WITH A JUDGE AT ITS HEAD Well there you go. Two inquires each being promoted in being in conflict with each other. Well in the first instance they are not in conflict. They BOTH agree Nicola Sturgeon misled Parliament. Take a look at this excerpt from Nicola’s favourite the Hamilton Report. 7.12. The failure toContinue reading "TWO SHOULD BEEN ONE"

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Well there you go. Two inquires each being promoted in being in conflict with each other. Well in the first instance they are not in conflict. They BOTH agree Nicola Sturgeon misled Parliament. Take a look at this excerpt from Nicola’s favourite the Hamilton Report.

7.12. The failure to disclose the meeting of 29 March with Mr Aberdein to the Scottish Parliament on 8 January 2019, although the First Minister’s statement was technically a correct statement of the occasions on which the she had met Mr Salmond nonetheless resulted in an incomplete narrative of events. For the reasons stated above I accept that this omission was the result of a genuine failure of recollection and was not deliberate. That failure did not therefore in my opinion amount to a breach of the Ministerial Code.

This is not a free pass. This is acceptance that the Parliament was misled. It is a criticism that her narrative of events was inaccurate and was also guilty of omission. In other words Alex Salmond’s allegation that her evidence was not a wholly accurate account of what was said is in fact true. It may be in civil servant speech but that is what it is saying. Hamilton takes the view that it was accidental. Others like me find that very convenient. This ability to become unable to “recollect events” just at the right moment.

Now it is perhaps important to also recall the restrictions and remit Mr .Hamilton was operating under. He had to restrict his investigation to a ridiculously tight remit set by the Scottish Government. Surely set up by a Independent body? No set up by rules set by The Scottish Government. Nicola made sure of the rules before referring herself to be “investigated”.

Nicola supporters are not out the woods yet. Mr Hamilton carried out a similar investigation a while back, into the First Minister of Wales. Mr Hamilton found in favour for him as well. Five days later he was forced to resign. 

Now the Parliamentary Inquiry was not much better either. The Scottish Government had far more control than what is healthy, over what was investigated, what documents could be made available, strictly controlling what witnesses could be called and investigated under oath, a ridiculous coaching system, paid for by the taxpayer for civil service witnesses after several required to come back and change evidence they had previously given under oath. Evidence which subsequently proved to be false, or at best, in serious error. It did have the ability to operate on a wider basis than the straightjacket Hamilton was restricted to but it also was hampered by the willful and blatant collusion of the Scottish Government and Crown Office throughout.

It’s conclusions were a lot more critical, part of the reason for that being they had a wider remit than Hamilton. They found it clear, as did Hamilton that Parliament was certainly misled and they used much harder language than Hamilton but stopped short of stating it was deliberate. They passed it to Hamilton to decide if the code was broken while Hamilton left it to them. This was truly Chuckle Brothers stuff, to me, to you!

What we witnessed was an underpowered inquiry, bereft of the powers it needed to demand the unredacted evidence, produce, under threat of serious prosecution the appearance and testimony of anybody involved they wished to investigate.

Put simply we needed a judge led Inquiry armed with the powers required to uncover all the evidence it required to get to the truth. The problem we have going forward is that these matters have not been settled. The divisions will continue. The cause of Independence will remain divided. The SNP will continue to be skint and in deep organisational and political trouble.

Perhaps in time it will be healed, who knows the election may help, but my view it will take the complete clear out of the Woke from the NEC, an end to the lies from the leadership. The removal of GRA from the policy agenda, the non implementation of the despicable and hugely dangerous Hate Crime Bill. As I suspect none of that will be acceptable to Nicola it will require a new leader.Oh and a new Chief Executive at HQ.

History books are not going to be kind to Nicola. She has brought the drive for independence to a standstill. Worse she has handed the S30 block to Boris, it was not in place until Nicola voluntarily started all the “gold standard” nonsense. That will be getting quoted back to Scotland for all time. What was she thinking? Everything she says has no structure, no strategy, it was a hostage to fortune, another mistake, another roadblock, more self inflicted pain.

We now her 11 point plan which she promises will involve a trip to the “ Supreme Court” when Boris rejects her latest appeal. Couple of questions about that why do we need to rely on the Supreme Court? What authority do they have? The treaty of Union stated that Scots Law is protected and no other law is superior in Scotland. Secondly what happened to the people of Scotland being sovereign? The Scottish Parliament elected by the people of Scotland holds the mandate, nobody else!

To be honest I am exhausted with politics at the moment. I despair, like so many others about the future. Currently the future looks bleak, using my vote in the constituency vote with the fear about how the NEW SNP will interpret it as an endorsement for their horrific policy agenda fills me with dread. I am in deep conflict with my conscience. I remain uncertain what to do and suspect it may stay that way to the last minute.

No such conflict for my list vote. It will not be SNP. Nor will it be Green, as it was the last time, because they share the same Woke views that stops me supporting the SNP. SO IT WILL BE FOR ONE OF THE NEW PRO INDY PARTIES. The one I believed nearer the time that has the best chance of winning seats. 

If for nothing else Nicola and her Government will be remembered as being the catalyst responsible for the creation of a host of other pro Indy parties. No other SNP leader since the Party was created is responsible for the levels of disillusionment, distrust and division within the Independence movement that she has created, She is the ultimate Marmite politician. Who knows one of them may grow and someday supplant the SNP as the front flag holders of Scotland’s Independence.

Now that is something to dream about.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland.