Why the SNP believe they can do so with impunity” In my personal opinion, because they are being actively protected by the English establishment. The unionist press has created a convenient and thick protective fog around them too while they focussed on vilifying Mr Salmond instead. For quite some time I have wondered if thoseContinue reading "ANOTHER MIA COMMENT WORTHY OF A FULL ARTICLE!"

The flag Nicola Sturgeon didn’t fly!

Why the SNP believe they can do so with impunity”

In my personal opinion, because they are being actively protected by the English establishment. The unionist press has created a convenient and thick protective fog around them too while they focussed on vilifying Mr Salmond instead.

For quite some time I have wondered if those currently in control of the SNP are not in Scotland, but in London. I have thought for a while now that many of those faces and voices that we constantly hear from the SNP trying to distract us from independence, pushing us back , dividing us or asking us to look the other way are really new labour operating under the SNP flag. 

It has been clear for quite some time that Scotland does no longer vote unionist parties. Labour as “the left” option is finished. They still survive in Holyrood because of the voting system. With the arrival of Alba and the prospect of a pro indy supermajority, the voting system was no longer enough to ensure their presence, so we are led to believe Sturgeon asked SNP voters to throw their list votes in the bin and denied us an independence plebiscite election to ensure the unionists parties retained their seats in Holyrood.

But I wonder, was she helping unionist parties to retain their seats, or was she protecting the union by offering a way to justify in the public’s eyes their continuous presence in Holyrood when the expectation would have been a pro-indy supermajority with Alba?

I have often wondered if the vote was rigged in the last Holyrood election to stop Mr Salmond getting into Holyrood as the ultimate damage limitation after the establishment’s spectacular failure to stop him with the civil and the criminal cases, and with Fabiani’s farce. 

Alarm bells started to ring for me when there was no exit poll and the ballots were left an entire weekend without being counted without no convincing reason to do so.

We are expected to trust that those ballot boxes were not tampered with and to trust in the honesty of a system that forced brexit on us against our will for the sake of England, a system that has stolen our assets and powers, a system that butchered the Scotland Act so the theft of our powers and assets could have a veneer of legitimacy, a system that actively misled the people of Scotland in 2014 for the sake of preserving the union so England could exit the EU without the fear of Scotland remaining in, a system that endorses malicious prosecutions to silence dissenters, and a system that waved off the civil service code of conduct so civil servants could work actively to frustrate Scotland’s independence and float an unlawful and tinted with apparent bias procedure.

Well, considering all the above plus the lengths the establishment has gone to stop Mr Salmond entering back politics and to protect perjurers, the gagging campaign on Alba and Sturgeon’s increasing allergy to independence, I feel asking us to keep trusting the system is asking far too much.

The worse thing that could happen to the union is an overt unionist party in control of Scotland’s gov and parliament. Why? because it has been clear for quite some time that Scotland does no longer focus in the concept of “left/right” politics like England, but rather “pro indy/against indy” politics. A unionist party would exacerbate that polarisation. Scotland and England are now two different worlds politically speaking and cannot be brought together without some gerrymandering.

If you think about it, the only way for the union to survive for a bit longer is by having unionists governing Scotland under a false flag and under the pretence they are seeking independence. But instead of seeking independence, they are pushing it back by pretending they can never reach it because of their being powerless. And voila! the next thing we have is them settling for more devolution hoping for a return to a “left/right” focus in Scotland’s politics, just like England. This is exactly what we have had for the last 7 years.

What would be today the quickest path for a revival of Labour in Scotland?
By returning as something else entirely. Is that what Sturgeon’s SNP is?

“Why is a sovereign nation state pretending it has no authority?”

Absolutely with you on that one. There is another point that was the clincher for me: the proportion of sovereignty.

England MPs, Sturgeon and many of the devolutionist seat warmers in the SNP have since 2015 been falling over themselves to make us believe the reason why they haven’t lift a finger in 7 years to progress Scotland’s independence is because they claim Westminster is sovereign.

But it is only very recently, since the Withdrawal bill to be more precise, that for first time, England MPs have dared to put in law what is at all effects only an English convention. Had we real pro independence leaders in Scotland instead of political frauds, and there is no way that withdrawal bill would have ever passed without ending the union. 

Instead, the withdrawal bill passed like a walk in the park and was stamped by Betty against the will of the people of Scotland because Sturgeon was conveniently looking the other way instead of acting to stop it to protect Scotland’s sovereignty, just as she did when brexit was forced on Scotland, or when A50 was triggered, or when the Scotland Act was butchered, or when a more advantageous deal was given to a section of the Kingdom of England (NI) in direct breach of the Treaty of Union, or when the “internal market” legislation was passed to ensure Scotland would be forced to accept decreased standards from England and forcing Scotland’s producers to reduce their standards too.

But the interesting thing for me is that considering the UK is a bipartite union, and the ratio of Kingdom of England MPs to Scotland’s, Westminster’s sovereignty would mean for us that England MPs would hold over 90% of Scotland’s sovereignty and over 90% of its own. This is an absurdity of the highest order and nothing like that has ever been stipulated in the Treaty of Union. Such idea would mean Scotland completely loses its sovereignty with the union while England not only retains its own, but gets all Scotland’s as well. Such absurdity would even mean London with 73 seats holds more of sovereignty from Scotland than Scotland itself. Yet, this absurdity is what England MPs, the useful useful idiots of Labour and Tories in Scotland’s parliament and Sturgeon and the SNP devolutionists expect us to believe and accept. Well I don’t.

Bizarrely, under this absurd logic, the amount of Scotland’s sovereignty that England MPs hold vary over time and of course may increase just on their say so. This is ridiculous. Recently they have changed the constituency boundaries so Scotland loses a couple of MPs while England wins a few. In other words, if you consider the principle of Westminster’s sovereignty valid, then England MPs have just voted to take away from Scotland another chunk of its sovereignty so they can award it to themselves without Scotland’s consent. The logic of this is simply laughable, yet, we are considered total idiots who should simply accept this nonsense without even question it. Well, I can’t.


Mia sets out a scenario that has more credence every day. Anyone who had studied the actions of the SNP over the period since Sturgeon took over needs to be blind not to see the pattern. the big talk, the quiet surrenders. The refusal to challenge when opportunities, big opportunities, appear. Instead we see a colonial administration content to administer the colony as instructed by the colonial power. For me the removal of the Saltires from Bute House during Boris’s trip to Scotland for COP26 was the ultimate concession. Who believes Alex Salmond, Gordon Wilson or Willie Wolfe would have bent the knee in this humiliating way? Nicola Sturgeon managed it with a smile on her face.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland


Sadly some sites had given up on being pro Indy sites and have decided to become merely pro SNP sites where any criticism of the Party Leader or opposition to the latest policy extremes, results in censorship being applied. This, in the rather over optimistic belief that this will suppress public discussion on such topics. My regular readers have expertly worked out that by regularly sharing articles on this site defeats that censorship and makes it all rather pointless. I really do appreciate such support and free speech in Scotland is remaining unaffected by their juvenile censorship. Indeed it is has become a symptom of weakness and guilt. Quite encouraging really.


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