OUT WITH THE SLEDGEHAMMER As each day passes the SNP Leadership introduce new moves to DEFEAT Independence. They are taking a sledgehammer to our chances. Let’s have a quick look at what is going on. The War on Women Woman are under constant attack from GRA and Self ID. It would be bad enough butContinue reading "OUT WITH THE SLEDGE HAMMER."

“Gold standard” Sledge Hammer.


As each day passes the SNP Leadership introduce new moves to DEFEAT Independence. They are taking a sledgehammer to our chances. Let’s have a quick look at what is going on.

The War on Women

Woman are under constant attack from GRA and Self ID. It would be bad enough but when accompanied with the dreadful Hate Crime legislation this is all designed to intimidate and scare anyone who speaks out against GRA. It is the politics of fear being promoted by creating and financing, via the taxpayer, various support groups where the campaign can be financed by the taxpayer while a “wokist” army are rewarded with full time and part time jobs, again all financed by the same taxpayer. Use of the police and the court system is at the forefront of the intimidation campaign in the most disgraceful manner. The result? The police are increasingly being regarded as the “enemy” of true justice. A most dangerous situation when it is crucial for effective policing for the police to be trusted and have widespread public support.

The War on Parents

Increasing instruction in our schools instructing teachers NOT to inform parents of concerns arising from children as young as four displays any likeness for dressing up in their opposite sex clothes. Boys playing with dolls etc.

An invasive questionnaire issued to children that asks questions an adult would refuse to answer, including asking about sexual experience, even of anal sex. Misleading information promoted claiming the questionnaire is anonymous when if fact it includes the candidate number, allowing for easy identification as required. Again teachers are instructed not to advise parents of children as young as thirteen that their children are experiencing under age sex.

This is all made worse by the fact that those who are driving these policies are often themselves childless, largely due to their sexual preferences, and literally have “no personal skin in the game”.

Increasingly they are meeting resistance from both educators and parents and I hope and forecast that resistance will increase to the point where all parents discover how the political process is being used to sideline them from being able to manage their young children’s best interests.

The War on Car owners

The introduction of workplace parking charges. Calls for a hike in fuel charges. Obscene parking charges in SNP CONTROLLED cities and towns. The removal and restricted availability of parking places. Unbelievably, the reintroduction of bridge tolls.

The War on Retail outlets in City Centres.

Ever spiralling business rates, accompanied with measures to chase car owners out of city centres in favour of hedge fund owned out of town shopping malls where leases are set at levels that make it virtually impossible for any local small businesses to lease any property. This leaves the shopping experience to be completely dominated by the large multiple corporations and chains.

The Surrender over control of energy.

The complete abandonment of the promised Not for Profit State Energy Company leaving energy self sufficient Scotland exposed to huge energy price increases, perhaps exceeding a 50% hike.

The inexplicable sell off of our seabed for the incredibly low one off payment of £700 million gifting our renewable bounty off to foreign owners just like oil had been gifted abroad decades before. The richest nation in terms of energy being sold to all and sundry. Not a single company based or owned in Scotland.

The Folly of FREEPORTS

Yet another handout to foreign pension funds and the large corporations, much of the infrastructure funded by the taxpayer to benefit those pension funds and large corporations who spend every waking hour devising methods to shift profit and avoid any tax liability in the UK. WORSE our ports are in the control of the same owners of Tilbury port in London and Liverpool down South. This is a huge conflict of interest with Scottish ports guaranteed to lose out in investment and development.

I could go on and on but I hope the above is sufficient to get my message across. These are not the actions of a Party that wants to WIN votes. This is the complete opposite of what was planned and which operated very successfully in the past. The plan then was to win power and then demonstrate that the SNP Government could rule constructively and competently, and through doing so encouraging and convincing Scots an Independent Scotland would be a better Scotland. It worked, and minority SNP Government bust the electoral system that was designed to ensure an SNP Majority Government could never happen, to the astonishment of the Unionist parties who had thought they had made that impossible.

Now where are we? There is no suggestion or belief that the current SNP Government are constructive or competent. The fixation on Woke policy has split the Yes Movement asunder creating an overwhelming need for other Independence Parties, a need that becomes more justified by the day. Bad mistakes are being made daily with the Scottish Government’s abject inability to negotiate effectively resulting in them having to “spin” amazingly poor deals as some sort of victory.

They are in trouble, people recognise the scale of the sellout on energy, what an incredibly poor deal it was. They recognise that FREEPORTS are just another sellout to Foreign interests and corporations. I find it astonishing when looking how Forth Ports have managed what could and should have been huge opportunities to develop ports to the enormous benefit of trade and tourism in Scotland, we are going down the Foreign Funding route again rather than ensuring State or Local Authority control of these valuable assets and ensuring full utilisation for our nation’s benefit. Instead our Government has ensured continual control from down South. They have learned nothing, nothing at all. 

You see above Nicola’s secret plan. You see why it has been necessary to remove all powers from the branches and members of the SNP who would have been ashamed if they had ever created a manifesto like the above. 

They, like the rest of us, sit powerless to stop this rape of Scotland’s assets, powerless to overturn the Woke agenda on GRA and Self ID., unable to wrest our Ports into the hands of those whose priority would be to build them up with more trade, more routes, more business other than just being part of a UK PORT NETWORK,where Scotland must never build anything that might ever rival other major ports these same pension funds and corporations also control.

We watch powerless, while the people we elected, the Party of supposed Independence sell us out. It has been so easy, just claim to be the “only way” to secure Independence and the sheep can be corralled out of harms way before they do anything that might disrupt the cabal’s power. Some will even boast of the “loyalty” they are displaying.

I merely ask loyalty to who? Because it is surely not to Scotland or the Scots.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland


Sadly some sites had given up on being pro Indy sites and have decided to become merely pro SNP sites where any criticism of the Party Leader or opposition to the latest policy extremes, results in censorship being applied. This, in the rather over optimistic belief that this will suppress public discussion on such topics. My regular readers have expertly worked out that by regularly sharing articles on this site defeats that censorship and makes it all rather pointless. I really do appreciate such support and free speech in Scotland is remaining unaffected by their juvenile censorship. Indeed it is has become a symptom of weakness and guilt. Quite encouraging really.


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