Part two of the article by David Taylor. Westminster England omits Revenues, and ‘allocates’ Debt to Scots to make sure Scots have a ‘Budget Deficit’. Westminster forces Scottish Government by law, via Westminster appointed Civil Servants, to use the ONS figures and print the GERS Report. With GERS and all of the above, Unionist MPs and Media like BBC repeatedly broadcast a Scots failure, budget deficit and over-spend. It is notContinue reading "HOW WE GOT HERE PART TWO"


Part two of the article by David Taylor.

Westminster England omits Revenues, and ‘allocates’ Debt to Scots to make sure Scots have a ‘Budget Deficit’. Westminster forces Scottish Government by law, via Westminster appointed Civil Servants, to use the ONS figures and print the GERS Report. With GERS and all of the above, Unionist MPs and Media like BBC repeatedly broadcast a Scots failure, budget deficit and over-spend. It is not true. Scotland always was, a Westminster ‘Piggy-Bank; its elitist Country Playground, and its Colony – even today. The English Crown Estates claim to own about 100,000 acres of Scotland. Despite sales allegedly disallowed, much was also sold to rich ‘friends’. The Crown also claims to own Scotland’s seabed and much of its foreshore. The National Trust also ‘manages’ many public buildings and historic assets, and has a history of selling them off. Westminster repeatedly comes up with schemes to defraud Scots. In the late 1990’s it created PFI/PPP projects funded by banks and Investors which cost seven times more than cost . These cause decades of additional so called ‘Scottish Debts’ of fifty billion pounds or more. It is described as: One of “The Greatest Financial Rip-Offs of the Scottish Electorate since 1707”. But how does Westminster get away with it? Surely people would rise up if they knew? The answer is simple. Westminster and the ‘British’ state are masters of propaganda. They invented psychological war, colonisation and misinformation and aretrue masters of those arts. They even brag about it in historic documentaries about Empire and WW2.

Westminster is a Master of PropagandaManipulation and Lies.

After centuries of Westminster Machine propaganda, ordinary people are shocked to learn even basic truths. For example, Scotland is not much smaller than England but is always portrayed as much smaller. On every BBC map seen by people many times every day for eighty years Scotland was shown as much smaller. When territorial waters and assets in are included, Scotland is far larger than England. So much so, in 1990’s Westminster unlawfully re-drew territorial waters and stole six thousand square miles of Scottish Waters for oil and fisheries. 

Illustrations and Listings of Scottish Territory, Assets, and Resources.

If the ‘Union’ is partnering of equals  why does the Westminster Machine steal? Theft is a centuries old Imperialist theme. Another basic lie is: ‘United Kingdom has a Constitution’. ‘Experts’ claim it is in multiple Laws and Rulings. There is no Westminster Act relating to Sovereignty, nor is it in the Act of Union and there is no written Constitution. What exists is piecemeal Laws easily altered by Westminster, which Conservatives are exploiting today to their advantage for more power and to dilute and pollute Democratic Rights. So Parliamentary control, Reserved Matters, exploitation of Scottish Resources, and earlier ‘Act of Union’ fraud, and military invasion are the truth of Scotland’s relationship with the Union. Even today, despite Devolution, Westminster retains power over 85% of Scotland’s fiscal levers. Unionist parties and BBC deliberately lie to the public daily criticising Scottish Government in areas where Westminster causes problems and SG has no formal legal control. 

Westminster England’s Reserved Powers Over Scottish People.

In 2014 the Scot independence Referendum was subjected to prolific levels of Westminster and Unionist parties, obfuscation, misdirection, lies and abuse. Tories campaigned that voting ‘NO’ was the only way to stay in the EU. English Labour bussed in activists to tell Scots a ‘YES’ vote would mean losing UK pensions. British media, especially BBC, worked overtime to discredit Independence people and organisations. By far the worst offence of a great many, was the three English Registered Unionists Party Leaders signing a declaration ‘The Vow’ that if Scots voted ‘NO’, Westminster would grant Scots greater self-Government. This turned out to be another half a dozen Unionist brazen lies to deceive Scots. In the 2014 Referendum, the ‘YES’ vote was narrowly defeated due to lies.

Westminster Lies to the Scottish People Promising More Power.

In 2016, Westminster Tories lied about BREXIT and forced the fiercely European minded Scots out of the EU against Scotland’s will on 2020/21. The Red Bus promising 350 Million pounds a week which could be given to the NHS fooled a lot of people. It was yet another Westminster and in particular a Tory Lie. The extent of the lies and misinformation gave impetus to a rapid rise in visible public racism and hate speech in England which the liberal internationally minded Scots viewed with horror. 

The Union is at best a hostage situation for Scots. Even anyone who supports the Union cannot argue Scotland has a right to choose, without being bullied, lied to, acted against, defrauded, threatened or ridiculed by Union politicians and press magnates. It is a fact, for example, that the cost of Scotland being in the UK, is twice as much as was the cost of UK being in the EU. That cost to Scotland does not include Westminster frauds mentioned elsewhere here nor does it include the ‘Vampire’ banking system Westminster uses. Even today, Northern Ireland has three times the powers the Scots Government does. Westminster actively promotes allocation of inequality depending on whether or not people support its politics. Westminster rules by ‘Divide and Abuse’. Let us restore Scotland into EU, the biggest Free Trade and member state free-access partnership the world has ever known.

