SNP GOVERNANCE REVIEWFINAL REPORT AND RECOMMENDATIONS: AUGUST 2021 THE NEXT REVEAL IS JUST UNBELIEVABLE. I have already spilled the news about the proposed cull of NEC members. A cull that is entirely restricted to places that are elected by the ordinary membership, leaving the Woke anointed totally unscathed and in even firmer control than before.Continue reading "THE NEXT REVEAL IS JUST UNBELIEVABLE"




I have already spilled the news about the proposed cull of NEC members. A cull that is entirely restricted to places that are elected by the ordinary membership, leaving the Woke anointed totally unscathed and in even firmer control than before. No need to re arrange the deck chairs like happened in 2019 when many were ejected in the elections, only for the clique to arrange their return, without any elections, almost immediately. One of them Fiona Robertson seemed to have an uncanny skill to be the  replacement representative on the NEC for multiple groups dependent on who couldn’t make it that day so Fiona could continue to take centre stage. She rose to the occasion leading NEC discussions on Equalities in preference to both the elected Equalities and Woman’s Convener’s, all the time with a giant 12 on her back. Ah to be a favoured one of the clique. She didn’t even blush as the Woke chair laid a path out for her. These affiliate groups have interchangeable delegates where substitutes can appear at will. Ordinary elected members have no substitute if for any reason they can’t make a meeting.

It is little known that the representatives of these affiliate groups are interchangeable, they move in the same groups. I remain convinced that at the same time as Angus Robertson was proposing the new framework that got rid of National Council and created all these affiliate seats on the NEC this little network of friends were sitting down sharing out these “appointments” for themselves. Readers should be aware that the hands of Angus Robertson are never far away when the clique need an enabler. He has leadership ambitions and folk should count their fingers after any dealings with him would be my advice. He likes the shadows these days but his tentacles are everywhere.

Now the great unanswered question about these affiliate groups is how many SNP members are members of each group because despite handing them a big number of seats on the NEC the wider membership, indeed other NEC members, have no idea about this information. Surely given that NEC seats that are being gifted to them, a minimum requirement for each should be that they must supply the National Secretary with a Full membership list showing numbers that would justify such a level of positions on the NEC? Asians for Independence have their own seat on the NEC. I am aware of complaints from the black community that they have been excluded unfairly from BAME representation and the current holder of the post is of Caribbean ancestry I believe. just how many members does he represent?. I know his partner is a MP, indeed the one that replaced Joanna Cherry on the Front Bench at Westminster so he is obviously well connected but I ask again how many SNP members are members of this Group and who elected him to be their NEC representative?. The new system gives them two places, a Convener and a Bame representative.

Given ordinary member representatives are to be reduced to eight amongst the entire Party there must be thousands of BAME members to justify 25% representation on the NEC when compared to the entire membership. Likewise the Equalities Convener from years gone by has been renamed the LGBT+ Convener in the new set up, just in case anybody used any other equalities to get elected! Now I know folk are scared to ask these questions because they know they will get called horrible names and accused of being racist or a homophobe or whatever but people need to raise their courage levels. This is how intimidation works. I am asking reasonable questions and these groups must answer them. The SNP is being taken over by them, it should not be left to non members like me to demand the answers but if needs be I will, because the SNP are in Government and the influence these groups have amassed, in my view unfairly, is now impacting all Scotland in the form of legislation like the Hate Bill and GRA.

The reason I ask for this is going to shock you,because the Governance REPORT states and these are direct, unedited passages,

“This would mean in practice, for example, that the National BAME Convener elected to NEC must be a member of the SNP BAME Network and receive a nomination from that group in order to be eligible to stand for the position at Annual National Conference.

It is worth noting that, under the current arrangements, a nominee doesn’t technically need to be a BAME member to stand for BAME Convener or a Councillor to stand for Local Government Convener.”

Now given the above, is it not a disgrace the case of Joan McAlpine who lost her place on the Regional lists because the current rules did not even require people holding these posts to even be members of those affiliate organisations or indeed hold nomination from them. When we talk about loose governance it can’t get looser than this. It was votes from these Affiliate representatives that allowed the Chair to use her casting vote in favour of the list fixing, going against tradition by not voting for the status quo. I had a discussion a while back with an African member of the Party who did hold a nomination from her BAME network but who was sidelined at the last minute in favour of a member of the ruling clique. Another who must be concerned about all this must be Joanna Cherry, who like Joan was identified by the Woke as a target. When they reduce the NEC to 32, getting rid of many of the NEC members elected by the ordinary membership they greatly strengthen their ability to deselect Joanna through the NEC rejecting her selection to the approved list. That is their plan and intention, they got Joan, Joanna will be next. Sturgeon will say or do nothing. Correction, she might smile.

Another worrying factor is this statement relating to the surviving regional representatives because they plan to interfere with their election as well. Again quoting directly from the report

“Our proposed Culture, Equalities, Organisation and Training Committee would therefore have to consider any alternative gender balance mechanisms required as part of elections to NEC.” 

So get ready for more gerrymandering about who you can pick and where. If they don’t like a man from one area they might suggest an all women list. Conversely if it’s a women they don’t like it could be an all male list. What is for sure is free choice will be out the window. Their choice, not yours will be the objective and remember we are discussing the only eight ordinary posts on the entire executive which ordinary members can still elect. It is a ludicrous undemocratic farce that would not be out of place in any banana republic.

You see the WOKE really hated those regional reps that were elected by the ordinary members. This is what the Governance Report said about them. These are completely unedited.

“The role of Regional representatives within our party and on the National Executive is crucial but has, to date, come with less accountability compared to National Office Bearers and representatives from Affiliate organisations. This has led, in some instances, to individuals acting in their own interests rather than on behalf of the party and their local members.

Our recommendation to reduce the number of Regional representatives to one per Scottish Parliamentary region aims to enhance the sense of accountability to local members and comes with a clearer role description”

Remember these are the folk unwilling to go against legal counsel advice, who wanted to see the financial accounts, who voted AGAINST fixing the regional lists to take out people like Joan McAlpine. This is the BIG LIE technique in action, rubbish and remove the decent, fair minded folk who were not blind to the injustice. How anyone can praise the actions of the Woke is beyond me, it can only be coming from Unionists because the Woke are well on the way to destroying the SNP.

The SNP “democracy” is finished. I have more bizzare behaviour to report which I will do later in the week as I have a store of guest articles which I must publish first as they were delayed last week because of the importance of publishing the leaks on the NEC as a priority but have no fear I will return with more, much more. The clique are active my friends I live in eternal hope the ordinary membership will awake to their games and move urgently to bring them to a halt. Up the Revolution!

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland


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