ONCE UPON A TIME! Are you sitting comfortably (you won’t be for long). Let me begin. Once upon a time a small, potentially rich country was found to have an abundance of riches, not least oil deposits off its coast that had the potential to make its inhabitants amongst the richest peoples in the World.Continue reading "ONCE UPON A TIME"



Are you sitting comfortably (you won’t be for long). Let me begin.

Once upon a time a small, potentially rich country was found to have an abundance of riches, not least oil deposits off its coast that had the potential to make its inhabitants amongst the richest peoples in the World.

It was a country with friends worldwide, not only because of the huge contribution the country had made in terms of invention to the creation of the modern world. This was augmented by the rich diaspora of their people across the globe, the result of ethnic cleansing and displacement carried out on behalf of its large neighbour over several centuries.

During this previous period a policy of military threat and financial inducement through bribery of the Lords of the smaller country, the large neighbour secured a “joint Parliament” with its smaller neighbour. Ordinary people had no say, which was as well because they were overwhelmingly against. It was unbalanced from the start with the small country dwarfed in terms of numbers of members of the Parliament and easily outvoted on any issue.

There then began a story of plunder, a comprehensive one, encompassing all the assets of the smaller country, large chunks of land were forfeited whenever people sought to challenge the injustices and were handed to the citizens of the larger country at the expense of the local owners. Likewise all positions of authority in the smaller country were only made available to those loyal to the interests of the larger country. From the off it was to be rigid colonial control.

As the years passed, more and more people secured the franchise to vote in elections. This was no worry because the Parliamentary numbers were sufficiently secure that the voters in the smaller country, even if they all voted for the same Party, would only account for a tiny number of elected MP’s. Less than one in ten. A nuisance maybe, never a threat.

The trick however was never to permit or encourage widespread dissent to occur. Therefore the priority policy was one of divide and rule accompanied with a long term policy to reduce and remove wherever possible the key indicators of the small nations existence. In effect a removal and reduction of its “inferior” language and culture, a capture of the teaching in its educational institutions, the control of the key management positions in its industry and public bodies.

Today much of that programme has been quite successful, largely because the people elected to defend the small country’s interests were all based at the Parliament in the larger country and were assimilated into it’s structure and privileges. No greater success at this than recently when 56 of the MP’s out of the 59 total that the small country is allowed to send to the joint Parliament were all elected to end the Union between the two countries. They have been in the larger country for years now  and have proved excellent fire extinguishers damping down any rebellion amongst their electors back in the smaller country. They are a great bunch and other members of Parliament have great fun with them.

To be on the safe side however the larger country is now engaged in a policy to encourage more of their citizens to move to live in the smaller country as a bulwark against the worrying demographics where an older generation that had accepted colonial rule were being increasingly replaced on the electoral roll with young pro Independence supporters.

Anyway, around fifty years ago a real problem arose. Large quantities of oil were discovered off the small countries coast, untold wealth. Worryingly the natives began to get restless and there was real concern that the larger country would miss out on this god given opportunity for “us all” to get rich.

Something had to be done, and urgently. The first priority was a secret Government misinformation policy designed to create and maximise the.confusion about how much oil was there. The stories that were developed were crackers. To give some examples “ it was the wrong type of oil”, “ it would only last ten years” were the favourites. In convincing sufficient people about this the larger country was greatly assisted by Labour Governments who were ideally placed, because of their widespread support in the smaller country, to get that message accepted by a significant number of the populace. They also, very helpfully, marked a report that correctly identified the huge oil opportunity, warning it would make the small country the richest in Europe, as TOP SECRET and the large country, under different Governments, buried it for decades.

The large country used the vast fortunes on a twin track system, the first creating huge infrastructure improvements in the south of the larger country while the second involved substantial tax cuts for the well off. As most of the well off lived in the larger country, rather than in the smaller country where the wealth was being realised, the political impact was to secure a series of elections in favour of the exploiters and their supporters.

The surprising thing about the story is just how slow the inhabitants of the smaller country were to catch on to what was happening. This can be explained by the really clever part of the strategy, a strategy as yet unmentioned.

This involved very clever accountancy and a political message all designed to convince the population of the smaller country that far from being exploited by the larger country they were in fact being subsidised. The larger country was expert at this having been a huge colonial power across the globe and having to operate this tactic extensively, while raiding the resources of numerous countries. To make this stick it was necessary to mobilise the section of the population amongst the middle class that were reasonably affluent in relative terms. They told them that Independence for the smaller country would bring economic disaster. Hence the too wee, too poor, too stupid myth was born. Countries all round the World, smaller, poorer, not as well educated as the smaller country could be fully independent so they needed to totally control the media if that strategy was to survive,

Fortunately the BBC were there as the State Broadcaster to control that task and thereafter by ensuring all the main mainstream media in the smaller country was owned and controlled outside the smaller country, the secure platform was created to maintain the myth.

The important thing here is that this set up and tactics used over oil must be used to keep control of all other assets that are valuable to the Parliament in the bigger country. They are being fully deployed at the moment to ensure the Parliament maintains full control over the renewable energy assets of the smaller country and a huge effort will shortly be underway to secure water supplies and keep them “safe.”

So that is the story, are you still sitting comfortably? If you are and you live in the smaller country can I suggest you need to get off your backside and do something urgently about this.

What can you do?

  1. Change your elected representatives who have failed you.
  2. Stop purchasing any of the foreign owned media and seek the truth
  3. Make your friends, family, work colleagues much more aware of what is happening

That will do for starters, more will follow once progress towards Independence gets underway.

The only way this tale can have a happy ending for you and your family, and all future generations in our smaller country, is when we all act to end colonial rule and the careers of those who have been happy to go along with it.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland.


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