Westminster & Unionist Press & BREXIT Prolific Lies, Put ‘Britain’ in Dangerous Isolation, and Far Worse Off.

Scots 1603 Alliance with England, was broken by England. The bitter pill Scots must swallow, especially Unionists, is that 1707 ‘Union’ was to defend England. The Union was a colonisation enforced by four hundred Military Garrisons in Scotland. Like other English colonies, Monarchs, Elites, Westminster, and their Laws proceeded to strip Scottish assets, shrouded in secrecy, and false conciliatory diplomacy Politics. It misplaced, tortured, deported or killed Scots. Theft of Scotland’s wealth together with Ireland, Wales, India the empire (and most regions of England too), is still ongoing today in ‘The Little City of London’. In early to mid 1900’s Westminster spent 74% of Scot Revenue whilst Scots starved and sent many to their death then thereafter refused to issue transparent figures. In the 1970’s to today Westminster hid then squandered vast oil wealth. In the 1980’s -1990’s it lied and invented GERS systems to falsely report Scottish wealth claiming Scots were ‘poor’.

French MediaScotland, 14th Richest Country in the World.

‘The Little City of London’ still launders money today. The ‘Little City’ is a separate state within UK, with its own Government, Police and Security, set up in 1857 to launder the plundered trillions in wealth of the ‘British’ (for that read English) Empire. It still does so today and celebrates its crimes annually with ‘The Lord Mayors Show’ grandiose parade. The ‘Little City’ is why Westminster needed UK out of the EU – new EU Tax and Fraud laws would have exposed this English Institutional theft on the most epic scale the world has ever seen, making Pablo Escobar’s drugs and Mafia crime takings combined, look like pocket money. Even when England previously tried to get rid of Westminster evil, Kings and Elites simply re-established it again and the frauds continued.

In 2021, if you are a Scot or you live in Scotland (or any other normal person living in UK) why should you care about history? Because today, you are part of the Westminster England machine. That machine is abusive, dishonest, racist, greedy. It has no social conscience. It is evil because it does not care about you. For money it murdered 20 Million in WW1 and more in WW2. Post WW2 there was a moment when Socialism advanced and many measures we believed immutable were taken and the lot of the majority improved immeasurably. The Conservatives work ceaselessly and successfully to roll these back. Scotland is a country which has not voted Conservative since 1955, but gets ruled by Conservatives in Westminster. Scotland is a Country that supported Labour for decades, until Labour abused Scots just as Conservatives do. Over recent decades Westminster (Conservative and Labour) has murdered hundreds of thousands of UK citizens by claiming ‘Austerity’ essential. Over the COVID crisis it murdered fifty thousand English and over recent years murdered a hundred thousand by cutting disabled benefits and ‘Universal credit’. Westminster Justice is today, and it always was, about the rights of Kings, Elites, and maintaining power to abuse the weak and others via Governmental power. English ‘Laws’ are about maintaining those rights at the expense of the People – Scots, English, Welsh, Irish, foreigners alike. It is still not about UNION but DOMINATION and MONEY. Scottish Justice is about the Rights of people expressed through a people’s Parliament, with or without Kings or elites – these days many Scots prefer without, whilst England’s elites and billionaires grow in number. You need to care about history because it tells you that sooner or later the Westminster machine will kill you, or some of your family, if it has not done so already. 

Scotland is unchanged in its relationship with Westminster since 1707, under-represented, under-funded, over-taxed, and basically stolen from. In the coming weeks Scots have an opportunity to vote on Independence. A hundred previous colonies have escaped ‘Empire’ domination and thrived. Ireland escaped Westminster and thrived. Northern Ireland and Wales are talking about it. Scotland has a majority of its population in favour of Independence. Scotland has its own Government, but with restricted powers, dominated and abused by Westminster. In forthcoming elections, let us cast off the abuse, dishonest, racist, greedy millstone Westminster Machine – it has no social conscience. The English are our friends, but Westminster England is an elitist abomination. Let us vote once and for all to leave this fake Unionism’s evils behind. Let us vote to be in control of our own Nation. Let us control our own future. Let us use Scottish Justice and support Scots. Let Scotland take its place as a prosperous international country. 

‘Nemo Me Impune Lacessit’


‘Wha Daur Meddle Wi Me’


‘Cha togar m’ fhearg gun dìoladh’


I appreciate the work and effort that went into creating this article and I thank David Taylor for it. It highlights a history of cheating and stacking the odds against Scotland. It is still happening today, look at the censorship of the Alba Party on the broadcast media for no other reason than we represent a serious threat to the Unionists seats in Scotland. What is happening is a democratic outrage and it insults every voter in Scotland through telling them it is the TV companies who determine what political choices you can hear from. The excuses have been pathetic, the connivance of the other Parties is disgraceful and deserves punishment at the polls from every democratic voter in Scotland. This is our freedoms they are denying including the most important of all, freedom of speech. This is a very dangerous game that is being played. If Scotland has any self respect and worth Scots will say, in the strongest of terms, this will not do!

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland

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