had to endure months of worry and find potentially tens of thousands of pounds to fund their defence while those who made the allegations, celebrate and look for their next target. Sound fair to you? No me neither. For those who say that can never happen I suggest a chat with Mark Hirst! These dangers are very real.

I have much more to write about why I have lost faith in the current SNP Leadership but will have to wait for future articles,I think it hurts more because I used to be a strong supporter. Not because I was ever a member of the MPROW brigade but because I knew them to be capable people and believed them committed to delivering Independence. Gradually I have been forced to realise they are still capable people but have become devoted to other issues that now take precedence over Independence in their minds and actions. What is happening is no accident. It is happening by intentional design. It is a disappointment but that is as nothing, to the disappointment and disgust that so few of our elected representatives, at both MP and MSP level, have had the guts to speak out against this betrayal and for reasons better known to them, money or whatever, been such weak fodder and complicit in the crime. I suspect people will pay much closer interest to selection contests in the future.

This article may have cost me a few friends. I am sorry if it has but I have written it honestly and it needs said. Who knows I may have made a few new ones as well. I will have to live with that.

I am, as always


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A reader has just made the very valid point in comments that they would be reluctant to discuss any gender issue or criticise the leadership at any branch meeting if the Woke youth were in attendance. This is where we are heading, the worry about recording equipment and notebooks. What a Scotland? I despair and despise those responsible