“Why then are Scot gov not making a statement about dissolving the treaty of union?” In my personal opinion because Nicola Sturgeon never worked for Scotland and never wanted independence in the first place. She was just pretending to, biding her time to stop independence In my view, the eight months’ period between 18 SeptemberContinue reading "MIA SETS OUT HER CASE THAT WE ARE BEING BETRAYED."


“Why then are Scot gov not making a statement about dissolving the treaty of union?”

In my personal opinion because Nicola Sturgeon never worked for Scotland and never wanted independence in the first place. She was just pretending to, biding her time to stop independence

In my view, the eight months’ period between 18 September 2014 and 8 May 2015 was politically speaking one of the most dangerous threats to the union survival the dark state faced in the last 315 years.

There was huge discontent in Scotland with the official result of the 2014 referendum and with the betrayal of the vow, which was well evident by then. It was dangerous because by that time it was already in the public domain that the people of Scotland was going to vote for the SNP in masse to castigate the colonial parties for the betrayal, and independence was the expectation among many, from sending a majority of SNP MPs.

At that point in time, yes voters still saw the SNP as the healthy, democratic, reliable pro independence party that Mr Salmond had led and whose main aim was to restore Scotland’s statehood. Sending over 50 SNP MPs in such context, and worse, led by a man who was deadly serious about independence and who was bitter after being robbed of the opportunity of a yes win because of the disgusting interference of the British state, would no doubt signify the end of a terminally ill union and worse, an end to the tories rich donors’ brexit wet dream

The support for the EU by Scotland was very obvious around the time of the referendum. It was also obvious that if Scotland had become independent at that point, it would rush back to the EU. England would have never been able to leave the EU and drop its standards unless it risked a hard border with Scotland and the loss of its market. 

Surrounded by hard borders to Scotland, France and Ireland, England would become totally isolated and with Scotland’s natural assets out of the equation, a smaller landmass and a astronomical debt without its cash cow helping paying for its vanity projects and its debt, its currency would tank, exacerbating even more the problem. 

Realistically, England could have only exited the EU as part of the UK, connected by an umbilical cord to Scotland’s assets and revenues and, of course, standing on the shoulders of Scotland to avoid sinking. That Scotland drowns in the process of keeping England afloat is just a collateral because seemingly, England’s economy and wellbeing is all what matters to every politician in Westminster and Holyrood.

But more importantly, England’s ruling elite needed to ensure a hard border with Scotland would never happen. The only possible way this could have been done, without risking being exposed to the transparency laws of tax havens, was by abusing its position as an equal partner to keep Scotland permanently out of the EU against the expressed will of Scotland’s sovereign people by unilaterally rewriting its internal laws.

In other words, Scotland had to be stopped from ending the union. And evidently, the best way to do it was by first disabling its political vehicle for independence and, in the longer term, rendering it worthless. Disenfranchised and divided yes voters would take years to reorganise themselves with another political vehicle. By then, the damage would have been done: Scotland’s assets would have been given away, its laws and policies changed to depart as far away from the EU as possible and brexit would have become the status quo.

1. What is the fastest route to disable a political party? By taking over the leadership and masking its constitution with a phony manifesto.

We saw a change in leadership of the SNP at the precise moment in time when the SNP was going to see its largest representation in Westminster since the SNP was born. Sturgeon also, for first time, in the advent of a landslide win for the SNP in GE2015, took the wheels off the SNP by claiming a vote for the SNP was not a vote for independence. Instead, she included in the manifesto the phony request for “Full Financial Responsibility”, whatever the hell that meant.

What Sturgeon’s offered us was a vote for a hybrid version between Dugdale’s confederation crap and Gordon Brown’s infamous Devo Max to the Max rebranded as “full fiscal responsiblity” and repackaged as an SNP policy that has a strong stench that labour’s brainchild.

2. How do you render a politcal party worthless? By installing a trojan horse inside its democratic structures that will cause them to implode, and by removing control from the hands of the membership.

Isn’t that precisely what we saw since Sturgeon took over?

3. How do you destroy the yes movement? By provoking its division.

Again, Isn’t this precisely the objective of Sturgeon’s continuous denying us of a campaign and by forcing on us toxic, unbelievably unpopular, divisive policies? 

Remember how many times we were told by Gordon Brown and Cameron and others that “we could not have another referendum”? Well, guess what? A political fraud in control of the party to which we have given countless mandates for a referendum, has been denying us that referendum for 6 years. The problem is that with the excuse of the referendum, she has been also denying us access to any other route to end the union for 7 years.

Remember how fast Sturgeon run away from a plebiscite election in 2021? We should run bets on how fast she runs from a plebiscite election in 2024 and then watch Robertson or the replacement puppet successor beat the record and run even faster in 2026. May be her trip to the USA is not to deliver a speech in some think tank or another, but rather to Nasa to test some bigger jets to put under her feet and run away from any plebiscite election in the horizon faster.

