A message for the delegates at COP26As Cop26 looms ahead at the end of the month, the World Leaders involved may benefit from the knowledge that the UK is perhaps not the most appropriate venue for those seeking any lasting agreement between nations, rather the reverse. It is however very appropriate that the event isContinue reading "WELCOME TO THE UK, LAND OF THE BROKEN TREATIES."


A message for the delegates at COP26
As Cop26 looms ahead at the end of the month, the World Leaders involved may benefit from the knowledge that the UK is perhaps not the most appropriate venue for those seeking any lasting agreement between nations, rather the reverse.

It is however very appropriate that the event is being staged in Glasgow, Scotland which, thanks to a Treaty agreed by some Lords over 300 years ago, that was never endorsed by the people of Scotland, has seen Scotland trapped in a Union with England and where the agreed terms of this international treaty has been treated with total contempt by the Parliament at Westminster in England and have been regularly breached and ignored at will.

This was not some innocent mistake. From the off it was abundantly clear this was England’s intention and purpose.

People know about Daniel Defoe as the author of Robinson Crusoe, perhaps less known is his role as a spy in the pay of Robert Harley, 1st Earl of Oxford and Earl Mortimer, leading minister and spymaster in the English government. Harley accepted Defoe’s services and released him from jail in 1703.

Harley was Defoe’s boss and shortly after their success in bribing sufficient Scots Lords to sign the treaty, with the added incentive of an English army poised to invade on the border was recorded as saying “ Foreigners say publicly, I mean our own allies, that we (the English) are a perfidious nation and since we have violated our Treaty with Scotland and laugh at the notion of fundamental and inviolable articles ( of Union), there is no great wonder if we treat other nations as we do”

At the time this was recorded Harley was the most senior minister in England’s Government in charge of the “Northern Territories” he was often referred to as the Prime Minister although it is now regarded as a de facto post as Robert Walpole is recognised as the first British Prime Minister in 1721.

So it was clear from the beginning that the English had no intention of honouring even the most key elements of the Treaty like the assurances in clauses that protected the supremacy of Scotland’s church and law. As Daniel Defoe explained to the English Lords that were concerned about these conditions “ The religion and civil administration of Justice in Scotland are no more concerned in this matter than the Popish Religion and methods of justice reserved in Lancashire and Durham have been obstructions to their being annexed to the English Government and becoming provinces thereof”

Countries attending Cop 26 would do well to remember that the current crop of politicians representing the UK at COP 26 are the offspring decendents of those who were responsible for the regular breaches of the Treaty between Scotland and England. Most of them went to the same schools and have an ingrained belief that their superiority, particularly over “foreigners” , grants them worldwide entitlement to privileges not afforded to others. A great example of this is while they whine about “immigrants” to England, they see nothing inconsistent that English immigrants to other countries around the World should be termed “ex pats” implying a higher status than the normal immigrant. This can lead to hugely amusing errors in judgement, like many thousands of them organising votes in the Brexit referendum, voting for Brexit, then being incensed when they discovered their own status in countries like France and Spain had altered for the worse through that decision.They were oblivious to the fact that they were normal immigrants. They were sure ex pats were a different thing altogether.

Some may argue this is all in the past but helpfully the Government of Bumbling Boris sought to remind us that little has changed as he sought, immediately in advance of COP 26, to breach the Brexit Agreement with the EU in the form of the Irish Protocol and has set off a furious row. Now this is a very recent international agreement that the UK is seeking to breach within months of it being signed. Worse Dominic Cummings, the Prime Minister’s until recently Chief Advisor made public in a series of tweets that the UK Government “never had any intention of honouring these agreements “ and they would be “abandoned as soon as they could after the election was over”.

A friend of mine in the USA sent me some video of a panel discussion that Lord Frost had taken part in a couple of weeks ago, discussing the Irish protocol. As he said in his message “ they are going to renege on this at the first opportunity”. How right he was. The discussion centred round trade in Northern Ireland and the huge changes that had taken place since Brexit with Northern Ireland businesses finding it much easier, through the NI CONTINUED MEMBERSHIP OF THE SINGLE MARKET to trade via the South of Ireland, the Republic, than continuing links with the UK. TRADE WITH THE REPUBLIC IS UP BY OVER 70% since Brexit came into force. One of the reasons for this is the success in the Republic, using their Independence, to open up new ferry links, in particular with a new ferry terminal with Dunkirk as part of a 44 route network with France and mainland Europe, opportunities that are denied Scotland by Westminster. Out the Single market and denied direct transport links to the rest of Europe England holds our nation hostage. I would urge delegates to Cop26 to look at Scotland’s lack of connectivity, which is an intentional Westminster policy that ensures many millions of unnecessary miles of transport lorries every month and question the UK DELEGATION TO COP26 about it! The first session chairperson should ask ”how many delegates arrived in Scotland by ferry….and watch the Tories blush?

Anyway how refreshing were the angry comments of Leo Varadkar, the Irish Deputy Prime Minister who said ““If the British government doesn’t honour its agreements, it doesn’t adhere to treaties it signs, that must apply to everyone else to”


He said the British administration was currently going around the world trying to negotiate new trade agreements.

“Surely the message must go out to all countries around the world that this is a British government that doesn’t necessarily keep its word and doesn’t necessarily honour the agreements it makes.

And you shouldn’t make any agreements with them until such time as you’re confident that they keep their promises, and honour things, for example, like the protocol,” he said.

His anger is justified, God knows the Irish understand only too well how little Britain and Westminster can be trusted. They have had a long and painful history and know all about perfidious Albion.

In the 21st Century however times have changed. Westminster cannot bully Ireland as before. Independent Ireland, backed by all the other EU nations achieved the safeguards they needed before any trade deal was agreed between the UK AND THE EU. It is contained in the Irish Protocol that the UK signed. While amendments might be discussed and even approved what will be totally unacceptable will be Westminster breaching the agreement.

That would be a disaster for the UK, the EU would be bound to take punitive measures against the UK. I CAN THINK OF ONE THAT WOULD REDUCE ENGLAND TO ITS KNEES IN A MATTER OF DAYS. THEY COULD CLOSE THE CHANNEL PORTS.

Westminster’s policy of concentrating everything round the South of England is its greatest weakness, folly even. It does not make economic sense and it is a huge strategic defence and political policy weakness which nobody dare mention. It is by any standard the softest of targets. England and Boris would do well to forget “Gunboat diplomacy” because a certain President Biden has made it abundantly clear that he is following the Irish situation very closely, indeed he has told Boris during his recent visit that anything that upsets the Irish would upset him as well.

 We in Sturgeon’s Scotland are condemned to watch as the island of Ireland cooperates to overcome the Brexit blockage while her “Government” refuses financial support for a much needed ferry from Rosyth to give Scotland a direct link that would support our exporters.

Ireland is a country that has friends in the World. Scotland has as well but we have a political leadership too timid to involve any of them in our struggle.

My advice to delegates at Cop26 is to keep Boris at arms length. If he is given too prominent a role then the picture at the start of this article will become a reality, Do not be complacent, the World is looking for answers and action. I do not believe they will come from Boris so we all look to you.

Good Luck.

I am, as always



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