“Lets us be clear about one thing: we are facing the grimmest time this winter and I frankly FEAR major civil unrest and many thousands of death from cold and hunger” There is only around 2.5 million households in Scotland. Scotland is self sufficient in energy, so what can possibly be the excuse these idiotsContinue reading "MIA ENTERS THE ENERGY DEBATE."

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“Lets us be clear about one thing: we are facing the grimmest time this winter and I frankly FEAR major civil unrest and many thousands of death from cold and hunger”

There is only around 2.5 million households in Scotland. Scotland is self sufficient in energy, so what can possibly be the excuse these idiots in control of England as the UK government, their propaganda mouthpieces in the so called “Scottish conservative party”, and their useful idiots in Labour, Libdems and Bute House, could have to allow this extortionate and crippling increase in prices in Scotland while England gets OUR energy for free and the revenues from our grid charges and big cities down south do not get anywhere near the increase in price caps we are getting here, despite our country being a producer of electricity?

And by excuse, I mean a real one, not propaganda.

In what kind of dystopian, twisted universe do you see an scenario where the more energy your country produces, the bigger proportion of that energy is stolen by your parasitic neighbour country, which is also siphoning the grid charges, and the more you are being charged for consuming it?

This only happens in the colony of the North. Only in the place where there is a collusion between the most useless FM, the most useless and apathetic MSPs and MP’s Scotland has ever seen since it was sold by a parcel of self-serving rogues, calling themselves “gentlemen” in 1707, the most anglo-centric “Scottish” government we have seen since devolution started, the most corrupt executive in England and a crown pushing the clock back to redirect our sovereignty to itself to stop independence, so they all can gag Scotland, as it was gagged in 1707, and bleed it dry of its assets.

Conveniently, the Scottish people are being forced to the bottom of the hierarchy of needs so we do no longer think about self-actualisation (self-determination) and instead we are occupied thinking about individual survival. Years of stealing women rights and deconstructing the concept of womanhood clearly were not enough to distract us from self-determination, so now they rob the food from the plates of our children, the light and the heat from our houses. Yet, in the meantime, these corrupt and unethical lot keep preaching about faux values and virtue signalling.

I am sick and fed up of hearing ignorant and colonial minded England MPs nobody gave the mandate to talk on behalf of Scotland or to rule Scotland telling me that they will ignore Scotland, all while they continue to actively steal from us every effing penny they can to feed England and to help it deal with the consequences of its astonishing political stupidity and ill-advised political decisions.

I am sick and fed up of useless Scotland MSPs and MPs who were voted to deliver independence precisely to stop things like this happening, and instead, for 8 years, they have have sat on their hands and legitimised the actions of successive corrupt UK executives imposing their colonial practices and accelerating their pillage on Scotland.

Why is it that us in Scotland have to always be the ones who clean England’s shit? What does it have to do with us? Didn’t that paragon of common sense Truss tell us she will ignore our country? So why aren’t they ignoring it when they are deciding whose assets to steal? Why don’t they look at their own pockets?

Don’t they constantly tell us they are self-sufficient and it is “we” who are the benefit scroungers? Don’t they tell us constantly we have to live within our means? So when is England going to start living within its own means? When is England going to face up by itself to the consequences of its own actions, roll up its sleeves and clean its own mess for which she and only she is responsible? Why is it that when they are looking for a mop the first places they always look at is Scotland and Wales, instead of their own cupboard? Why is it that we are the ones who have to suffer the worse of the actions of the brigade of useless, corrupt, unprincipled and self-serving clowns England elects? Why is it that in the third decade of the 21st century we still have an anachronic, self-serving crown actively stealing power from us in the form of a corrupt to the core COPFS, a faux democracy where we are deliberately denied of the options we really want to choose so what we don’t want can be forced on us while claiming it was our choice, a rogue executive preaching about “parliamentary sovereignty” when what it really means is actively transferring sovereignty from the people to the crown, and a worse than useless “Scottish” government that all it has done in the last 8 years is fabricating obstacles to independence, handing over our assets and having a catastrophic go at social engineering?

If I am not mistaken, our businesses are paying 20% of VAT in our electricity bills. So this means a 20% of this astronomic increase in electricity is going directly to the England as the UK coffers. So I would like to ask, until what point England as the UK government is allowing this astronomical increase to fill England as the UK’s coffers to cover the extra cost of a brexit Scotland never asked for and never consented to? Until what point what we see is at all practical effects an increase in VAT revenue by the back door so the tories are not seen as increasing the VAT itself breaching their manifesto? How much more VAT are England as the UK’s coffers getting with the increase in energy, food and drink, clothes, transport and basically everything else? 

I will only believe England as the UK gov is not behind this unjustifiable increase in prices if any of those two colonial minded idiots the tory party has produced as its best option to the PM post declare that they will reduce VAT percentages to the point where the overall VAT revenues will match those before the 31st January 2020, the day the betrayer in bute house embarrassed us with a capitulation speech instead of ending the union.

Only then I will believe this increase in prices is not in fact another tawdry manoeuvre by cowards and deceitful politicians to increase our taxes by the back door.


I have picked up from this that Mia is very angry. She is not alone I think politicians are in for an almighty shock as this year progresses. I think they have overstepped the mark where people who are being downtrodden just meekly accept it. I think there will be a huge backlash. I will be doing my best to encourage it. The pressures on family incomes, on pensioners being caused by the horrific rises in energy, fuel and food costs are crippling the poor and scaring the hell out of the middle class who are seeing their living standards plummeting. These are the ingredients of widespread social unrest. It will kick off later this year. Nothing is more certain.

I am, as always



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