I have tried, but the only way I can make any sense of what Sturgeon has been doing for the last 8 years and the way she has wasted every opportunity and turned a blind eye to every assault on Scotland’s rights and assets is if she is just another part of the British state whose fundamental mission was always to manage the threat posed by the yes movement by first neutering the SNP, then eliminating any route for any potential leader to get control of the SNP, then permanently stalling the yes movement to stop it growing and then finally by causing it to implode in buried in internal divisions. I am convinced this political fraud is simply waiting for the best time and opportunity to help the British state foist on us some form of enhanced devolution as an innocuous alternative to independence. 

I am convinced we have been fooled big time and that the 2014 referendum (just like the 2016 EU one) was always going to be just window dressing. A “benevolent” exercise just to demonstrate how accommodating to Scotland and “democratic” this undemocratic by design union was. Of course, everything that happened since 19 September 2014 has demonstrated that this union is not and never will be democratic.

When you look at the whole thing retrospectively, you actually wonder how on earth could yes have ever won. We had a dodgy franchise, as it was demonstrated by the gloating of the MSM rubbing on our faces that we had been robbed of a yes win by external settlers. Then, during the indyref campaign we had entities with HQ outwith Scotland pumping cash on the better together campaign, effectively giving a channel for foreign interests to trash our democratic campaign. Then we had Uk civil servants abandoning their code of practice, principles and ethics and got their hands up to their elbows in politics “to save the union”. We also had an squadron of old hasbeens and useful idiots of the British state announcing the apocalypse if Scotland ended the union. We had the “national” broadcaster and the entire MSM pumping propaganda and fearmongering 24/7. We had foreign politicians and individuals in other roles, undemocratically and arrogantly sticking their uninvited noses in our business. We had elements of the british state abusing power, sticking their hands in the process and gerrymandering it, like the case of Davidson knowing about the result of the postal votes even before the official counting had actually started, or releasing the vow in the middle of purdah. We had leaders of England parties, individuals that did not live in Scotland and could not possibly participate in the referendum, also direclty inviting themselves to interfere.

Very revealingly, on the week yes surpassed No, Leanne Wood asked Cameron, the then FM, what safeguards were in place and what plans were in place if a yes vote would win. Cameron said that none. In other words, he knew yes would never win.

The beast that was really simmering behind doors was brexit, so the independence referendum had to be taken out of the way quickly to ensure England’s elite could have their corrosive brexit.

When you put the dates of all the events related to brexit and the indy referendum on a timeline, you start to see odd things and that there appeared to be a very unhealthy collusion between the timing of both referendums. For example, an element in this timeline was the convenient trashing of FFA for Scotland in Westminser by England MPs , despite this being what Sturgeon had asked for and having a huge democratic mandate for. But then of course, if FFA has been approved at that point, England Mps would not have been able to easily steal our devolved powers with the advent of brexit.

We also had the Westminster vote by which England Mps violated the Claim of Right and every principle of democracy when they gave themselves a veto over Scotland’s vote in the EU referendum. This was of course to ensure brexit would win, because at that time should Scotland had a veto, as it should, brexit would have never won.

Then of course we had the unilateral triggering of A50 that directly violated Scotland’s constitutional rights and that should have invalidated A50. But Sturgeon and her worthless SNP chose to turn a blind eye.

More recently we had the passing of the Withdrawal bill, that directly assaulted Scotland’s sovereignty and that unlawfully included the English convention of parliamentary sovereignty in UK law when the ancient English parliament could have never conferred parliamentary sovereignty to Scotland’s MPs and the ancient parliament of Scotland could not have possibly conferred to Scotland’s MPs sitting in Westminster, what it did not have. Again, Sturgeon turned a blind eye as did the amoebas that call themselves SNP in Westminster.

Things like these signal something fishy with indyref14, GE2015 and the EU ref. There is an overpowering stench of false democracy and window dressing. 

A functional majority of SNP MPs in 2015 when the population of Scotland was most heated after the dodgy official 2014 result and with assault after assault on Scotland in preparation for the EU ref and after it, if led by a real pro independence leader like Mr Salmond, would have ended the union before the transition period had ended, frustrating brexit for England.

This to me explain why civil service, Sturgeon’s gov, the higher echelons of Sturgeon’s infected SNP, and the other tools of the british state, went after Mr Salmond, and in doing so, exposing their vindictiveness, their utter incompetence, lack of principles and corruption, undemocratic character. They did this by making up as they went along an unlawful procedure that was never designed to withstand the pressure of a court of law.

But this also explains why Sturgeon couldn’t remove the wheels of the SNP fast enough as soon as she became the leader and why Mr Salmond had to be ejected from the SNP. For as long as he remained in it, he could influence that majority of MPs.

