Welcome to unjust Scotland. So they did it then. They look to pass it on to someone else. They suspend jailing him for a few weeks, he will get no justice from the Scottish Court System, his only hope lies in a court based in London. Well done Nicola they are doing you proud! CraigContinue reading "WILL THIS BE SCOTLAND’S PONTIUS PILATE MOMENT?"


Welcome to unjust Scotland.

So they did it then. They look to pass it on to someone else. They suspend jailing him for a few weeks, he will get no justice from the Scottish Court System, his only hope lies in a court based in London. Well done Nicola they are doing you proud! Craig Murray faces eight months in jail for doing less to identify any of the alphabet women than many journalists in the Unionist mainstream media. Nicola Sturgeon’s justice system, headed up by her Cabinet colleague James Wolffe, will successfully jail a man with no previous criminal record, for the crime of publishing the most accurate coverage of the Salmond trial. The ONLY journalist in Scotland whose reports tied in accurately with the eventual jury verdicts. Meanwhile the entire MSM contingent, who consistently misled their readers by the crime of gross omission, completely censoring the compelling evidence presented by the defence witnesses, escape Scot-free for doing so. Welcome to justice in Sturgeon’s Scotland.

First Minister’s are expected to be an example to the rest of the nation. To encourage trust and respect, not least in the fairness of our courts and justice system. In Nicola Sturgeon however we have a First Minister who openly challenges the judgement of a jury of her peers, who at the end of a ludicrous trial peppered with the most ridiculous contrived allegations, over a dozen of them, that came from many friends, colleagues  and supporters of the First Minister and which were, without exception, rejected by the jury resulting in not a single conviction. We have a First Minister who refuses to respect that judgement and continues to smear the “accused” despite him being  found innocent of every charge.

We have a judge who granted anonymity to the accusers and who has witnessed since the total abuse of that privilege as some of them continue the campaign to smear Alex Salmond with cowardly press releases and to also falsely accuse others in attempts to financially ruin them. Yet Lady Dorian has not taken any action against them or threatened them with lifting the anonymity privilege they are clearly exploiting for their own benefits.

How ironic it is that she is the same judge who refused Craig Murray the leave to appeal against his conviction this week. Various newspapers report that the said judge has ambitions for a new promoted post in the near future. A post where the nomination must come from the First Minister. Those who say our courts and politicians could benefit from a clearer division of powers have a point do they not?

He was an easy catch, jigsaw identification is notoriously unspecific. It is a matter of opinion. I can name several journalists who wrote much more “helpful” articles in identifying the accusers than Craig Murray ever did. That of course is of no interest to the Crown Office, their job was to identify those that were supporting Alex Salmond to prosecute, not those whose complicit silence of defence evidence was quite disgraceful and created the false public understanding that the evidence against Salmond was overwhelming. It was anything but, as the jury verdicts demonstrated. How incredible then that the man who reported the truth should be the man being prosecuted? Who took that decision Mr Wolffe, on your own was it?

What happens when people come to believe the politicians, police and court system are working in concert to eliminate political opposition? To take unfair and clearly selective action where opponents are persecuted and face expensive bills to defend themselves against spurious charges that should never had been considered by the police or courts in the first place. A system that stands aside, without any action, when political allies of those in power make ridiculous allegations against anyone who opposes their views.

Don’t tell me this isn’t happening now in Scotland. It is and it is working. People, particularly women are being intimidated, scared to voice their views because of fear of arrest and either jail time or big fines. Their crime, believing that transgender people can never be identical to those born with biological specifics that make it so. An example would include women being able to give physical birth to a child which no amount of drugs, surgery to someone born a man could ever make possible.Those who deny biology facts like that now seek legal recourse through the Hate Crime Bill to threaten those who state these facts openly.

Today it is Craig Murray, who will be next? It could well be me or one of my fellow bloggers. I am sixty eight years of age and have spent my entire adult age life speaking my mind freely under a variety of Prime Ministers, First Ministers and political parties in Government. I have no plans to change that policy for the Sturgeon Government no matter what despicable moves she plans next. I have no wish or desire to become a political prisoner of the Sturgeon regime and I will not knowingly volunteer to become one but should such misfortune fall upon me I am confident I would prove a most difficult victim. As I am diabetic and have other medical complications even a short period of imprisonment with me refusing to cooperate could prove extremely hazardous to me, and them should anything untoward happen. Anyone who knows me well can understand just how determined and awkward I can be.

It is quite a shattering blow to my pride and love for Scotland to see the rise of fascism in my own country. Worse to witness so many of my nation being blind to what is happening. At least I hope they are blind to it, how much worse if they were aware but were either too lazy, too apathetic, too intimidated to do anything about it? I am not blind and I will do everything to fight it, even risking imprisonment and my health if that is what it takes.

Freedom of speech is the greatest freedom of them all. Without it there can be no respect for each other, no democracy, just orders from on high which must be followed without question. I have no desire to live in that type of Scotland. Can’t quite believe I am having to write that!

Here is Scotland we have a leader and Party of Government whose stated aim, above all others, is to win freedom for our nation. Instead of fighting for Independence it is engaged in destroying freedom of speech in our country, jailing political prisoners, persecuting political opponents with an organised campaign involving the police and court system to penalize political opponents. To intimidate male and female, old and young in order to enforce the removal of rights and freedoms of women in Scotland and to transfer them to a tiny, tiny, minority who deserve rights, but not at the expense of women throughout Scotland.

It is difficult to come up with new suggestions for them to get even further away from the democratic route to Scottish Independence. They are destroying the YES Movement. This upsets me greatly. I no longer ask myself if it upsets them. It doesn’t, it is the real plan. Scotland’s problem is that our politicians are weak, are greedy and easily bought and lack any fight or principle. They no longer recognise why they are there.

Independence can only be won by the common people of Scotland. The professional middle class politicians have sold the jerseys. If we want change we are going to need to bring it about ourselves.

Are you up for the fight?

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland