A guest post by a regular reader and contributor Mia. It was initially published by Mia as a comment on my blog but as it conveys the anger and disappointment many feel I decided to republish it as a full article. This must not continue. I have arrived to the conclusion that Nicola Sturgeon andContinue reading "WELL FIRST MINISTER, ANY RESPONSE?"


A guest post by a regular reader and contributor Mia. It was initially published by Mia as a comment on my blog but as it conveys the anger and disappointment many feel I decided to republish it as a full article.

This must not continue.

I have arrived to the conclusion that Nicola Sturgeon and her SNP have been bullshitting us since 14 November 2014 non-stop. All what they have been doing is underrating and managing the expectations of the yes movement and cutting our wings in order to stop independence, never to deliver it.

Why do I think this?

Well, let’s turn back the clock to the campaigning for GE2015. Everybody and their dog knew at the time that the SNP was expected to win by a landslide. At one point it was even presented the possibility that the SNP was going to win all the 59 seats. You would think that a genuine pro independence political strategist worth their salt would capitalise on that fact and AT LEAST, cover her back by introducing the pursuit of independence in the manifesto of the party if there was a remote chance that such a number of SNP MPs were going to be obtained.

What did Nicola Sturgeon do? The precise opposite. Alarm bells of all shapes and colours should have been ringing there.

She removed the independence factor from the manifesto, so when they actually got the landslide of SNP MPs they could come back to the voters and say, that because those MPs were not elected on a mandate for independence, they could not simply dissolve the union as would have been accepted even by Margaret Thatcher and many senior tories. I may be a cynic, but that is a critical point in history where it became clear that Nicola Sturgeon may be wearing the colours of Scotland, but she has no intention of going in to bat for the team.

On 8th May 2015, it was clear as day that the people of Scotland had had enough of the union, yet, Nicola Sturgeon and the british state dormant units within the SNP went to gravity defying verbal acrobatics and bullshit to state that 56 SNP MPs, were not enough to end the union. Re-writing of history at its best. They were managing our expectations and attempting to brainwash us by stealth. They were holding the yes movement on a tight leash. 56 SNP MPs were more than enough to end the union, right there and then and that is what should have happened should Nicola Sturgeon had been a real pro indy leader. There was never any need to call a referendum. Nicola Sturgeon and her handlers came up with the nonsense of “the need” for another referendum to deliberately delay independence.

In the HOlyrood election 2016, Nicola Sturgeon and her SNP campaigned for a referendum “if a material change in circumstances happened”, when an earth shattering material change in circumstances had just happened a year ago: the first time in 300 years of UK history when an absolute majority of MPs representing a political party whose raison d’etre was to terminate the union were sent to represent Scotland. Yet, Nicola Sturgeon was trying to undermine THAT material change of circumstances and further than that, delegitimise the idea that a majority of SNP MPs was sufficient to end the union. She was yet again, deliberately managing our expectations and pushing independence back.

In 2016 we had the EU referendum. The result was another earth shattering change in material circumstances. Yet, STurgeon, the queen of procrastination, rather than deliver on this infamous referendum she kept bleating about, she kept pushing independence back. Now it was no longer sufficient with a material change of circumstances to exercise our democratic mandate or, heaven forbid, declare independence. Now, she made up the need for knowing what the end result of brexit would be. In other words, this con artist kept managing our expectations and pushing independence back against our interests.

This political con artist kept us still in the union and waited for the 2017 election. Again, she used the same con trick that she used for the GE2015. It was known that given the circumstances, a majority of SNP MPs would be sent to Westminter. Again, should she be a real pro indy leader instead of a political fraud pretending to be one, and she would have included the delivery of independence in the manifesto. She didn’t, so she could lead us all along for another few years more and stop independence.

Yet another GE in 2019 and instead of making it a plebiscite election TO DELIVER what she had been promising for five years, she chose not to, so she could use again the excuse not having a mandate to keep an overwhelming majority of SNP MPs in Westminster legitimising England’s abuse of Scotland and still not lift a finger to deliver independence.

She did the same in the last Holyrood election. She refused to use it as a plebiscitary election simply because this political fraud knew she would win and would have to deliver independence. The bullshit of the referendum continues to this day, with the added bullshit of the section 30. This is particularly telling now that her 100 days of comfort zone she gave herself to avoid talking about independence are well and truly over. Of course now her excuse is covid. Covid is not an excuse to stop the COP26, but hey, it is an excuse for Nicola Sturgeon to continue pushing independence back because any excuse is good for Nicola Sturgeon to continue pushing the ghost referendum back and stopping independence.

When people were getting restless with the wait, along come Nicola Sturgeon’s helpers in the unionist parties to claim that there was not a real mandate for indyref, ignoring of course the oversized and overweight, massive elephant in the room: there was never a need to hold a referendum because we had 56 SNP MPs in Westminster. History continues to repeat itself. Every time the political con artist is in a pickle, along come Alistair Jack, Douglas Ross or another useful idiot tory to the rescue the status quo and restore the credibility of the political fraud with some bullshit or another to distract us and suddenly get behind “the leader”, because “the alternative is just worse”.

When that bullshit did not cut it either, along brings Sturgeon even bigger bullshit: the need for the referendum to be “legitimate” with a section 30 order. I am still waiting for the reasoning of this independence procrastinating “genius” on how on earth can suddenly, in a one to one, bipartite union of equals, based on an international treaty and where Westminster is just a dependent by-product whose legitimacy to continue acting on behalf of Scotland can only be decided by Scotland itself, be now the job of England’s MPs, with no mandate from a single vote from Scotland, to decide if or when Scotland can exercise its lawful right to choose the permanence of Westminster, where, incidentally, those England MPs sit. I am also waiting for this constitutional “genius” to explain to us all how on earth in a one to one union, asymmetric devolution between Scotland and England can ever be lawful, as how on earth can it be lawful that in such a union where England MPs own more of Scotland’s sovereignty than the sovereign people of Scotland themselves?

But in her frenzy to peddle the need for the section 30, she seems to have forgotten on actually explaining the legitimacy of such a thing.

The material circumstances have changed a thousand times since the Holyrood election 2016. Yet, this political fraud has not stuck to her word. All what she has been doing is finding more and more and more and more excuses to stop independence when the yes movement grew tired and fed up of the previous ones she used.

Now we have the greens doing the dirty work for Nicola Sturgeon. And by dirty work I mean taking over her vacuous waffle, meaningless platitudes and tacky lip service to independence. We hear an awful lot from these people and the rest of the amoebas sitting in Holyrood and Westminster under the SNP and Greens flag about how much Scotland needs independence. But in seven years of majorities in both parliaments, we see no action whatsoever from these people to achieve this. None.

We have a situation where there has been an absolute majority of pro independence MPs from Scotland in Westminster for now SIX years, we have had uninterrupted pro indy majorities in Holyrood for more than TEN years, material changes of circumstances enough to create a second trans-siberian railway, enough mandates to build a bridge between Scotland and the EU, enough majorities to build a tunnel to Ireland, and yet, this gang of bullshiters still have not a single action to count under their belts to prove they actually want independence or have any intention whatsoever to deliver it. The only proof they have provided to us is that they sure as hell like to talk about independence in order to retain their seats and their nice income and pensions, but that is as far as they go with very, very few exceptions.

We have been bullshited by this lady and a handful of SNP individuals for seven years.
All what this master bullshiter has been doing for seven years is trying to change our minds about what we want and trying to undermine and delegitimise our legitimate right to terminate the union. Sending 56 MPs to Westminster was enough to terminate the union. Sending 35 SNP MPs was enough to terminate the union. Sending 45 pro indy MPs to Westminster in 2019 was enough to terminate the union. A pro indy majority in HOlyrood is enough to call a referendum. This was true today as it was true in May 2016. Sending an absolute majority of SNP MPs to Westminster is a democratic mandate to end the union. Dragging us out of the EU against our will, stealing our powers, taking control of our assets against our will are material changes of circumstances. 100 days have already passed since her party won the last Holyrood election. So the question that should be put to Nicola Sturgeon is:

What the hell are you waiting for and how dare you go on leading us like this? End the union and be done with it or move aside and stop wasting our time. You have wasted it and our resources for long enough.


Mia is clearly one of a rapidly growing number of YES supporters who have run out of all patience with the delay and blockages the SNP leadership have introduced themselves into taking the Independence fight forward. Mia and many others recognise that while our FM does nothing Westminster has not stood still and is working every day to undermine and weaken Scotland’s position. Unlike the FM MIA does not believe time is on our side. People have lost trust in the SNP and in the vast majority of cases the SNP WILL NOT GET THEIR VOTES AGAIN UNDER THESE CIRCUMSTANCES, so those thinking their seats are safe for all time if they just go along with current tactics, need to think again

. Next time they will have lost all those pro Indy votes and they will also face pro Indy opponents as they will have failed to deserve their place as the pro Indy champion for their area, because of their consistent non action in taking Indy forward. THAT WILL PROVE TO BE THE TRUE COST OF ”BOTH VOTES SNP”. Loads of pro Union MSP’s returned for no reason OTHER than the bitterness and envy of the divisive SNP Leader and you will face a pro Indy opponent at all future elections. Great strategy from the Great Leader? YOU OWN IT, YOUR INACTION HAS CAUSED IT, YOU FACE DEFEAT UNLESS YOU ACT.

I am, as always



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