A guest article from Iain Bruce who lives in Nairn. What are the SNP for…Well this past week alone there’s the wannabe Commons Speaker, comfy slippers Wishart’s indignation at being referred to as a colonial.But we’re all colonials in a land that since that fateful day in September 2014, when, having held our independence forContinue reading "WHAT ARE THE SNP FOR?"


A guest article from Iain Bruce who lives in Nairn.


What are the SNP for…
Well this past week alone there’s the wannabe Commons Speaker, comfy slippers Wishart’s indignation at being referred to as a colonial.
But we’re all colonials in a land that since that fateful day in September 2014, when, having held our independence for 15 hours we decided to hand it back.

In the interval we’ve seen 5 English PMs in the 8 years since and at least 3 mandates for independence.

Unfortunately comfy slippers had nothing to say in response to his fellow independenista Kenny MacAskill when, debating the issues of the Eastern Link undersea cable, he referred to the “robbery of Scotland’s rich energy bounty while half of all Scots households face fuel poverty this winter.”
It is well known that Scotland is the only country in the world to become poorer having discovered oil in its waters and now, as Kenny MacAskill highlighted, it looks like we’re on repeat with our renewable resources.

Surely it’s classic colonialism when a country’s resource goes south then returns at a premium price to our people because of how the ‘market’ is set up. For all that, the SNP contingent thought it tactically smart to leave the chamber en masse as MacAskill stood up to make his speech.

Ironic is it not that Nicola Sturgeon promised to set up a publicly-owned, not-for- profit company to sell gas and electricity to customers at low prices by 2021 at the 2017 SNP conference?

They can’t even get their historic moments right when they forgot to whip their MPs so as to ensure that all 45 of their party were recorded as voting for the motion rather than a mere 37 with Kenny MacAskil as the other.

The Deputy Speaker later confirmed the House was “only just” quorate pointing out the minimum requirement of the participation of 40 MPs for a Commons vote and that the motion was non-binding. SNP Westminster leader lan Blackford labelled the vote an “historic moment”, telling the Commons “This House has voted in favour of a motion on Scottish independence the first time that has happened with a clear majority of those that were elected from Scottish constituencies voting for that proposition”

No it didn’t. Union Jack and his sidekick, the Labour shadow Sottish Secretary were evident combatants in the debate but neither appeared on the voting register as neither against or abstaining on the motion, so nothing more than playing to the gallery, but which gallery?
The SNP’s previous omnipotent invincibility is simply just not what it was.

The First Minister’s constant anthem during her eight year reign is “judge me by my record”. Well then, the Health service? Admittedly there’s been mitigating circumstances but Scotland’s Covid deaths on a population basis aren’t that clever on detailed examination.

And then of course we have the ferries fiasco.
Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited is a company wholly owned by the Scottish Government with Scottish Ministers the sole shareholders and responsible for both ferries and the supporting infrastructure yet the docking facilities need to be closed for long periods for modifications to accommodate their chosen boat design. If the buck stopped with her, why haven’t the management of CMAL not been replaced?

The continuing Westminster miasma provides telling evidence of the SNP sitting on their hands since the last time they were given a mandate for independence, yet the SNP seem determined to keep the Yes movement at arms length and show no evidence of outreach to expertise and different opinions in the wider movement.

Most Yes groups are fully cognisant with the government’s Building a New Scotland programme and can debate the poor quality of some of the proposals particularly on Currency and Borders.
The Yes movement is part of a collaborative effort of all the talents: Believe in Scotland, Scottish Currency Group, Scottish Sovereignty Research Group, Common Weal and we are familiar with all their material.
Whatever happened to An Independent Scotland:Household Guide which was to be sent to every home? Remember Kate Forbes “Putting decisions about Scotland’s future in the hands of the many”? Three National Assembly deliberations on the Sustainable Growth Commission in 2018 were critical of the proposals yet we’re still waiting on Keith Brown’s promised consolidated report
Winnie Ewing, like the rest of us thought they were sent to Westminster “to settle up not settle down”, so what exactly are the SNP for?


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