A Desperate need for honest politics. Scotland is in an appalling state. We have a corrupt, dishonest Government elected on the back of the most corrupt and undemocratic election campaign in living memory. No cancel that, ever! A campaign where those participating tolerated, nay encouraged, the Public Service Broadcaster, namely the British State’s propaganda arm,Continue reading "SPEAKING MY MIND."


A Desperate need for honest politics.

Scotland is in an appalling state. We have a corrupt, dishonest Government elected on the back of the most corrupt and undemocratic election campaign in living memory. No cancel that, ever!

A campaign where those participating tolerated, nay encouraged, the Public Service Broadcaster, namely the British State’s propaganda arm, the BBC, to operate a blanket ban on the Alba Party. Worse this ban was accompanied by the remainder of the MSM doing the same. This allowed the quite disgraceful and evil behaviour of the current First Minister to continually smear her absent rival, a pathetically cowardly act that degrades and devalues the status of the role she holds.

Don’t get me wrong the media were well looked after, they had plenty reason to support the First Minister, she had gifted them £3 million pounds of taxpayers money and was clearly volunteering to both slow down any progress on the Independence front while promoting the both votes SNP strategy in the sure knowledge it would protect the vast bulk of Unionist MSP’s and also protect against the most “ horrific” policy agenda from the Alba Party. No, the Union and the SNP have never been better friends. There will never be any Supermajority while the Murrells are running the show. There will never be Independence either. The Union is safe in their hands. 

So according to Nicola she is back to work already. Not to find out what happened to the “ring fenced” money, or to heal the damaging splits in her own Party. There are still plenty of very annoyed and disgusted members within the SNP. I have been speaking to several of them over the last weekend.. They will await the SNP moving on GRA and the Hate Crime Bill before taking their next steps.

Friday was a great day for the Nicola fans, the SNP were holding their existing seats and even won a few more. A majority was certain was it not? Well no, so while they won East Lothian and Ayr the Nicola supporters were blind to the fact that both these seats were in South Scotland and their “victory” resulted in two “losses” of SNP seats on the list in that region. All that work and “success” but Independence advanced not one inch.Saturday then saw the election of scores of Unionists on the list killing off any chance of a SNP majority. Exactly as the system is designed to achieve. All as was forecast accurately by Alba but ignored by the “both votes” blind.

While the loyalist dupes in the SNP refused to even try and secure a solid Indy majority or contemplate the opportunity of a giant step forward to a supermajority, unionists gamed the system successfully by using tactical voting to deny the SNP the seats they needed to secure an outright SNP majority. Tactician she is not. Strategist she is not. She is not serious about Independence. She is a Devolutionist happy to share the crumbs from the Unionist table. She talks the talk but baulks when it comes to serious action. She will not deliver anything, she will continue for a few more years as First Minister as the anger and disillusion about progress to Independence continues, she will hold out for as long as she can coming up with excuse to follow excuse, then she will be rewarded by a high level job in the UN or where she can continue her valuable work on behalf of her British master.

Too harsh? I don’t think so, she is an intelligent woman, an experienced politician, she knew EXACTLY what the effect of the both votes strategy would be. She knew the electoral system was specifically designed to make it virtually impossible for one Party to win a overall majority. That it could only result in loads of unionists being elected through the back door instead of a supermajority that could have been easily possible with some cooperation between the pro Indy forces.

If there was the supermajority that there should have been of around 95 pro Indy MSP’s in the 129 seat Parliament there would have none of the comments from Boris and Gove questioning the mandate and casting doubt on the result. Nicola’s tactics worked brilliantly for the Union because they were designed to. Someday some of the Nicola fan club might be able to work that out for themselves.

I hear the comment that there is nothing wrong with the electoral system that it is used in other European countries. Show me one where one Party rules under that system? It doesn’t happen it creates coalition Government, it requires two parties, at least, to work together to create a true majority. It is therefore completely unsuitable for Nicola’s desire for having only one sole all powerful Party delivering Independence. It can never work. It will never create a big enough majority. Nicola and the British State knows this. That is why it is there! That is why she is there. She is the toast of the Union. In secret of course! As a friend said to me only last week “I have no idea what they have got on her but it must be a doozie!”.

At the end of the 2021 election Scotland is pretty much where we were after the 2016 election. Another five years of non progress has elapsed. The arguments remain the same. Despite SNP claims of great success how has Independence progressed? Tricky one that is it not? All I see is the UK moving to close down our options and a supine SNP whimpering in response. We are paying a huge cost for allowing Nicola to be the sole voice of the Independence Movement.

I have no political ambitions. I have no desire to benefit from relying on any income from politics, all of which allows me the freedom to write honestly about what I truly believe is going on. I do not do it recklessly, I provide evidence and argument to back it up. My priority is to see progress on Independence. I see only a brake in Nicola.

If folk think I am wrong about this please name the other countries using this election system that has one Party, with a majority. Point me to the country where using this system has the main Independence Party successfully won Independence. Show me the country that won Independence where the Party Leader encouraged state censorship of the other pro Indy forces and sided with the State Propaganda arm of the very State they were supposedly seeking Independence from? Show me a country where the Independence Movement funds the media organisations lined up against it to oppose Independence.

None of the above is fiction. It is happening now, right here in Scotland. That many are too blind to see is not my fault. So instead of hurling the usual abuse explain to me why it is me that is wrong. Deny that the above is happening. Give me a plausible explanation of how it is all part of a clever secret plan rather than just blatant betrayal. Explain to me how it’s helping to win our Independence?

If what happened in our General Election happened elsewhere many would describe it as a police state. I think that would be accurate, when censorship of political rivals becomes an accepted, even encouraged event, when state financing is used for political advantage, when the legal judgement of the courts and jury system is questioned and ignored by the most senior Government leader then democracy is out the window. That all happened, here in Scotland I am ashamed to write. Can any deny or excuse it?

Lots of people are thinking the above. It is time we started stating it in the open. Then just maybe some eyes might open to the truth.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland.,


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