I would be less surprised today if somebody tells me Sturgeon will be the next labour or libdem leader than if somebody tells me this individual has not been working covertly for the British state and against the independence movement since at least she took over the SNP leadership on 14 Nov 2014 and probably earlier.

For as long as Sturgeon and the next British state tool Robertson are in control of the party, the option of repealing the treaty of union will never be offered to us. If we want it we will have to pursue it through a route that completely bypasses an SNP that has been destroyed from within by political frauds.

I have serious doubts, and have had them for quite some time now, that Mr Salmond left the leadership of the party voluntarily and that he was not “encouraged” some how. The contrast in leadership from his efficient hand to the floppy and unprincipled one of Sturgeon could not be more dramatic. Watching how Ms Cherry was removed out of the way to catapult Robertson to the Edinburgh seat was sickening and suspicious. Looking retrospectively and deeply, Mr Salmond never failed to win the referendum. The result was clearly robbed. He would have won if the referendum had it been a fair exercise in democracy and if all the many dirty backdoors used by the British state’s arms to undemocratically and unlawfully stick their hand and interfere to stop a yes vote, had been properly closed.

Politically speaking, we have had since 14 Nov 2014 a completely useless pretender attempting to hide Mr Salmond’s shoes away because she cannot possibly fill them. In fact, the longer she remains in power, the larger those shoes become and the smaller her political figure as a trustworthy leader becomes. Despite her best efforts to suffocate the yes campaign, to divide it and to reverse its momentum, the only thing this political fraud has successfully managed to achieve is to stall its progression and completely taint the credibility of everything she touches, from the government she claims to lead, to parliament, the civil service, the COPFS, the Justice System and the party. 

The urgency of what looks very much like a dodgy collusion between the British state, Sturgeon’s gov and the higher echelons of the SNP to push Mr Salmond away from politics, ended up morphing into a scorched earth strategy that has exposed cabinet ministers, party executive, COPFS, the civil service, parliamentary committees, judges, press and the police as the unholy opaque, undemocratic and repressive rogue state tool and information suppression machine.

The complaints procedure and everything related to the civil and criminal cases and then the embarrassing saga of the alphabets, will forever demonstrate that Mr Salmond was seen as a huge existential threat to the union. Sturgeon by contrast is clearly trusted as innocuous and with enough lack of loyalty to make her compliant.

In January 2013 yes support was around 23% (from the guardian, article by Severin Carrell of 23 January 2013). Against all odds, Mr Salmond’s leadership put that support over 50% around a week before the referendum. Despite Sturgeon’s attempts to suffocate the yes movement, after 8 years of watching a constitutional hazard like Sturgeon bulldozing the party, women’s rights, every democratic structure and justice service Scotland, the level of support for independence remains still stubbornly around 47%.How such achievement by Mr Salmond could ever be seen as anything other than an almighty and embarrassing failure by the British state apparatus and its FM puppet to uphold the union narrative is beyond me.

The last 8 years have been an exercise in managing the yes movement to stop it growing further, to disenfranchise it and to isolate it from any real political vehicle that could be used by this movement to effect the end of the union leaving England without its brexit. This is all what Sturgeon appears to have been doing and will probably continue to do for as long as she remains in power. After many years, when all our assets had been given away, our people has been exploited and our country is left close to barren, riddled with England’s decaying nuclear waste, then we will be spitted out, but as a seceding state, mind, not as an equal partner who has dissolved the treaty. The latter cannot be allowed because England has to retain all the goodies Scotland has been contributing to and helped create.

It was always about England and nothing but England. 8 years for now will be almost impossible for Scotland to return to the EU, so England will have removed the existential threat of hard borders all around, but at the expense of Scotland’s wealth, demographics, autonomy, democratic rights and sovereignty.

The entry of Scotland in this union was by force to help England pay its debt and to be used as cannon fodder in England’s wars. In 1707 Scotland was denied a fair election that could risk sending to Westminster anti-union MPs that would terminate the union. I guess at that time the word “nationalist” was not in use. 315 years later and absolutely nothing has changed. Now, we may be able to send Nationalists to Westminster, but only after England’s dark state has placed a puppet in control of our nationalist party to render those nationalist MPs useless and nationalists only in name.

Clearly, the existence and permanence of this union relies on the continuous repression of democracy.


Mia makes a powerful argument. I hope those who disagree will respond in a respectful manner and explain why they reject the many arguments and case Mia explains above. What Mia has written is based on actual events and timings. it is a catalogue of, at the very least, missed opportunities, some of which beggar belief. I will publish the best responses whether they agree or disagree with what Mia has written. As the SNP watch helplessly being sidelined and losing control of councils the length and breadth of Scotland, thanks to Nikkla’s inept two votes SNP and no other Party ”strategy” , it is not difficult to add to the list of ”charges”. I suspect this article will kick off a storm.

I am, as always



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